If you’re going to be in town between August 7th and August 13th, there are a few special events you might want to check out! Some of these are recurring, some are in town for just a day, but unless you visit more frequently than once a month, you’ll miss out if you don’t see them now!


Bret Michaels in Concert

You might have heard of Bret Michaels—he’s been involved in producing, directing, screenwriting, and acting, but is most famous for his singing and songwriting. Keeping music close to his heart since he started in Poison in 1983, he’s got years of experience and knows how to work a crowd. Playing at Welk Resorts, it’s sure to be a fantastic show!


Moonlight Madness at Silver Dollar City

You may not have heard of Silver Dollar City, but all of the locals have—it’s Branson’s best theme park, featuring an 1880s flair with rides and live entertainment. Sunday, August 7th is the last day to enjoy its Moonlight Madness event, with extended hours on over 40 rides. Street dancers are making the most of the extended hours with evening performances, and a fireworks show will light up the night after the sun finally sets. Family-friendly nightlife—exciting for everyone!


Moonshine Beach

As of August 2nd, Moonshine Beach is officially open! This popular beach along Table Rock Lake has a short open season, so many families make a point of it to visit at least once. Closing again in mid-September, Moonshine Beach is meanwhile a great spot for swimming, picnics, and boating. The sheer size of the beach is perhaps its biggest attraction—the lake stretches far enough to let visitors feel like they’re at the ocean! It’s as close to beach life as you can get, so come get your summer beach fix!


Academy of Super Heroes and Princesses

Happening only each Thursday in August, this interactive show is basically a combination of little kids’ two favorite things—if your kids are the sort to whine about being far from home, this should change their tune, and will make them thrilled to have come to Branson. The show is for ages 4 through 10 (and their guardians), and includes a box lunch. The show is about a mystery dividing the Academy of Super Heroes and Princesses, and engages the audience with asking for their help and teaching them super hero training and royal etiquette along the way.


Branson Landing’s Summer Concert Series

When the weather is as nice as late-summer Missouri, it becomes the perfect backdrop for some great music. Every evening at 8:00 p.m. from August 2nd to the end of September, Branson Landing will be featuring a live concert. With a rotating cast of musicians, why not check out the Branson Landing website and see which night features the best fit for you?