Some of us have what we call “itchy feet syndrome,” and no, we’re not talking about a rash; we’re talking about that constant need to travel more, explore longer, and drive further. A vacation isn’t about relaxing and chilling, but instead determining what is out there and seeing it all. Sometimes, this includes taking a mini-vacation within a vacation. Never satisfied with just staying in one place, a road trip is always a possibility, and if you’re this kind of traveler, this list of Branson Day Trips will be just what the doctor ordered!


Let’s Go to Springfield

Located about an hour north of Branson, this moderately sized city has a ton of fun things to see and experience, including the Fantastic Caverns that you can explore from the comfort of a tram, the Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium, and the Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden. The Missouri Sports Hall of Fame is world renowned for honoring the athletes who have made our state proud, and if there is a sports buff in your family, be sure to include this place on your list of things to see.


Mansfield is Made for Readers

Anyone who loves to read has read or heard about the famous Laura Ingalls Wilder, but did you know that she lived out her days right here in Mansfield, Missouri? Located about an hour east of Branson, this bucolic town is famous for everything Laura, including the Rocky Ridge Farm, the home where her daughter Rose first became a writer herself, and the grave where she and Almanzo were laid to rest. Today, her former home is a museum, so visitors can actually view many of the things she talked about in her writings.



Feel like heading west? Gas up your rental vehicle and head to Carthage, home to The Fountain of Angels and its unbelievably wonderful water show! Colorful lights add to the dancing display of water and music, giving a magical performance you won’t soon forget. The performance only takes place from March to December, so plan your Branson trip accordingly. After the show, head on over to the Carthage Family Restaurant for a hearty meal; road trips can make you very hungry!


Leave the Lights On!

After a long day of exploring the surreal beauty of the Missouri countryside, the sight of the lights you left on in your Sunset Nightly Rentals home will be a beautiful one. Symbolizing comfort, safety, and most importantly home, your Missouri vacation only gets better from here—reserve yours today!