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There’s a reason so many upper-crust socialites in TV and film brag about their “summer home by the lake.” Staying by a lake offers so much that staying anywhere else can’t get you—all without leaving behind the comforts of plumbing, shopping, and Wi-Fi that you’re so accustomed to. If you’re staying with us, we highly recommend you check out any of our properties near Bull Shoals Lake, Table Rock Lake, or Lake Taneycomo—and here’s why:


1. Scenery

Lakes—especially lakes that are well taken care of, as those in southern Missouri are—are beautiful. Miles of water are laid out at your feet, teeming with life. As you venture just past the shallows, you can see the fish darting in and out of the hiding spots provided by the lakebed vegetation below you. Above you, the sky seems so much larger and boundless than it did back in the city. And in front of you and all around you, the lake shimmers and sparkles with the reflection of the brilliant sun. And each day, you get to enjoy the sunset twice, as the sun in the sky and the sun on the like converge on the horizon. All of this is surrounded by the natural beauty of miles and miles of trees, helping you feel like you’ve really gotten away from it all!


2. Hiking

Great scenery means spectacular hiking! The trails here are varied in difficulty, so anyone who enjoys putting one foot in front of the other will find the path that suits them. The simplest paths are usually just along the lakeside—the frequent travelling has smoothed the shores so that even strollers can come along. If you’re up for something more adventurous, seek out the paths that surround the lake and weave through the trees. 


3. Aquatic Fun

While each lake is different, they each offer most of these activities: boating, fishing, kayaking, and even parasailing! Boating and parasailing offer fantastic thrills, fishing is one of the best forms of relaxation, and kayaking is a really fun workout—and none of these are available at land-locked properties. 


4. Like-Minded Neighbors

When you’re staying in a city, you have no idea what your neighbors are in to. But at a lakefront property, there’s a greater sense of community, since you’re all likely to have been drawn here for one of the three above reasons. So strike up some conversation about the hiking trails here or back home, or about the best seasons for fishing—it’s not hard to make new friends by the lake!


5. All the Comforts of Home

Perhaps the best part of lakefront properties is that you don’t have to sacrifice anything to get these benefits. You’ve got everything you need, from in-home climate control to nearby gas stations and (especially on Lake Taneycomo) some really great food. So what’s there to argue about? Book a lakefront property, and enjoy all this without losing anything!