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Our community is best known for things to do in Branson MO and our live performances, but it’s also famous for its lakeside living. Three of the most beautiful lakes in our country are based here, and the opportunities for water fun is multiplied. Each lake is special and each lake has its own personality and appeal. You’ll come to Branson for the shows, but Table Rock Lake, Bull Shoals Lake, and Lake Taneycomo may be the three main reasons you return again and again!


Table Rock Lake

With plenty shoreline and some of the deepest clearest waters in the state, Table Rock Lake is known for being a major fishing spot with bass, crappie, blue gill, and catfish being its main fish. Indian Point Floating Café is based on the lake and serves all American breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that are hearty, tasty, and filling. The Showboat Branson Belle features dinner and a show as it serenely chugs around this mighty lake, offering you a view of the Branson landscape you can’t find anywhere else.


Bull Shoals Lake

Created by the construction of the Bull Shoals Dam in 1952, Bull Shoals Lake is a water sports mecca. Here is where you can swim, fish, boat, scuba dive, water ski, and so much more. Bring your family and picnic on its shores as your children “accidentally fall in and get wet,” laughing in delight when the fish nibble at their bare toes. Bass fishing is the big draw at Bull Shoals and many types of bass can be found in its cool waters.


Lake Taneycomo

While both Bull Shoals and Table Rock Lakes are essential to the economy of Branson, it’s Lake Taneycomo that is the heart of the town. Branson Landing sits on its shores, and every hour on the hour from 9AM in the morning till 10PM at night (9PM on Sunday’s), the Branson Landing Fountain Musical extravaganza plays in time to the fountain’s geysers and cannons. Our nation’s birthday is celebrated here with a magical firework show every 4th of July, and the all-American sport of fishing is practiced here daily.


Things to Do in Branson MO on the Lake

Each Branson Lake has something special to offer, and if you miss any of them, your vacation will come up short! Reserve your Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation cabin today and start planning for the most relaxing vacation of your lifetime. Life is better at the lake!

You’d think that by now we would be used to all the new shows that come to town, especially since we are the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, and a new show is as commonplace as Tuesday; it’s going to happen whether we want it to or not! But every so often, there are new Branson shows that manages to reach into our chests and give our heartstrings a little tug. The lights, the performers, the performance, the music—it’s all magical, and it all strikes a chord in our emotional band. The Rock Vault Show is one such show, and we are so excited about it, we can’t wait to share the information with you!


The Only Stones Involved are Rolling Ones

The Rock Vault Show, held at the Starlite Theater at 3115 West 75 Country Boulevard, is all about the music that made us dance, sing, and scream during our formative years, and the Rolling Stones are just a small part of this magnificent show! Using historical videos, fascinating re-enactments, and live performances so realistic you will find it difficult to believe that Mick, Paul, Freddy, and Steven are not the ones performing, you may find it impossible to stay in your seats (though former members are a part of the show)! The rock music we grew up with, from the 60s to the 90s, compels your feet to move no matter how determined you are not to let them! The history of rock and roll comes alive, sounding even better (don’t tell the superstars we said that!) than the original rock gods that made us scream as they swiveled their hips, made love to the microphones, and taught us that sometimes, if you work hard enough and have the talent to go along with the work ethic, you too, can have a chance to be adored by millions as you belt out the songs that mean so much to so many!


Appearing July 6th Through July 22nd

If you ever enjoyed the musical stylings of not just The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, but The Who, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Journey, Heart… Oh, who we are kidding? If you enjoy rock from any era, this extravaganza is going to bring you back to those magical glory days of your youth. Appearing nightly at 7:30 from July 6th through July 22nd, if you miss this show, you are going to regret it for the rest of your life! Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but if you are in town, this show NEEDS to be put on your bucket list now!


Singing in Your Sleep After this Branson Entertainment Show

Long after the Branson entertainment show has ended and you are back resting comfortably in your Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation home, you may just find yourself singing the songs that made this night so special. Get online and make your reservations for one of our vacation rentals today, and while you’re clicking around, don’t forget to buy tickets for the Rock Vault Show!

For most of us, we wait all year for that one vacation, the one where we imagine we will rest, relax, and recharge our internal batteries that have been worn down from 51 weeks of stress, challenges, and overwork. We also imagine that we can do all of the above while visiting a new city, state, or even country, and while touring all the most popular attractions of the area. The reality is, however, in most instances it is impossible to do both, and we return to our real lives even more worn down than we left them. It’s a vicious circle that is repeated annually, and we at Sunset Nightly Rentals want to help you slide some relaxation into your fun-filled and action-packed Branson vacation by sharing with you some of our favorite relaxing activities.


Take a Lake Cruise

Branson and its surroundings have a natural beauty that can be best enjoyed from the deck of a sightseeing cruise on Lake Taneycomo. Main Street Lake Cruises in Branson Landing offers a variety of cruises that will relax you (no exercise needed!) as they take your breath away and give you front row seats to the enchantment that is Branson.


Tour a Winery

With three different wineries in the area, you could fill an entire day with wine tastings—just be sure to hire a driver if you do! Nothing is more relaxing than sharing a glass (or two or three!) with the one you love more, and Mount Pleasant Winery (3125 Green Mountain Drive), Lindwedel Winery (3158 MO-265), and Curling Vine Winery (601 MO-165) offer plenty of relaxation therapy!


Take a Walk Through the Woods

Stroll along marked trails, breathing in fresh mountain air as you take in the seriously beautiful woods that surround you. In the spring and summer, a sea of lush and verdant green will amaze you; in the winter, the stark brown trees highlight the fairy like beauty of the snow-covered grounds; in the fall, color, color, color everywhere you turn will take your breath away!


Take a Spa Day

Nothing relaxes us more than being pampered with a full body massage, and the wonderful employees of City Spatique, located at 3044 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway #212, have one mission: to ensure that their clients leave feeling better than they have in months!


Stay Home

There is no law stating that every minute of your Branson vacation needs to be filled with activities and adventures. Take a day and sleep as late as you want, eat donuts for breakfast (We have Krispy Kreme!) and just relax. Book your Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation cabin today and discover the joys of doing nothing—if only for a day!