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When the need to save a little money hits during your unforgettable journey to Branson, it’s nice to know that you already have a head start; choosing Sunset Nightly Rentals for your vacation accommodations ensured you spent less for this Branson vacation than you otherwise would have! But if it’s not enough and your bargain hunting soul requires more, preparing a meal or two in your Branson escape is as easy to do as it is fun. Our fully equipped kitchens make meal prep fun, and these three recipes take away much of the work that is generally involved in cooking for your family! A grocery list and a stop at Rhode’s Family Price Chopper will help you save even more!


 Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes and Scallions

This versatile dish can be used as the main event or a side dish, and the simplicity and taste will make it one you may create at home as well! Add 4 large plum tomatoes, 14 large scallions (green onions), olive oil, salt, pepper, and a 10-ounce box of campanelle or farfalle pasta to your shopping list and the most difficult part of making this dish will be over! For those who like a little protein with their pasta, chicken or shrimp and some grated parmesan cheese can be added as well. Blend the plum tomatoes, ¾ of the scallions, and a ¼ cup of olive oil together in a food processor (if available) or a blender (an appliance that is more likely to be available in our homes). In the meantime, make the pasta according to the directions, grill the remaining scallions and meat, and then pour all the ingredients over the pasta.


3-Ingredient Chicken Salad

For as far back as we can remember, sandwiches were an integral part of any vacation we took! Simple to make, pack, and eat while traveling, the memory of our moms bending over the back seats to pull out sandwiches for us to munch on in the car is one we remember fondly. With that being said, you don’t have to stick with bologna and cheese during your Branson getaway; this 3-ingredient chicken salad tastes so great, it’s hard to believe how easy it is to make! Rotisserie chicken, mayonnaise, and craisins (plus bread for sandwich making) are all you need to add to your shopping list. Shred a cup of the chicken and mix it together with 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and 1/3 cup of craisins, then spread on your favorite sandwich bread.


3-Ingredient Cookie Butter Cake

Dessert is the only reason many of us eat our veggies, and if you feel the same, this simple recipe will make your entire trip! 2 jars of cookie butter, sugar, and eggs should be added to your grocery list. Preheat oven to 350 degrees, microwave one jar of cookie butter (poured into a microwave safe bowl) for 50 seconds, stirring halfway through the process; set this aside. Beat ½ cup of sugar and 5 eggs with an electric mixer until tripled in size. Fold some of the eggs into the slightly cooled cookie butter and then fold this mixture back into the egg until all is blended together—a gentle hand is required! Pour batter into greased 12 cup muffin tin and bake for 15 minutes. Using a knife to loosen, remove cakes and drizzle the remaining cookie butter that you have already melted over the slightly warm cakes.


Feel at Home in Our Homes on Your Branson Vacation

Feeling at home while on your Branson vacation is easy in our comfortable and stylish vacation rentals. Reserve yours today with Sunset Nightly Rentals!

Sometimes we get bored and start to feel as if we’re in a rut where every day it’s the same thing. We get up, we go to work, we come home, prepare dinner and go to bed, only to start all over again the next day. Weekends are filled with chores and over far too quickly. We’ve learned, however, the importance of making plans. When you have plans for the future, you have something to look forward to, and if one of those plans include a visit to Branson early in 2020, well, it will most definitely give you a whole new outlook, especially when you follow this step by step guide to enjoying that first Branson vacation of the year!


Step 1: Choose Sunset Nightly Rentals

The best vacations are made even better by the best vacation rentals, and our homes will ensure that you start your 2020 getaway out the right way! Offering a warm comfort for guests seeking a vacation experience, your stay gets better every minute. Kitchens that are the heart of the home are the perfect spots to toss together a meal, enjoy a late-night snack, or simply brew a pot of coffee to go with the donuts you purchased earlier in your trip. Living areas with fireplaces, bedrooms with soft beds and warm blankets, and bathrooms that are spacious and spa-like are just a few of the things you can expect from your winter getaway in our Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation escapes.


Step 2: Adventures in Branson

You could spend your entire vacation in one of our homes and still have an excellent time, but we suggest you get out and enjoy the area! Explore the magic of our mountain town at the Reza Edge Of Illusion Magic Show at the Branson Famous Theater when you’re looking for a glitzy good time or take the simple route with a hike along the Waterfall Hiking Trail, where the wooded path takes you by some of the most magical spots in the entire state! Introduce your children to the beauty of butterflies at the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure or check out the historic charm of old cars and farm equipment at the Branson Auto & Farm Museum. However you choose to spend your time in town, you’re guaranteed to come away with a new love of the Ozarks!


Don’t Wait Too Long to Plan Your Getaway

We advise you to not wait too long to reserve your 2020 getaway! Make the new year (and new decade) a memorable one when you visit Branson and stay in one of our!


If you were to ask us what our favorite season is, we’d have to stop, think very hard, and then the answer would be clear: EVERY season is our favorite! With that being said, however, winter in Branson is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and if you’re planning a winter getaway somewhere, but you’re not sure where, we hope that Branson will be the spot where your seasonal travels take you! This guide to the wonders of a Branson winter vacation and a stay in one of our Sunset Nightly Rentals properties will help entice you even more.


Toasty and Warm During Your Branson Winter Vacation

It’s true, our winters can be more than a bit chilly, but when you choose one of our Sunset Nightly Rentals winter escapes, you and your entire traveling group will stay toasty and warm. Bake cookies in our fully equipped kitchens, watch classic movies on state-of-the-art televisions in front of a roaring fire, and sleep until long after the sun peeks out from behind the clouds. Our homes are designed to spoil, and the evidence can be found in every room! In our hot tub properties, you can indulge in one of our guilty pleasures, a dip in a hot tub on a cold and snowy day, while other properties come equipped with foosball tables for hours of competitive fun on the snowiest days! When the cold night air beckons, gathering around a firepit in still other of our homes allows guests to stay out longer than originally planned; just scooch a little closer and enjoy the beauty of the flames shooting up into the velvety purple skies!


Bundle Up and Get Out

The chilly weather doesn’t seem so cold when you are all bundled up, so hiking through the hills is not out of the question—the snow makes such a satisfying crunch beneath your feet with each step you take! For those who aren’t really the outdoorsy types, a visit to the Titanic Museum or for the World’s Largest Toy Museum is always a great way to while away the vacation minutes without having to go outside for long. Comfort food and a show at McFarlain’s Restaurant will bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart, and anyone who doesn’t giggle out loud when they sit in one of the joke tables that suddenly rises to chin height must have a broken funny bone! It’s an old joke, but still gets us every time!


Sunset Nightly Rentals in the Winter

Reserve your Branson winter vacation rental today and discover what so many people have known for years: Branson is beautiful in the winter. Contact us today to being planning your journey in one of our rentals!

There’s nothing like a night out with the gals! And what better way to do it than with Branson getaways? Leave behind the old haunts and look for something exciting and new in Branson, Missouri!

When you hit up a new town for the first time, all the old rules are off and you can make up a new set as you go along. Every new street is a new memory made, and every choice made is a brand-new story that will have your friends back home hanging on your every word. Post some pictures to social media and keep people posted—they’ll fall in love with Branson from wherever they are! Don’t be intimidated by not knowing where to go—we’ve got that covered for you.



The quintessential girls’ get-together is a spa date, and Branson has plenty of quality spas to choose from. Feel like a brand-new you! Spa O2, City Spatique, and Body Works Day Spa and Salon are all high-rated spas in Branson that’ll have everyone along thrilled that they came on this trip. Your face will feel ten years younger, your hands will be immaculate, and you’ll feel like you’re walking on pillows when these experts are done with your feet!


White Water Waterpark

What’s a great way to get someone out of their shell? It’s not a claustrophobic bar or a noisy strip club—it’s a water park! Show off your bathing suits and soak up some rays at this thirteen-acre water park. The water will come to you at the wave pool, and real thrill-seekers can head to the water rides and giant slides. And if you just want to relax, take a few laps around the Aloha River. It’s a blast that each girl can enjoy her way.



Pictures are great, but souvenirs are also fantastic memories, and show people back home you were thinking about them. Clothes, of course, are also perfect ways to remember your fabulous getaway each time you look in your closet. Branson Landing is one major hub of shopping, entertainment, and restaurants, where you can easily spend half a day wandering from one window to the next. For a smaller shopping district, the upscale stores of The Grand Village Shops rarely disappoint—especially if you enjoy jewelry!


A Ladies’ Night In During Branson Trips

If you can’t decide where to go or are just too tired to head out, that’s fine too—you’re in a gorgeous rental property expertly tended by Sunset Nightly Rentals. Make use of all your space for a make-up/drinking party, or use the Wi-Fi for a Netflix binge. Just look at our rentals and you’ll find that any of our properties alone make for a fantastic girls’ getaway—call us at 888-4420-5558 and ask about planning one today!