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Clay Cooper’s Country Express Music Show

My family and I have seen the show several times, and just got another chance last week. The biggest strength of Clay’s show is its lack of weaknesses. The show has so much variety that I know I’ll leave something out, but there’s country music (of course), modern ballet, rope twirling, impersonations, clogging, whip cracking, gospel music, outrageous comedy, rock and roll, gun slinging, and pop music.

Simply put, if you don’t like an element of the show, it doesn’t matter because you’ll probably like the next one. No one performs the country standards like Clay – he does them all justice, but adds his own unique spin. Matt Gumm, in addition to being a talented singer and musician, is one the funniest guys on stage. He also deserves kudos for his impersonations of Joe Cocker, Michael Jackson, and several others.

Although Clay Cooper’s Country Express is just as professional as all the Branson shows are, I think it hits the audience on a much more personal level. When we leave the show we know we’ve been entertained, but we also feel like we made some new friends. This is partly because, unlike a lot of performers, Clay takes time to get to know people in the audience and have fun with them. By doing so he involves us all in the show. Some could say that he has fun at their expense, but it’s harmless and heart-warming.

Among my favorite parts of the show are the gospel numbers. R.P. Harrell, in addition to being an accomplished musician and musical director, has one of the most soulful voices in Branson. His gospel singing leaves me with goose bumps, and surprisingly my kids like it too. Though I’m not much of a dance person, my wife and daughter think it’s one of the best things about the show. As I said before – there’s something for everyone.

If you like a lot of variety in entertainment, or better yet, like me you have kids ranging from tweenager to young adult, this is a great show to see. By the way, Grandma and Grandpa liked it too. Clay Cooper’s Country Express is one of many shows offered at the Clay Cooper Theatre right in the middle of the strip in Branson. Be sure and check their schedule so you don’t miss a great show. If you’re looking for a deal, they have a special where adults get $7.00 off any of the other shows offered at the theatre just by showing their Clay Cooper ticket stubs.