While the entire Ozark mountain region hosts thousands and thousands of visitors a year, it’s the historic downtown area of Branson that is the beating heart of southwest Missouri. Downtown Branson provides tourists with a break from the large crowds and non-stop action that takes place on the famous 76 Strip. Located near the shores of Lake Taneycomo off Highway 65, this is where you’ll find a more peaceful and charming atmosphere, reminiscent of any old town main street.

Complete with Victorian-style lampposts, brick sidewalks, and a rail depot, there is plenty to fall in love with about this unique spot that seems to be frozen in a time-honored tradition. When you’re ready for a more relaxing day away from all the adventure and colorful city lights that dominate other parts of Branson, this is the perfect place to embark on a calm stroll and discover some of the best dining, shopping, and attractions you’ll find on your Midwest vacation.


Downtown Restaurants

There is a wide selection of eateries in downtown Branson, making sure you’re able to satisfy any craving. Quaint cafes, delis, and dessert shops can be found up and down the streets, with pizza, sushi, Greek, and other cuisines offered in between.


Downtown Shopping

Whether you stop in at Cadwell’s Downtown Flea Market, the beloved Dick’s Old Time 5 & 10, or any one of the unique downtown boutique stores, you’re sure to find the perfect treasure to take home. Even if you’re just window shopping, you’ll have fun combing through the mix of offerings.


Downtown Attractions

If you still desire the chance to attend a show, downtown Branson is a wonderful place to do it. Two of the city’s oldest theaters are in this area, Hot Hits and the Owen, where you’ll find an array of entertaining performances. The Branson Centennial Museum will educate you on the rich history and development of Branson, and the Branson Scenic Railway will whisk you from downtown and take you through the majestic Ozark Mountains and past many other historical sites. There are also several festivals and events that are held downtown throughout the year.

Though Branson has everything from theater shows and theme parks to lake excursions and museums to fill your itinerary up with, you don’t want to miss out on spending some part of your trip in the historic downtown area. The only thing that could make your getaway even better is booking your Branson vacation rental with Sunset Nightly Rentals. They will set you up with accommodations that will ensure your entire experience is one to remember forever.