You’re staying in one of the best vacation rental properties in all of Missouri, you’re planning on riding roller coasters, exploring caves, and viewing performances from your favorite stars: Is there anything you can do to make this trip to Branson even better? Well, we’re glad you asked, because our answer is an enthusiastic, “Of course, there is!” You can dine at these new restaurants in Branson while you’re here! New isn’t always better, we get that, but these restaurants are ones that we’ve been waiting to open and we can’t wait to share them with you, our honored guests!


Jackie B. Goode’s Uptown Café, 285 MO-165

Sneakily disguised as a retro diner, this new Branson restaurant has rapidly become a local favorite! Featuring American comfort food and live entertainment (you’re in Branson, now, did you expect anything else?), their steak burgers have become the talk of the town!


RibCrib BBQ & Grill, 1855 MO-76

Casually wonderful and wonderfully patriotic (Veterans eat free on Veteran’s Day!), the food served at this Branson restaurant will remind you of the food your Uncle Al created in his backyard smoker! The brisket is tender, the sauce is spicy, and ribs are all you can eat on Tuesdays. If you don’t walk away from a meal here feeling you need to loosen your belt, you’re not doing it right!


Getting Basted, 3115 MO-76

If it seems like we are focusing on the wonders of meat, it’s not intentional; these new restaurants are just so good, we can’t stop talking about them! Getting Basted, located inside the Starlite Theater (dinner and a show, anyone?), is proud of its award-winning barbecue for a very important reason: It’s that good! They’ve only been open since March, and we’re almost embarrassed to admit how many times we’ve visited, but once you taste what they offer, you will completely understand!


Thai Thai Cuisine, 1615 West 76 Country Boulevard

This unpretentious spot in Branson is home to the best Thai cuisine we have ever tasted, and we’ve eaten A LOT of Thai food. From noodles and curries to Pad Thai served Thai hot, every visit here is an international adventure of taste and wonder!


Experience New Restaurants in Branson During Your Vacation

The best vacations all involve culinary explorations of the region’s cuisine, and your Branson vacation promises to be the best! Reserve your Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation cabin today, and enjoy a home that may be the highlight of your entire trip!