Although we are traditionally considered a summer vacation destination spot, the winter in Branson is when the true beauty of the Ozarks is revealed. The trees standing stark and leafless in a bed of glistening white snow, the mountains rising into the sky behind them, looking as if they are standing guide, and the people of our town scurrying around in their bright and colorful winter clothing with smiles on their faces. If you want to experience the real Branson and enjoy a little break from the crowds as you do it, winter is the time to visit, and these Branson sightseeing spots come to life when the temperatures drop and the nights lengthen!


Get Out of the Cold with a Visit to the Titanic Museum

In some places inside the fascinating museum dedicated to keeping the memory of that tragic night in April alive, it may be colder in than out, but you still can get out of any weather that is less than pleasant! Offering artifacts, exhibits, and the stories of those who survived and of those who did not, the Titanic Museum, located at 3235 W 76 Country Boulevard, is a definite must-see experience during your winter break to Branson.


Explore Beneath the Surface

Branson isn’t all it seems to be, as a series of caves wind their way underground, many of which stay at a steady 60 degrees during the summer, spring, fall, and winter. Marvel Cave and Talking Rocks Cavern are two caves in which tours are offered, although Marvel Cave is only open from March through December. Talking Rocks Cavern is billed as Missouri’s Most Beautiful Cave and is open year-round, featuring a stunning display of crystals, waterfalls, and rock formations. It’s quite a popular attraction during the winter months!


When It’s Cold Outside

The easiest way to stay warm is to start with the inside and the local wineries and distilleries are our favorite drinks to warm our bellies! The Ozarks are crowded with wineries that include the Curling Vine Winery, Bear Creek Wine Company, and Lindwedel Wine Gardens, but for those that desire a stronger nip, we have plenty of distilleries to offer as well! Crown Valley Distillery, Smith Creek Moonshine, and Missouri Ridge Distillery all perfectly represent what may or may not have been bootlegger relatives from prohibition—in a perfectly legal manner!


At Home in a Winter Wonderland

Reserve your Sunset Nightly Rentals winter escape today and discover the beauty of the season in Branson!