Branson, MO has been growing its name in recent years as more and more people learn about all its live shows, various amusement parks, concerts, tourist attractions, countless places to eat, and affordable family vacation opportunities. It’s also a place to find a vibrant nightlife scene with lots of exciting dance clubs open late to entertain tourists night after night.


Rocky’s Lounge

If you’re looking for a place with a youthful vibe that attracts the college-aged crowd, Rocky’s Lounge may be the perfect night club in Branson. The lounge is part of Rocky’s Italian Restaurant and the evening often starts early with dinner and cocktails before heading over to the lounge for hours of dancing and drinks. The building was once a feed and seed store that has since been refurbished but maintains much of its original charm and the walls are lined with various art pieces crafted by Branson’s local artists. Live music and lots of people make Rocky’s Lounge a must.


The Club

As one of Branson’s most popular spots, the younger crowd often gathers at this lodge-affiliated nightclub where live bands perform on most nights and the songs range from soul to classic rock to funk to hard rock. During the summer months, the patio parties enliven crowds even more, and a full menu of American dishes keeps hunger at bay. The Club attracts many local acts, and Branson is known for being a city full of some of the most talented local performers in the nation. The Club is also a great place to rent out for private parties and events.


Outback Pub

If you’re looking for energetic live music in all kinds of styles, Outback Pub has something for every taste. Choose between two different venues within the pub, including an outdoor upper level deck or the lounge inside. Each venue has its own band and the onsite bar serves up a selection of wines and beers as well as plenty of appetizers and sandwiches. This casual pub welcomes a good mix of locals and tourists who are looking for an easy-going, casual good time.


Crazy Craig’s Cheeky Monkey Bar

Described as a “…quirky watering hole with bar eats, a jumping dance floor and nightly music in casual quarters,” Crazy Craig’s Cheeky Monkey Bar in Branson is open from 11 AM until 1:30 AM. With lots of drinks, food, and live entertainment, this local bar is also a great place for dancing, playing pool, and socializing.