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Stone Hill Winery

150 years ago, German immigrants opened a small winery in nearby Hermann, Missouri, soon becoming the second largest winery in the U.S. (This was many years before Napa became a leader in the industry). For years they thrived, garnering award after award and becoming famous all over the world, until the dark days of Prohibition shut them down, forcing the owners to turn to mushrooms to make their living. Fortunately, prohibition soon failed, but the immigrants continued with their mushroom livelihood and Stone Hill Winery seemed to be relegated to the history books forever. In 1965, however, Jim and Betty Held bought the winery, restored, renovated, and reopened the doors of our favorite place on Earth, and today they are once again producing award winning wines that have gained international acclaim!


The Wines

Norton is the official state grape of Missouri and is the wine Stone Hill is proudest of, but they have a large list of delicious red, whites, roses, and even grape juices that are available for purchase there on the property or online. Join the wine club and earn discounts year round; we have, and we have never regretted it once!


The Winery

Offering daily tours and tastings, Stone Hill Winery is listed on the National Register of Historic places. 13 acres of unparalleled beauty makes this place an amazing wedding venue, with the red brick of the buildings, the colorful grape vines, and acres of green grass and trees creating colorful backdrops for your wedding pictures. An on-grounds restaurant offers small plates and delicious German meals that will remind you of the meals served by your “Oma” when you were a child, and include an extensive wine menu as well, of course! Located at 1110 Stone Hill Highway in Hermann, whether you are wanting a tasting or are thinking of holding your wedding here, the Stone Hill Winery is a spot not to be missed!

Address: 1110 Stone Hill Hwy, Hermann, MO 65041
Phone #: (573) 486-2221


Sunset Nightly Rentals

Book your Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation cabin today and enjoy the wine you buy from the winery on the back deck of your cabin as you watch the sun set over Table Rock Lake. Life is better in Branson!

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