Travelers looking for direct flights between Branson, MO and New Orleans will be accommodated once again this season as Branson AirExpress begins offering nonstop transport to and from the cities May 26 through August 14.

For the second year in a row, the airline, operated by Buzz Airways, will give passengers the opportunity to fly between Branson and Louis Armstrong International airports four times a week. Previous to 2015, residents of the Missouri area that’s known for the beautiful Ozark Mountains weren’t offered a straight route to The Big Easy. This nonexistent connection inadvertently served to deter tourism between the two cities, which is now free to pick back up over the 2016 summer months.

The Branson AirExpress aircraft will hold 29 passengers, and customers will be carried on a Jetstream 41, with a flight time of two hours. Tickets can be found on the airline’s website and are currently on sale at a seasonally discounted price.

Visitors to New Orleans will experience all the culture, music, and art that has made the city thrive for centuries, while Branson visitors will enjoy peaceful scenery and plenty of time spent in the great outdoors.