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Shepherd of the Hills Branson Outdoor Theater

The Shepard of the Hills

The Shepard of the Hills is a theatre and event location in Branson, Missouri that will show you how life was in the Ozarks in the early 1900s. The Shepard of the Hills outdoor theatre and event location lies where the homestead of John and Ann Ross was located. A Christian minister named Harold Bell Wright visited the Ozarks to aid in his health, but found himself stranded when the waters rose. He stumbled upon a small homestead where the people took him in. He enjoyed life there so much that he began writing about it. His book, titled The Shepard of the Hills, was released and was the first book to sell over one million copies in America.


Creation of the Theatre

Longtime fan of the book, Elizabeth McDaniel, purchased the homestead many years later. She knew the demand for this amazing style of life and choose to create reenactments of the events that transpired in the book. On the lawn of Old Matt’s Cabin, Ms. McDaniel orchestrated live performances and plays to bring the majesty of the book to life. These reenactments became extremely popular and even developed into a movie that stared John Wayne.


The Theatre Now

The homestead is still up and running, but today things run a little differently. Current owners have added many different events and attractions to the longtime reenactments to create more of a theme park than just a simple theatre. Throughout the year, The Shepard of the Hills is host to many different events that range from car shows and fireworks displays to historic tours and a ZipRider. The Shepherd of the Hills outdoor theatre is a great attraction and a must see in the Branson area.

Address: 5586 MO-76, Branson, MO 65616
Phone #: (417) 334-4191

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