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Sometimes it’s the things you don’t know that make the biggest difference in your vacation plans, and if you’re like most of us, you plan out every detail of your upcoming vacation to make sure you experience the best of what that area has to offer. But what happens when you miss out on a little-known detail? You lose out on what could potentially be the trip of the lifetime! Here’s a list of five Branson facts you didn’t know about to help you start planning accordingly!


Remember the Kewpie Doll?

Kewpie dolls made from plastic, with their big eyes, appealing smiles, and that little curl in the center of their forehead were extremely popular starting around the 1950s, and those versions were born not far from Branson! Rose O’Neill was the famous illustrator of these darling babies, and the Bonniebrook mansion where she once lived is open as museum for your touring pleasures!


Visiting Off Season Can Save You a Bundle

Branson shows tend to have a run that lasts March through December, but if you visit during our coldest months, the same shows may be offered at vastly reduced prices! Also, you may be able to find some really good deals on vacation rental properties. Empty beds are common during January and February, and owners are always delighted about an unexpected rental!


The World’s Largest Toy Museum is Located Right Here

Remembering the beloved toys of our youth always brings a nostalgic smile to our faces, but actually being able to see them all under the same roof? That’s a priceless experience, and one that you can partake in during your unforgettable Branson vacation! Home to over a million toys, including the original Barbie, cast iron toys, and popular Disney ones as well, if you remember it, it most likely will be found here!


The Branson Café Has Been in Existence Since 1910

It’s not often a restaurant stays in business for longer than five years, and it’s practically unheard of for one to stay open for over 100 years! The Branson Café has been serving guests since the first cars started making their way over the dirt roads of downtown Branson, and you have to figure their food is amazing!


You Can Fly in Branson WITHOUT a Plane

Starting this summer, Aerodium Outdoor Flying Adventure offers the opportunity to fly without having to ascend thousands of feet into the clouds! Skydiving has never been so fun or so safe, and the 40 minute adventures will change your world!


Our Sunset Nightly Rentals Homes Offer a Soft Place to Land

When you’re looking for a cozy and homey place to rest during your Branson vacation, Sunset Nightly Rentals is where you should start! Designed for family and located near everything that is wonderful about our Ozark village, your vacation will improve just from walking in the front door! Contact us to reserve yours today!

There are around 10,000 people that live in Branson, but the area enjoys the company of around 10 million visitors every year. This is because some of the many interesting facts about the city, along with the opportunities for a vacation here becoming more well-known. Here are just a few of those Branson facts.


Table Rock Lake Offers Almost as Much Shoreline as the Entire Coast of California

You can find around 750 miles of beautiful coast on Missouri’s largest lake. This clear blue water meets lush forest to create the perfect environment for endless lake recreation. Hiking, boating, swimming, or simply finding a quiet piece of shoreline to relax are all great ways to spend a day at Table Rock Lake.


The Area was One of the Best to Visit During the Fall by the Huffington Post

Firstly, the area features incredible beauty throughout the entire year. Lush forests along rolling hills and towering mountains make for incredible views and opportunities for exploring. But the landscape during the fall is truly a sight to behold. Incredible fall colors explode along lingering, vibrant greens, making for a special smattering of colors.


The City Has Over 50,000 Theater Seats

While the natural beauty here is amazing, the culture in the city is also something special. You can catch just about any live performance imaginable in Branson. Regardless of what night of the week it is, you can pick between endless concerts, plays, recitals, and much more between many beautiful venues.


One of the Travel Channel’s Best Places to Visit for Christmas

The community in Branson is not one to take Christmas lightly. During the Christmas season, the city bursts with endless lights, festivals, and other celebrations. This is especially true of Silver Dollar City Amusement Park, just to the west of Branson. It is always a good time to visit, but there is a special energy in Missouri’s most popular theme park during this time of year.


The City Offers 10 Championship Golf Courses

Many people think of Florida when talking about places with great golf, but the Branson area offers many courses that are as beautiful as you will find anywhere in the country. Beyond the amazing design and construction of these courses, this is simply a beautiful place to find yourself out on the golf course.


Learn Branson Information During Your Relaxing Vacation

History, fun, culture, and much more: You can find it all in Branson and the area that surrounds! It is not necessarily one opportunity that makes it such a wonderful place to visit, but it is the diversity of opportunities. Make your next trip one to discover this one of a kind place.

Contact us today to book one of our wonderful vacation rentals and to learn more about Branson information!