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With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, the ghosts and goblins and zombies are really coming to life in haunted houses, Halloween parties, and other seasonal “spook-experiences” designed to scare the pants off their visitors—in a harmless manner, of course! Creepy, chilling, and fun, they offer a lighthearted escape from the boredom of your real life. But what do you do when you want to be scared for real? The following Branson MO attractions offer you, our honored guests, the opportunity to learn about the scarier side of Branson as you explore some truly haunted places in town.


Haunt the Dock at the Paddlewheel, 10/27th & 10/28th

You get to do the haunting during this free shin-dig held at 9 South Boardwalk. This costume party features awesome music, a DJ, and Halloween themed drinks (our favorite part!) each night from 7:00 PM until 1:00 AM. Maybe your costume will win the prize?


Branson Scenic Railway, 206 East Main Street

There is no better way to tour the Ozarks than aboard a train on the Branson Scenic Railway, especially in the fall when the trees are dressed in their most colorful Autumn finest; even if it wasn’t Jake Fleagle’s favorite spot!  A member of the notorious Fleagle Gang, a group of thugs who were suspected of robberies and murders all over the country, the depot was where his tour of fear ended in a flurry of gun shots. Some say if you visit the depot at night, you will catch sight of young Fleagle as he spends his eternity reliving the day that was his last.


Branson Landing’s Annual Safe Street Trick or Treat and Monster Mash Street Dance

This one is for the tiny ghosts and goblins in your family. They may be a little upset that you chose to take this vacation over Halloween, so this safe option accomplishes two things: They won’t be mad at you anymore, and they get to eat lots of tasty candy! The Monster Mash Street Dance held immediately after helps you by letting your favorite spirits dance away the sugar high!


Scary Movies after Visiting Branson MO Attractions

Continue the spooktacular Halloween celebration in the comfort of your cabin with a scary movie fest on the big screen television! Reserve your cabin today and start planning how you are going to visit all of these spooky Branson MO attractions!

There are around 10,000 people that live in Branson, but the area enjoys the company of around 10 million visitors every year. This is because some of the many interesting facts about the city, along with the opportunities for a vacation here becoming more well-known. Here are just a few of those Branson facts.


Table Rock Lake Offers Almost as Much Shoreline as the Entire Coast of California

You can find around 750 miles of beautiful coast on Missouri’s largest lake. This clear blue water meets lush forest to create the perfect environment for endless lake recreation. Hiking, boating, swimming, or simply finding a quiet piece of shoreline to relax are all great ways to spend a day at Table Rock Lake.


The Area was One of the Best to Visit During the Fall by the Huffington Post

Firstly, the area features incredible beauty throughout the entire year. Lush forests along rolling hills and towering mountains make for incredible views and opportunities for exploring. But the landscape during the fall is truly a sight to behold. Incredible fall colors explode along lingering, vibrant greens, making for a special smattering of colors.


The City Has Over 50,000 Theater Seats

While the natural beauty here is amazing, the culture in the city is also something special. You can catch just about any live performance imaginable in Branson. Regardless of what night of the week it is, you can pick between endless concerts, plays, recitals, and much more between many beautiful venues.


One of the Travel Channel’s Best Places to Visit for Christmas

The community in Branson is not one to take Christmas lightly. During the Christmas season, the city bursts with endless lights, festivals, and other celebrations. This is especially true of Silver Dollar City Amusement Park, just to the west of Branson. It is always a good time to visit, but there is a special energy in Missouri’s most popular theme park during this time of year.


The City Offers 10 Championship Golf Courses

Many people think of Florida when talking about places with great golf, but the Branson area offers many courses that are as beautiful as you will find anywhere in the country. Beyond the amazing design and construction of these courses, this is simply a beautiful place to find yourself out on the golf course.


Learn Branson Information During Your Relaxing Vacation

History, fun, culture, and much more: You can find it all in Branson and the area that surrounds! It is not necessarily one opportunity that makes it such a wonderful place to visit, but it is the diversity of opportunities. Make your next trip one to discover this one of a kind place.

Contact us today to book one of our wonderful vacation rentals and to learn more about Branson information!

If there is a holiday rolling around, you can be sure that the city of Branson is getting ready to do it big. The community here really appreciates a good party, and they know how to celebrate. This is one of many factors that make this city a wonderful place to visit around Halloween. You will find some classic celebrations, as well as some that are unique to Branson. Here are a few reasons you should make down to celebrate Halloween in Branson.


Fun Trick or Treating for the Kids

There are endless opportunities for amazing trick or treating for the family. “Safe Street Trick or Treat” takes over the beautiful Branson Landing from 5 to 7 pm on October 31st. Your kids will find an abundance of candy and fun here. The Halloween BOOnanza is taking place from 5 to 8 pm in the Branson RecPlex on October 28th and is the best place to go for Halloween activities like mazes, hay rides, and costume contests.


Branson Halloween Fun for Adults

There are endless costume parties happening throughout the city during the days surrounding Halloween. One of the most exciting of these events is the Halloween Extravaganza at Copper Run Distillery. As this is an award-winning distillery, there is never a bad time to visit, but Halloween offers a very special occasion. A costume contest along with a first-hand look at the distillery and moonshine tastings make this a great way to spend a Halloween for the adults out there.


Seriously Haunted Houses

There are plenty of spooky opportunities to hit a haunted house in Branson. The most unique of all these opportunities is the one at the Castle of Chaos 5D Adventure. This is the place to go if you want to be transported inside the horror film as it is complete with a 3D video experience, cutting-edge special effects, motion, and more.


The Weather is Nice

The weather might not be suitable for a bikini model costume, but it really is a great time of year for the weather here. You can expect to find comfortable temperatures during the day in the 60s and beautiful, cool nights in the 40s. This offers ample opportunities to explore by day and hunker down by a fire by night.


Ghost Tours and Pumpkin Patches

There are many opportunities to explore some of the spookiest places in the historic area of downtown Branson. Paranormal experts give you incredible glimpses into the hauntings of classic venues like Owens Theater and many more. And of course, you got to love the endless patches of pumpkins throughout Branson!

A Branson Halloween has something for everyone during this spooky season, mostly because the area is home to almost every type of person. Regardless of how you like to spend this fun holiday, you can be sure it will be time well-spent in Branson. Contact us today to book one of our great vacation rentals!