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Branson Auto & Farm Museum

Branson Auto and Farm Museum

Branson is a wonderful place to escape for a weekend vacation. You will have the amazing sight of the Ozarks, beautiful waterfront properties, and many attractions that will keep your days busy throughout the trip. Branson has a storied past of farmland and classic cars that keep the city very modern, but also uniquely historic. One such place you can view the history of Branson is in the Auto and Farm Museum. On display are classic restored cars and classic farm equipment that gives an interesting look into our nation’s history.


Cars on Display

The Branson Auto and Farm and Museum has over 200 classic, muscle, and custom cars on display. With over 90 thousand square feet of museum, the Branson Auto and Farm Museum constantly updated and adds cars to its exhibits. Along with showing you some of the most iconic cars in American history, the museum also lists all of its cars for sale. If see the car of your dreams or are looking for something extremely unique, you can speak with an employee of the museum and negotiate a price to take the car home with you! The museum will work with you to make arrangements to get the car to your home and even gives the option for people to sell their cars on consignment.


Farm Equipment

The Branson Auto and Farm Museum has over 180 farm tractors, implements, and buggies on display as well. The farm equipment is not for sale like the cars, but they give you the chance to see how far the evolution for mechanical farm equipment has come. They have tractors from the 1930s all the way up to 2005. You can really see how farm equipment has evolved over the last 87 years.


Gift Shop

If you like any of the cars and equipment that you saw, take a trip to the gift shop to take a little piece of the museum home with you. The gift shops sells all kinds of merchandise for you to meander through, including die-cast cars, apparel, books, magazines, pedal cars, vintage toys, and many more automotive related items. Sunset Nightly Rentals would love to help you plan a trip that includes a visit to this amazing museum. If you are interested in visiting Branson for your next vacation, we encourage you to take a look at our vacation rentals. Check out our specials here on Branson cabins for rent.

Address: 1335 West Highway 76, Branson, MO 65616
Phone #: (417) 335-2600

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