The Haygoods Offer a Unique Rock & Roll Perspective.


Michael Haygood was an internet sensation with his Iron Man video. Though it wasn’t in the sold-out show that my family saw last week there were plenty of other songs that were simply amazing, and it may give you an idea of what I mean about The Haygoods rocking.

The sibling group of, Timothy, Patrick, Dominic, Michael, Matthew, and Catherine Haygood have been honing their talents in Branson since they were very small children. Being originally from Texas, the family’s roots are in the tight harmonies of country music, which you can hear in some of their numbers. However, The Haygoods add their own perspective. For instance, John Denver’s “Country Roads” is definitely country, but I’ve never heard it mashed up with The Eagles’ version of “Seven Bridges Road” (which was pure genius). Having said that, you wouldn’t expect them to have a rock or pop sound, but believe me – they do!

With many live shows there’s a band playing behind the stars of the show, but with The Haygoods all you have is a drummer and The Haygoods. Each member of the family plays a variety of instruments (20 in all). Timothy and his Banjo added some comedic elements to the show, and it was nice to see Catherine playing the Harp (an uncommon instrument in Branson). I’ve always enjoyed listening to the Saxophone and Dominic Haygood did a very righteous rendition of ‘Unchained Melody’. I could hear his passion for the instrument in his performance and he had our sold-out crowd on the edge of our seats.

My family, like many, spans a broad age range. Though my 10-year-old really liked the show, my 21-year-old thought “it was the bomb” (which stands for great in his vernacular). My wife and I enjoyed the show immensely, and we loved the fact that we didn’t waste our time and/or money taking the kids to something they would later say was lame. Parents of teens will know what I mean.

The Haygoods will be at the Clay Cooper Theatre for the 2014 and 2015 season in Branson. Since they don’t perform every day, and are wickedly popular, I would recommend making reservations early. My family was in the next-to-last row on the main floor and felt fortunate because a lot of people were turned away at the box office.