Branson has many attractions, but one of its favorites to feature is its museums! Come visit and explore the unique exhibits and artifacts unique to our city. You’ll find culture, history and exotic natural beauty. Come visit and stop by one of the following museums in Branson!


The Titanic Museum

This incredible museum exhibits many original artifacts from the wreckage of the Titanic. Upon entering the museum, guests are given a badge with a name and bio of an actual passenger of the Titanic, with information about where they came from and what happened. Guests can take a self-guided tour with an audio recording with information about each section of the museum. Tour guides are also available in every section and dressed according to the era of the Titanic. You can even see guides act out the story of the Titanic as either part of the crew or passengers. There’s so much to see at the Titanic Museum and you could easily spend 2-3 hours exploring this fascinating historical museum!


Ancient Ozark Museum

For those that love prehistoric history, the Ozark Museum is for you! Located in Hollister, the ground-breaking museum celebrates ancient history of the Ozarks. This history includes true to life dioramas of animals that existed in the Ozarks, Native American and Osage Indian artifacts and artwork, Civil War historical items, and interactive displays! There is so much to discover here. Everyone from large families to single adults will gain some much new insight into the rich history and culture that has made Branson what it is today.


The Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure

Truly a favorite of Branson, The Butterfly Palace is a tropical themed environment with a butterfly aviary for guests to explore, as well as a rainforest discovery center and mirror maze! Activities offered include feeding the butterflies sugar water nectar and possibly even releasing a butterfly for its first flight, depending on the season. Other exhibits showcase reptiles, fish, and short films. For a fun challenge, check out the mirror maze! All in all, kids and adults love the Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure. It’s a true Branson gem!


Explore Branson’s Unique Museums Today

These museums just skim the surface of the many interests that make Branson a unique destination. The Hollywood Wax Museum, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and many others are must-see spots, so stop by! If you’d like more information on how to plan a trip to Branson and its many wonders, contact us today to book an amazing