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You’d think that by now we would be used to all the new shows that come to town, especially since we are the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, and a new show is as commonplace as Tuesday; it’s going to happen whether we want it to or not! But every so often, there are new Branson shows that manages to reach into our chests and give our heartstrings a little tug. The lights, the performers, the performance, the music—it’s all magical, and it all strikes a chord in our emotional band. The Rock Vault Show is one such show, and we are so excited about it, we can’t wait to share the information with you!


The Only Stones Involved are Rolling Ones

The Rock Vault Show, held at the Starlite Theater at 3115 West 75 Country Boulevard, is all about the music that made us dance, sing, and scream during our formative years, and the Rolling Stones are just a small part of this magnificent show! Using historical videos, fascinating re-enactments, and live performances so realistic you will find it difficult to believe that Mick, Paul, Freddy, and Steven are not the ones performing, you may find it impossible to stay in your seats (though former members are a part of the show)! The rock music we grew up with, from the 60s to the 90s, compels your feet to move no matter how determined you are not to let them! The history of rock and roll comes alive, sounding even better (don’t tell the superstars we said that!) than the original rock gods that made us scream as they swiveled their hips, made love to the microphones, and taught us that sometimes, if you work hard enough and have the talent to go along with the work ethic, you too, can have a chance to be adored by millions as you belt out the songs that mean so much to so many!


Appearing July 6th Through July 22nd

If you ever enjoyed the musical stylings of not just The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, but The Who, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Journey, Heart… Oh, who we are kidding? If you enjoy rock from any era, this extravaganza is going to bring you back to those magical glory days of your youth. Appearing nightly at 7:30 from July 6th through July 22nd, if you miss this show, you are going to regret it for the rest of your life! Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but if you are in town, this show NEEDS to be put on your bucket list now!


Singing in Your Sleep After this Branson Entertainment Show

Long after the Branson entertainment show has ended and you are back resting comfortably in your Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation home, you may just find yourself singing the songs that made this night so special. Get online and make your reservations for one of our vacation rentals today, and while you’re clicking around, don’t forget to buy tickets for the Rock Vault Show!