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If you are looking for a large, lavish home, with impressive views of Table Rock Lake and dozens of acres of gorgeous land, then check out our Friendly Hills home in Branson, Missouri.

This stunning estate has 5 bedrooms, 6 baths, a private swimming pool with fountains, and a dock with private access to Table Rock Lake. Situated on 22 acres of land, this 5,367 square foot home is located just outside of city limits on private land, giving you plenty of privacy without being too far from town and making your stay in Branson MO unforgettable.


Features of Friendly Hills

This impressive estate is full of unique characteristics, including gorgeous stained-glass church-windows fitted into the ceiling, a two-story fireplace, custom arched windows, vaulted ceilings with exposed beams, and an elaborate chandelier in the foyer.

There are plenty of rooms for entertaining inside the home, including two kitchens, a formal dining room, and two living rooms. The kitchen upstairs is spacious with a large island in the middle for extra seating. You enter the home on the second floor; the first floor is the finished basement. The home is built into a hill, so the basement isn’t fully underground and has plenty of windows and doors that open up to the pool and backyard.

The home is situated on a hill overlooking Table Rock Lake. The lavish gardens surrounding the home feature a waterfall, impressive fountains, a tranquil creek with a footbridge, Roman-inspired statues, and beautiful trees and flowers making your stay in Branson MO a complete charm.

There are many outdoor locations around the estate to enjoy the gardens and views. The pool area has ample room for seating, including under a covered patio, an outdoor firepit, and an outdoor bar for entertaining. There is also a patio off the second floor and a heated solarium, so you can still enjoy the gorgeous views of the lake during the winter.

The estate has a private well and is hooked up to a septic system. There is also the possibility to further develop the land. The only structures currently on the estate are the home, a two-car detached garage, and the boat slip.


See Friendly Hills for Yourself When You Stay in Branson MO

The home was built in 1993 and is located at 218 Lenhart Lane. It is selling for $1,350,000; for an additional cost, you can purchase the boat slip. If you would like to find out more information about the home or wish to schedule a viewing, please call (888) 496 – 2566. Please make sure to take a look at our other luxury rentals we have available and check what interesting things are here to do in Branson.


Rainy days in Branson are our favorite things in the world. Contrary to what most people believe, summer showers do not put a damper on your activities; they just add a little extra shimmer to an experience that already sparkles brightly! You don’t have to be a good sport to enjoy your time in the deluge. We honestly think you won’t even notice the dampness when you partake in these awesome Branson rainy day activities that help chase away the rainy-day blues!


Experience the Natural Side of Branson

The Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure allows you to experience the beauty of nature without getting rained on at all. Located at 4106 West Highway 76, both of these magical activities will keep your family entertained throughout the storm.


Take a Walk Back in Time with These Branson Rainy Day Activities

Relive your childhood days with a visit to the World’s Largest Toy Museum, found at 3609 West Highway 76. This unique museum is filled with more than a million of your favorite toys. From the first Barbie Doll to that iconic Lionel Train set, the toys found here will bring more than a few happy memories to mind during your rainy-day adventures.


Go Fishing

Everyone knows that fish bite more when the rain is falling, so rent a pole, grab some bait, and head to any of the three lakes in the area—Lake Taneycomo, Table Rock Lake, or Bull Shoals Lake—and work on catching the night’s dinner. Quiet, peaceful, and yes, slightly damp, the wet won’t matter at all when you get your first taste of the beautiful bass you caught with this Branson rainy day activity!


Head Underground for a Few Hours

Talking Rock Caverns, found at 423 Fairy Cave Lane, offers a magical escape from the showers above. We’ve done a lot of traveling over the years, and these caves are about the most beautiful we’ve ever seen!


Go to the Shows

Let’s face it: The Branson shows are really why you are here, and if you’re inside, a storm of biblical proportions can be going on outside and you won’t really care! Legends in Concert, Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai, even a good magic show like the Magic & Comedy of Taylor Reed will take you away to another world where it never rains and you are always smiling!


Stay Inside Your Sunset Nightly Rentals Cozy Cabin

Our rentals are designed to be lived in, so why not take a day and play at home? Take a nap as the sound of the rain beating down on the cabin’s roof lulls you into a deep sleep, read a book on the patio with a cup of cocoa and a delicious muffin, or watch television until the skies dry out; it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are having fun—reserve your stay today!

When we were young, our parent’s favorite activity to participate in on a lazy Sunday afternoon was to take a long drive, seemingly with no destination in mind. They just enjoyed the journey. We would drive for a couple of hours with the music playing low as our parents pointed out cows in fields and the beautiful fall leaves. Today, we continue the tradition with our families, enjoying the everchanging landscape of the Ozarks as we drive along some of the most beautiful roads in the area. If you are vacationing here, these scenic drives in Branson may just end up being the highlight of your entire trip!


Table Rock Lake to Kimberling City and Back

Fall is here, and the scenery in the area is absolutely exquisite, making this particular trip even more beautiful now than any other time of the year! Beginning at the Branson Chamber of Commerce offices, head towards Highway 248, turn right at the traffic light and follow 248 through the Branson Hills. This two-lane road is filled with stunning scenery, so be sure to stop along the way and take some pictures. The drive continues when you turn left on 465, continuing to road’s end to Highway 76. When you reach Branson West, you will turn on Highway 13; the views of Table Rock Lake begin here, allowing you to see it’s just as beautiful from afar as it from up close. Highway 13 will merge into Highway 86; stay on 86 until you reach 65. When you turn left onto Highway 65, you will be nearing the end of your 90-minute drive as you return to Branson proper.


Blue Buck Knob Scenic By-Way

This scenic drive around Branson lasts only 45 minutes one way as it meanders through the Mark Twain National Forest. As you leave Branson, you will take Highway 76 to 160 to 181. The natural beauty of the forest will take your breath away. Cool, clear streams and tall green trees that turn fiery in the fall make this one of our favorite road trips. You can turn around and head back to Branson at this point, or continue on as you choose.


Glade Trail

This trail also lasts only 45 minutes one way. Taking 76 from Branson to 160 down to 125 and then ending at the Glade Top Trail, the views are similar, but can you ever get enough pictures of the Ozarks? Serene, tranquil, and unbelievably breathtaking, your Branson vacation will be enhanced by this quiet road trip.


Sunset Nightly Rentals Holds the Key to Your Peaceful Branson Vacation

Our cabins and homes allow you to continue the peaceful experience in comfort and style; reserve yours today and be sure to take some time for sitting on the porch and just breathing.

You’d think that by now we would be used to all the new shows that come to town, especially since we are the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, and a new show is as commonplace as Tuesday; it’s going to happen whether we want it to or not! But every so often, there are new Branson shows that manages to reach into our chests and give our heartstrings a little tug. The lights, the performers, the performance, the music—it’s all magical, and it all strikes a chord in our emotional band. The Rock Vault Show is one such show, and we are so excited about it, we can’t wait to share the information with you!


The Only Stones Involved are Rolling Ones

The Rock Vault Show, held at the Starlite Theater at 3115 West 75 Country Boulevard, is all about the music that made us dance, sing, and scream during our formative years, and the Rolling Stones are just a small part of this magnificent show! Using historical videos, fascinating re-enactments, and live performances so realistic you will find it difficult to believe that Mick, Paul, Freddy, and Steven are not the ones performing, you may find it impossible to stay in your seats (though former members are a part of the show)! The rock music we grew up with, from the 60s to the 90s, compels your feet to move no matter how determined you are not to let them! The history of rock and roll comes alive, sounding even better (don’t tell the superstars we said that!) than the original rock gods that made us scream as they swiveled their hips, made love to the microphones, and taught us that sometimes, if you work hard enough and have the talent to go along with the work ethic, you too, can have a chance to be adored by millions as you belt out the songs that mean so much to so many!


Appearing July 6th Through July 22nd

If you ever enjoyed the musical stylings of not just The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, but The Who, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Journey, Heart… Oh, who we are kidding? If you enjoy rock from any era, this extravaganza is going to bring you back to those magical glory days of your youth. Appearing nightly at 7:30 from July 6th through July 22nd, if you miss this show, you are going to regret it for the rest of your life! Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but if you are in town, this show NEEDS to be put on your bucket list now!


Singing in Your Sleep After this Branson Entertainment Show

Long after the Branson entertainment show has ended and you are back resting comfortably in your Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation home, you may just find yourself singing the songs that made this night so special. Get online and make your reservations for one of our vacation rentals today, and while you’re clicking around, don’t forget to buy tickets for the Rock Vault Show!

For most of us, we wait all year for that one vacation, the one where we imagine we will rest, relax, and recharge our internal batteries that have been worn down from 51 weeks of stress, challenges, and overwork. We also imagine that we can do all of the above while visiting a new city, state, or even country, and while touring all the most popular attractions of the area. The reality is, however, in most instances it is impossible to do both, and we return to our real lives even more worn down than we left them. It’s a vicious circle that is repeated annually, and we at Sunset Nightly Rentals want to help you slide some relaxation into your fun-filled and action-packed Branson vacation by sharing with you some of our favorite relaxing activities.


Take a Lake Cruise

Branson and its surroundings have a natural beauty that can be best enjoyed from the deck of a sightseeing cruise on Lake Taneycomo. Main Street Lake Cruises in Branson Landing offers a variety of cruises that will relax you (no exercise needed!) as they take your breath away and give you front row seats to the enchantment that is Branson.


Tour a Winery

With three different wineries in the area, you could fill an entire day with wine tastings—just be sure to hire a driver if you do! Nothing is more relaxing than sharing a glass (or two or three!) with the one you love more, and Mount Pleasant Winery (3125 Green Mountain Drive), Lindwedel Winery (3158 MO-265), and Curling Vine Winery (601 MO-165) offer plenty of relaxation therapy!


Take a Walk Through the Woods

Stroll along marked trails, breathing in fresh mountain air as you take in the seriously beautiful woods that surround you. In the spring and summer, a sea of lush and verdant green will amaze you; in the winter, the stark brown trees highlight the fairy like beauty of the snow-covered grounds; in the fall, color, color, color everywhere you turn will take your breath away!


Take a Spa Day

Nothing relaxes us more than being pampered with a full body massage, and the wonderful employees of City Spatique, located at 3044 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway #212, have one mission: to ensure that their clients leave feeling better than they have in months!


Stay Home

There is no law stating that every minute of your Branson vacation needs to be filled with activities and adventures. Take a day and sleep as late as you want, eat donuts for breakfast (We have Krispy Kreme!) and just relax. Book your Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation cabin today and discover the joys of doing nothing—if only for a day!

White_Water_Branson_logo Because there is already so much to do, it’s quite possible a visit to White Water Branson has been dropped from your bucket list. However, we’re here to change your mind. White Water Branson isn’t your everyday water park, offering over 13 acres of “death defying” slides, wave pools, and waterfalls. And yes, a lazy river. If you don’t pencil this fun water park into your schedule during your Branson vacation, you truly are missing out! Read on to see the top reasons to visit White Water Branson this summer!


Waterparks are a Summer Tradition

As one of the top waterparks in Branson, White Water Branson gives you a chance to experience one of summer’s most beloved traditions in the best way possible! Whether you want to relax on the lazy river, or satisfy your inner thrill seeker, whatever you do, you’ll be doing it in style!


White Water Branson offers a chance to show your bravery-

How many other parents are willing to “risk their lives” on 245-foot waterslides or plunge down 75 feet straight down at speeds over 40 miles per hour? Now is the time to show your children that their parents aren’t wimps, and White Water Branson is the place to do it at!


Lazy Rivers are Addicting!

Nothing says summer like time spent in a rubbery innertube, lazily floating around and around and around as you stare up at that blue sky, trailing your fingers in the water. Life is better on the Lazy River!


Slide Races are For More than Just Children

Want to prove to your kids that you aren’t ready to give up the ghost just yet? Freefall 75 feet down the 300-foot-long drop slides on Kalani Towers in a mad race to the finish and show them who’s boss!


A Variety of Attractions Nearby

Done with the excitement of White Water Branson? Then dry off and visit any of the other amazing attractions nearby, including the Tanger Outlets, Titanic Museum, the Butterfly Palace, and more! White Water Branson is surrounded by things to do, so once your water fun is through, you can keep the party going all day long!


Sunset Nightly Rentals Loves the Summer!

And so will you, when you stay in one of our Branson rustic cabins. Book yours today and start creating those summer memories that last a lifetime!

Click here to see some of our amazing waterfront vacation rentals today!

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There’s nothing like a night out with the gals! And what better way to do it than with Branson getaways? Leave behind the old haunts and look for something exciting and new in Branson, Missouri!

When you hit up a new town for the first time, all the old rules are off and you can make up a new set as you go along. Every new street is a new memory made, and every choice made is a brand-new story that will have your friends back home hanging on your every word. Post some pictures to social media and keep people posted—they’ll fall in love with Branson from wherever they are! Don’t be intimidated by not knowing where to go—we’ve got that covered for you.



The quintessential girls’ get-together is a spa date, and Branson has plenty of quality spas to choose from. Feel like a brand-new you! Spa O2, City Spatique, and Body Works Day Spa and Salon are all high-rated spas in Branson that’ll have everyone along thrilled that they came on this trip. Your face will feel ten years younger, your hands will be immaculate, and you’ll feel like you’re walking on pillows when these experts are done with your feet!


White Water Waterpark

What’s a great way to get someone out of their shell? It’s not a claustrophobic bar or a noisy strip club—it’s a water park! Show off your bathing suits and soak up some rays at this thirteen-acre water park. The water will come to you at the wave pool, and real thrill-seekers can head to the water rides and giant slides. And if you just want to relax, take a few laps around the Aloha River. It’s a blast that each girl can enjoy her way.



Pictures are great, but souvenirs are also fantastic memories, and show people back home you were thinking about them. Clothes, of course, are also perfect ways to remember your fabulous getaway each time you look in your closet. Branson Landing is one major hub of shopping, entertainment, and restaurants, where you can easily spend half a day wandering from one window to the next. For a smaller shopping district, the upscale stores of The Grand Village Shops rarely disappoint—especially if you enjoy jewelry!


A Ladies’ Night In During Branson Trips

If you can’t decide where to go or are just too tired to head out, that’s fine too—you’re in a gorgeous rental property expertly tended by Sunset Nightly Rentals. Make use of all your space for a make-up/drinking party, or use the Wi-Fi for a Netflix binge. Just look at our rentals and you’ll find that any of our properties alone make for a fantastic girls’ getaway—call us at 888-4420-5558 and ask about planning one today!

Branson Live Music Venues

Whether it’s grooving to some old favorites or rocking out to the latest pop sensation, there are times when the music just has to be live! If you want some good vibes for your dinner or drink, we’ve got plenty of places to stop in Branson. And if you’re looking for some of the best concerts in the state, you’re not far from Springfield’s spectacular venues like JQH Arena and Gilloz Theater. Read on to find some of the top places to catch live music in Branson, MO!


Outback Pub

A casual Branson live music venue that features food, sports games on TV, and a dance floor—plenty to enjoy! They have two performance areas, with the Party Deck being the more popular—it’s got an intimate sizing that lets you really feel the energy of the performers. Stop here for a delicious dinner and stick around for a night of music!


Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bar and Grill

The gentlemen who man the pianos here take their job seriously—as does the audience!  The pianists are proud to play any music you can imagine, while the patrons’ jobs are to make requests and sing along. You’ll be surprised at the variety these musicians can cover, wanting to stay for “just one more song” perpetually to see if they can be stumped. With their menu of soups, salads, and sandwiches to keep you fed, you’ll easily want to stay here until closing!


JQH Arena

Also called “The Q,” this is arena features basketball and special events. It boasts great seating and plenty of access to facilities. Check and see if you can get seats in the loges or private suits! The only major drawback to this arena is parking, so make sure you plan ahead.


Gillioz Theatre

The Gillioz Theatre is dedicated to arts and entertainment—music not least among them! More of a concert hall, this is where you go if you want to really soak up the music and shut out the outside world. As a smaller venue, any seat is a good spot for enjoying the show!


Stay with Sunset Nightly Rentals

What do you want after a night of music? A place to crash after partying? A place to reflect on the show? A quiet spot to write a blog post? Whatever you need, our rentals offer it! So, if you’re in town for a show, stay with us! Call us at 888-429-5558 to learn more about our offerings!

There’s nothing better than taking a vacation with the whole family, and making fun memories together! The city of Branson, MO is one of the most family friendly vacation destinations you will find anywhere! Below are our top five picks for the best kid friendly things to do in Branson, MO on your next vacation!


Silver Dollar City

If you and the family are traveling to Branson, you will certainly want to take time out to visit Silver Dollar City! When you enter this amusement park, you will feel like you have traveled back in time to the 1880’s. Traditional amusement park rides are interspersed throughout restaurants, shops, and shows, all with an old-timey feel. There’s also artisan demonstrations of pottery, woodcarving, and glassblowing. From low key rides and sights, all the way to the thrilling Outlaw Run wooden roller coaster, Silver Dollar City is sure to delight the whole family!


Branson Dinosaur Museum

The Branson Dinosaur Museum is where education meets fun! This is a great stop for dinosaur-obsessed kids of all ages. Activities that range from coloring books that will entertain the little ones, to participating in a dinosaur dig demonstration which is sure to be fun for older kids. There is a high-definition movie to see as well that truly brings the dinosaurs to life. The Branson Dinosaur is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon in Branson!


Adventure Ziplines of Branson

Are you more of a thrill-seeking type of family? Then you will love Adventure Ziplines of Branson! This attraction can accommodate children as young as 3 years old to zipline 70 feet above the city at up to 50 miles per hour! Adventure Ziplines is located in the heart of the city, making it easy to access restaurants and other activities around town. There are seven ziplines available on this two hour, high-flying tour around Branson!


Branson Scenic Railway Tour

One of the main draws of visiting Branson is taking in the beautiful sights of the surrounding scenery. The Branson Scenic Railway takes you on a 40-mile journey through the tunnels and bridges of the Ozark Mountains. This is a breathtaking activity for the whole family, and a great way to rest your feet after a day of sightseeing!


Ride the Ducks

Ride the Ducks is a charming activity for the whole family! Take a water tour of the city on an amphibious “duck” vehicle, enjoying the best views of the city and learning a bit of local history as you go! Kids can even help steer the ship, and younger children are treated to “quackers” that double as a fun souvenir!


Family Fun in Branson

Branson has built a reputation as being an excellent destination for families. These are just our top picks, but plan your trip to Branson to explore these sights and more!

Branson has many opportunities to sightsee in its rich and lush landscape, as well as in its entertainment industry. Here are a few sightseeing locales we invite you to visit!


Branson Scenic Railway

Branson Scenic Railway gives locals and tourists alike the opportunity to see the beauty of Branson via a 40-mile ride through the Ozark foothills and tunnels. As you ride along, you will learn the history of the area as well as receive a luxury experience in a classic coach setting. The Railway also offers riders a panoramic view of the landscape. You’ll see the beauty and the history of Branson on the Scenic Railway


Mark Twain National Forest

This natural landscape is not only beautiful, but is the home to several species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and all kinds of wildlife. Hike through one of its many trails and you might spot a unique bird, a bobcat, or a white tail deer. The forest also boasts beautiful rocks and minerals, natural canopies, the Eleven Point National Scenic River and so much more. You will have an opportunity to sightsee so many facets of nature at Mark Twain National Forest.


Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City Theme Park offers sights of classic rollercoasters, unique craftsmanship, entertaining shows and an all-around experience of old world charm. Come witness beautiful basket weaving, incredible Christmas displays and the classic Outlaw Run wooden roller coaster. The sightseeing at Silver Dollar City is fun window into Branson culture!


Hollywood Wax Museum

For a fun and quirky attraction, come see your favorite celebrities at the Hollywood Wax Museum. Rub elbows with wax celebrities and Hollywood royalty such as Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley. You will feel as though you’re standing next to the real person! Come witness the landmark museum for yourself. It’s a sight to see!


Table Rock Area

Take a boat tour of Table Rock Lake via Ride the Ducks, a boat tour that takes you all throughout the Ozarks on the waters of Table Rock. The boat will take you to the top of the mountain, will inform you of unique Table Rock history and get you so close to the water with its unique capabilities that you’re bound to get splashed!


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Contact us today to learn more about how to visit and stay in Branson in order to experiences these incredible sights!