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Branson Shows

Best Attractions Not to Miss in Branson

Sometimes when you vacation, you travel to places where there aren’t as many attractions to visit, while at other times you travel to places where there are so many attractions, you realize you missed out on some of the big ones after you have [read more]

Best Summer Festivals in Branson

The magic of summer doesn’t go away as we age, even if it may lose some of its shimmer. The days still stretch out ahead of us filled with the promise of something wonderful happening. Time flies a little faster, though, and because our [read more]

4th of July in Branson MO

The 4th of July is an amazing day in which cities across the United States come alive with amazing celebrations and tremendous national pride. Regardless of where you are, you are sure to find many exciting ways to spend your day and night. This [read more]

Top Events in September in Branson

While Branson offers shows and attractions, there are also many wonderful concerts, festivals and other special events that you can enjoy. Here’s a look at some of the upcoming events during September and October

September 14-30 — Branson Landings Summer Concert Series

Enjoy live concerts at [read more]

Forever Young – An amazing trip down memory lane

My older sister introduced me to rock and roll decades ago.  I played her albums and 8-track tapes (yes, I’m showing my age) and when I got old enough, she took me to my first concert, Summer Jam 1982 at Arrowhead Stadium.  As we [read more]

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Top Branson Comedy Shows

Known for extravagant shows that are more musical than comical, Branson is still a great place to get your laugh on! Life can be a bit too serious sometimes and everyone deserves a good laugh, so when vacationing in Branson, why not check out [read more]

Best Dance Clubs in Branson

Branson, MO has been growing its name in recent years as more and more people learn about all its live shows, various amusement parks, concerts, tourist attractions, countless places to eat, and affordable family vacation opportunities. It’s also a place to find a vibrant [read more]

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Winter in Branson, Missouri

There’s just something special about a winter in Branson, Missouri, otherwise known as The Live Music Show Capital of the World…especially the nearer to Christmas you get!  The 3 beautiful lakes (Table Rock, Tanycomo & Bull Shoals) are even more beautiful on a crisp, [read more]

Remember Celebration City ?

Celebration City is located just south of the 76 & Shepard of the Hills Expressway intersection. It has been closed since October 2008. If you would like to see the current view from a drone, watch this youtube video here. Did you go to Celebration City [read more]

Review of Jonah at Branson’s Sight and Sound Theatre

Avoiding clichés like “it’s a whale of a show”; I’ll simply say that Jonah is the best production that I have seen at Sight and Sound Theatre, and I’ve seen them all. The staging and effects are superb and the musical numbers are [read more]