Looking to visit Branson and witness some if its natural beauty? We have a brief list for you of some of our favorite sites that offer scenic and intimate experiences of the waterfalls and rivers that make Branson such a hot spot for nature lovers. Check out our favorite Branson waterfalls and events below!


Dog Wood Canyon

Located near Branson, Dogwood Canyon boasts some of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Missouri. The sizes of the waterfalls range from small bluffs to awe-inspiring waterfalls too big to take in. Take a 6.5 mile hike to witness these wonders or sign up for a jeep tour. Regardless of what route you choose, you’re bound to experience the ineffable beauty of waterfalls!


Lost Canyon Nature Trail

Get ready to have your breath taken away. Lost Canyon Nature trail leads you through an awesome view of the Lost Canyon Cave, which is filled with incredible waterfalls. Located in Top of the Rock nature preserve, which sits above Table Rock Lake, Lost Canyon Nature Trail boasts an abundance of water like no other. Long, cascading waterfalls will wow you as travel by golf cart through the historic cave. Prepare to be awed!


White River

White River offers visitors the opportunity to get as close to its beauty as possible by offering kayaking activities. This gives nature and specifically water lovers the opportunity to see the river’s unique habitat, as well as the surrounding habitat of the Ozark Mountains. White River invites anyone of any age to come and have an experience on its quiet and serene waters! Come visit and learn why so many people love this river.


Contact Us About Branson Waterfalls

These are just a few of the many inspiring waterfalls and rivers that draw people to Branson. We want you to have an idea of what gems lie ahead if you choose to visit this incredible city. We’ll support you and your visit to these lovely sites by offering rentals that accommodate you after a long day touring or hiking these wonders. So contact us today to learn more about what staying in Branson would look like. We’d be honored to answer any questions you may have about Branson waterfalls!