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Gettin’ Basted

The Branson area offers a wide selection of family and vacation dining options. Branson restaurants include fine dining, steakhouse, seafood and family restaurants, as well as eclectic eateries, breakfast restaurants, chains, fast food, buffets, and banquet facilities capable of seating hundreds for conferences, weddings, and other special events. One of the best options for finding food in Branson is the BBQ joint Gettin’ Basted.

About Gettin’ Basted

Branson, Missouri, has a new barbecue joint and, like most things in town, Gettin’ Basted's style is anything but subtle. For starters, the Kansas City-style barbecue house opened March 9 inside Starlite Theater along Highway 76. The cramped two-lane highway snakes traffic through the heart of Branson’s theater district and right past Starlite Theater. A few doors down from Gettin’ Basted, King Kong scales the side of a building, the Titanic looms down the street, and a massive Ferris wheel gives visitor a bird’s-eye view. This grade-A location is just what owners Jason Roberts, Derrick Millugen, and Brad Leighninger were looking for. Leighninger competes in the Kansas City Barbecue Society competitive circuit under the team name Gettin’ Basted, and Roberts and Millugen recently launched Jay&D Food Vending, a parent company that intended to operate food trucks. Their awards speak for themselves with these amazing, competition-hardened cooking staff.

Best Menu Items

Along with burnt ends, pulled pork, smoked prime brisket, Texas rope sausage, and smoked bologna, barbecue fans can indulge in burgers, mac 'n' cheese, wings, and salads. Gettin’ Basted also serves St. Louis-style ribs. People often associate a style with a flavor, but it’s often the cut of meat. The St. Louis-style ribs are meatier, with more fat, so you get more flavor.” Gettin’ Basted focuses on the competitive style of cooking, meaning hot and fast. Instead of low and slow, Gettin’ Basted’s BBQ is hit with high temps for a short amount of time until the meat reaches peak juiciness. While the old-fashioned soda fountain lines have been cut, the vintage milkshake machine is still up and running if you’re in the mood to wash all that barbecue down with a cold chocolate shake, or better yet, a local beer. You must try any one of their amazing barbeque favorites to get the most out of this amazing smokehouse restaurant.

This is just one of the amazing restaurants in the Branson area. Try one of our other suggested restaurants on your next vacation to experience the awesome food scene in Branson.

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