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As wonderful as the shows, museums, and restaurants are in our mountain village, there are some people who visit without any intention of seeing any of them! We know it may be hard to believe, but many travelers come to Branson to explore the great outdoors—to enjoy hikes through the woods, ziplining through the trees, or, our personal favorite, fishing in one of the three lakes that make up our natural landscape. If you are one to choose rod and reel over stage shows and arts and culture, this guide to the top Branson fishing spots will ensure your Missouri getaway will be filled with all the trout, bass, and walleye that you can handle!


Table Rock Lake

With three lakes in the area you can pretty much guarantee you’ll never find it difficult to find a spot to cast your line, and Table Rock Lake offers plenty of spots perfect for catching your allotted share of bass, crappie, and at the dam, more trout than you’ve ever seen in one place in your life! Fishing at night provides a fruitful and happy change from the same old, same old, and early morning fishing along the banks will provide moments of peaceful contemplation as well as a tasty and constant supply of smallmouth bass!


Bull Shoals Lake

Offering a fishing season that lasts year-round (it gets a little cold in the winter months, so dress warmly!), the highly popular brown trout fishery is known and loved throughout the world! Offering a huge variety of warm water fish that include the aforementioned brown trout as well as bass, stripers, catfish and so much more, your Branson fishing expedition will be an adventure that just keeps getting better! Night fishing is also popular at Bull Shoals Lake with fishermen reeling in large quantities of stripers, walleyes, and trout.


Lake Taneycomo

When you’re looking for the spots where the trout are, Lake Taneycomo is the place to be. Brown and rainbow trout make their home in this cold-water lake. Fly fishing, artificial only, and bait fishing can all be done in the various areas of the lake. Grab your gear, a cooler, and prepare to leave society behind as you spend a few hours or more enjoying the peace and tranquility of the Branson landscape!


From the Dock Behind Your Sunset Nightly Rentals Fishing Escape

Hardcore fishermen and women know the real secret to the perfect fishing getaway starts with their accommodations, and when you pick one of our lakeside cabins for your Branson journey, you’ll have to agree! Comfortable, warm, and offering many hours of fishing excitement, our homes will be the highlight of your vacation—reserve yours today!

A visit to Branson, MO means all kinds of opportunities for good food, local museums, amazing amusement parks, plenty of shopping, and lots of outdoor beauty, but the trip wouldn’t be complete without a peaceful fishing trip. If you’re planning a trip to Branson and wondering about what the local fishing scene is like, look no further. Check our Branson’s fishing guide containing top 5 fishing spots in and around Lake Taneycomo to enjoy!


Fall Creek
The whole Fall Creek area covers about 3 ½ miles just before the dam and the entrance into the lake. A nearby marina is located near the mouth of the creek and this is a great spot to fish for trout due to shallow waters. Lure fishing is particularly good in these waters, but be wary about boating in this area due to rockiness and shallowness.


Lilleys’ Landing Stretch
One of Branson’s best fishing spots includes Lilleys’ Landing’s Stretch, which is home to lots of large brown trout. You’ll also find the occasional black bass as they swim through during the summer months, though they can be tricky to catch; for a fisherman up to a challenge, it’s the perfect spot.


Lookout Hole
Marked by an island, this fishing area is easy to spot. Also known for especially large trout, these fish are particularly aggressive, so bait quickly with lots of jerking and stopping as needed. The surrounding area is quite pretty as well, making it a nice place to spend several hours.


The Upper Lake
For fans of fly fishing, the first mile below the dam is ideal in this Upper Lake area. The best fishing can be found within the first six miles below the dam, and fisherman are encouraged to use skipping woolies and drifting nymphs in the large pools.


Short Creek Area
Just a mile below Fall Creek lays Short Creek which enters on the other side of Lake Taneycomo. This is a very popular fishing spot because the waters are quite shallow when the dam isn’t running. Lots of fish gather and hang out in the Short Creek area, making for an easy catch during any time of the year.

Other popular fishing spots can be found near Table Rock Lake, located near Branson’s Ozark Mountains. With tree-lined shores and beautiful clear waters, a variety of fish including catfish, crappie, white bass, bass, and bluegill can be found.

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