Many of us tend to do pretty much the same things year after year. From eating out at restaurants to shopping at malls to taking vacations, variety isn’t often a choice. But this year, we’re thinking it’s time to stop the same-old, same-old and start shaking things up a bit—starting with an unforgettable luxury getaway to Branson, our favorite place on earth! And while you may not think of Branson when you think of luxury getaways, our guide to everything sumptuous in the mountains will change your mind as it ensures that this Branson getaway in one of the properties we manage is one you will never forget!


Explore in Comfort and Style

The best way to get to know your temporary home away from home is with a tour of the area, and the Discover Branson Luxury Mercedes Van Tour lets you do it in style. As you explore the most beautiful areas of Branson enveloped in leather and cool air conditioning during the dog days of summer, the driver/guide will entertain you with interesting tidbits, historical lore, and fascinating facts about Branson designed to keep your interest as you ooh and aww over the landscape you are driving through.


Million Dollar Quartet

You can’t come to Branson without seeing one of our fantastic shows, and Million Dollar Quartet tells the story of how Sun Records was instrumental in bringing together four superstars— Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins—in a jam session that is still talked about today!! Held at the Welk Resort Branson Theater at 1984 MO-165, this blast from the past will keep you under its spell.


Fine Dining at Its Finest

To us, nothing is more luxurious than an elegant meal that fills our stomachs as it feeds our souls; a dinner that is a dining experience can change your life. And speaking of lifechanging, although Branson is more known for casual barbecue and diners, Level 2 Steakhouse at 200 E Main Street is the exception to every rule you’ve heard about our mountain village. It’s elegant, cosmopolitan, and serves some of the best steaks we’ve ever tasted—and we’ve had steaks from all over the world!


Feeling Treasured and Spoiled

Because it’s not enough to just show our guests a luxuriously good time, the sumptuous luxury of your Sunset Nightly Rentals home is designed to spoil and pamper as well! Reserve yours today and discover how good it feels to soak in a hot tub under the star-filled night sky, sleep in a bed that envelopes you in comfort and softness, and enjoy a truly good glass of wine while watching the sunset off the balcony of your Branson getaway!