There are 168 hours in a week, 168 hours that you may wonder how you are going to fill during your unforgettable Branson getaway. You’ve probably heard that this is THE place to watch shows performed by some of your favorite artists, but will that be enough to keep you occupied? You may have seen pictures of the beautiful landscape that includes three incredible lakes, but you won’t want to spend every hour exploring their beauty. But what you may never have heard of is our favorite amusement park, Silver Dollar City, and the variety of rides, activities, and events that are held there daily, including the Festival of Wonder at Silver Dollar City.


Festival of Wonder at Silver Dollar City is April 10 Through April 28

Silver Dollar City is often the star of the Branson shows, but during these three weeks in April, our 18th century themed amusement park outdoes itself, offering a selection of events, activities, and even foods that quite possibly will change your life! Featuring talented jugglers, skilled acrobats and artists, musicians, and pogo stunt teams that awe and amaze, you’ll wish you could spend every minute of your trip in the park soaking in the sights! Enjoy comedians that will make you laugh so hard you won’t need to do sit-ups ever again, plus the unique and amazing PaintJam featuring Dan Dunn; this popular artist creates masterpieces in a matter of minutes, right before your eyes! You’ll also find harpists that will give you a new appreciation for heavenly music and acrobats that reach new heights of amazing.

All of this and so much more makes the Festival of Wonder at Silver Dollar City an event you truly won’t want to miss. And as if that isn’t enough, they offer foods that comfort, foods that fill, and foods that will appeal to the inner daredevil you never knew existed, such as a shark or gator kabob!


As the Sun Sets on Another Perfect Day

Your time spent in Branson and at Silver Dollar City is even more special when you choose to stay in one of our Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation escapes. Comfortable, stylish, and designed to envelope you in peace and tranquility, our homes may be the highlight of your already extraordinary Branson getaway!