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There is perhaps no place that knows how to do Halloween bigger than Branson, Missouri. Between the city sponsored events, the independent parties, fun trick or treating opportunities, and the incredible weather, there is never a dull moment for the whole family during the Halloween weekend in Branson. Here are some reasons that you should be here come Halloween in Branson.



There are countless events taking over the city for people of all ages and interests. There are some very special things going on for the families visiting Branson. On Saturday, October 29th, families can enjoy the Halloween BOOnanza at the Branson RecPlex. From 5 to 8 pm, you can enjoy trick-or-treat mazes, hay rides, costume contests, and much more. Visit the beautiful Branson Landing on Monday for the 10th annual Safe Street Trick or Treat, where kids can enjoy the fun of Halloween in a safe and exciting environment. Finally, the Castle of Chaos is a new attraction that will provide a memorable experience for everyone! As the Castle combines 3D video, motion rides, and special effects into one experience battling evil, this is the world’s first 5D attraction!


Ghost Tours

Today, Branson is an awesome place to visit, but the city also boasts a rich history. The Ghost Tours delve into that history and all the spookiest happenings in the city’s past. The Branson Ghost and Paranormal Tours are the people to see about the best ghost tours in town. These 90-minute excursions take you through the Owens Theatre, exploring it and discovering the ghost who haunts it. You will also learn about the shootout at the Train Depot and the cause of the great Branson Fire over 100 years ago. You can also enjoy some of the most renowned haunted houses in the country here. Branson’s Haunted Scream Park is home to four bone-chilling haunted houses called Insanitarium Slashers, Slashers, Haunted Adventure and Mirror Maze, and the Terror Tales.


Halloween Parties

While Branson features amazing nightlife opportunities throughout the year, the city’s bars and clubs come to life as never before during Halloween weekend. Throughout the city, you will find bars and clubs offering amazing drink deals, great live music performances, and energy that you just cannot find anywhere else. Look out for huge party at Ahoys, amazing performances at Tabu, and unbeatable drink deals at Time Out Sports Bar. You cannot go wrong during this weekend at any one of Branson’s great nightlife destinations.

There is still so much more going on this year for the Halloween weekend. Make sure you make plans in Branson, Missouri if you want this year’s Halloween to be one that you will not soon forget!

Top Five Restaurants Near Lake Taneycomo

If you’re staying in the Branson area, it’s likely you’re heading to Lake Taneycomo. If not, we encourage you to do so! This major waterway runs through Branson County, bringing all sorts of wonderful maritime activities to the different towns’ doorsteps. And with a lake being worth a full-day excursion, who wants to cook at the end of the day out? Whether you’re too tired from a day out, want to try some local fare, or just want a quick bite in the middle of a fun-filled day, there’s a restaurant nearby to cater to you. While many restaurants near Lake Taneycomo may have mixed reviews or inconsistent performances, we’ve sifted through them to find the consistent top performers.


Charlie’s Steak, Ribs, and Ale in Forsyth

Let’s start east and work west. If you’re in the town of Forsyth, you’ll find plenty of restaurants along Highway 160, just a stone’s throw from Taneycomo’s shores. Among these, we recommend Charlie’s Steak, Ribs, and Ale. Charlie’s kitchen knows the right way to treat a piece of meat; if you want a perfectly grilled steak, a beautiful rack of ribs, or a scrumptious slab of catfish, this is where you should look. Prices are reasonable, and the staff is happy to serve. And, if you like to punctuate the day or take a mid-day break by knocking back a cold one, they have you covered there too!


Dockside Pub in Rockaway Beach

Don’t want to go home yet? Then this pub, open past midnight, has you covered. While the business’s expansion into food is fairly recent, the change has been well-received by locals. Their burgers are delectable, and of course, they have a wide array of drinks to keep the night interesting. (Note that the bar is smoking-friendly.)


The Fudgery in Branson

If you love meandering around Branson Landing, this shop is the perfect stop! Okay, maybe it’s not exactly a restaurant, but it’s a beloved staple of many visits to Lake Taneycomo for both locals and repeat visitors, who hail its treats as scrumptious, fantastic, delicious, and other such adjectives. Stop in for a slice of fudge or a dipped apple—wherever your spirits are, it’s sure to lift them higher!


Cantina Laredo in Branson

Perhaps tied with the Fudgery as the most kid-friendly restaurant on this list, Cantina Laredo is another restaurant on Branson Landing that has a large number of appreciative return customers. Featuring Mexican-inspired fare, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is stylish, lending an up-scale feeling to the meal without an increase in price. If you can, get a table with a scenic view of the water!


The Paddlewheel in Branson

This pub-like restaurant is another fine place to nurse a drink and relax with friends. It boasts a wide array of drinks and mixes, so no matter what your background in alcohol, you’re sure to find something you’ll like. As for food, their appetizer-style fare is the best received. It’s a great place for lunch, or perhaps for an evening snack after an early dinner.


No Need to Get Lost!

Our staff is familiar with the Branson area, so while we have tried to pick out the best restaurants for you, let us know if none of these suit your tastes—one of our knowledgeable locals is sure to know an equally good place that suits you! And if these sound right up your alley, then never hesitate to ask for directions!

Branson Redefined: Beyond Leisure Vacations

Over the past several years, Branson has been striving to give the city a new dimension to its image as a traditional vacation destination—and their efforts are finally paying off.

In a campaign designed by the Branson Convention & Visitors Bureau to target meeting planners who might otherwise overlook the city’s incredible attractions and thoroughly upgraded, modern Branson Convention Center (first opened in 2007), Branson’s social media presence has been dominated by the use of the hashtag #notyourgrandmasbranson, working to dispel the popular belief that Branson is only fit for vacations and encourage businesses and organizations to see the immense opportunities that the center presents for making a lasting impression.

Convention attendance has sky-rocketed in the past two years, with nearly eighty thousand people (including local residents) attending at least one event at the Branson Convention Center in 2014. 2015 brought in one hundred thousand attendees to the center, with projections for one hundred and twenty-five thousand convention-goers by the conclusion of 2016. However, these figures are incomplete, as they do not include bookings in private hotels, commonly associated with convention attendance, which are not generally released for inclusion in such statistics; this bodes well for the success of the convention center, as the success rates likely surpass the recorded numbers.

High-profile conventions, like that of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 40th Mid-America Emmy Awards (which took place on October 1, 2016), promise to entrench Branson further in the public eye and draw in even more visitors. The recently-hosted convention came about as a three-year long effort, resulting in a contract for Branson and the famous local amusement park of Silver Dollar City.


Low Prices, Rising Popularity

The Branson Convention & Visitors Bureau is looking to expand their sources for conventioneers in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Denver, and Houston. Meanwhile, higher-ups at the Branson Convention Center are attempting to recruit organizations and businesses from Springfield to make use of the convention center’s enormous ballroom alone, which spans nearly twenty-three thousand square feet.

In its entirety, the Branson Convention Center has two hundred and twenty thousand square feet of space, with an exhibit hall that is over forty-seven thousand square feet, in addition to the ballroom mentioned above. Rates have remained steady as a result of the green initiatives that the convention center has undergone, such as composting and recycling forty-five to fifty percent of their waste, planting a garden, installing light sensors in the bathrooms, and shutting off escalators when conventions are not in session.

Typically, Branson’s convention scene is at its slowest during the first and fourth quarters of the year, allowing the center to offer discounted rates. The center’s facilities are ideal for conventions year-round, with future endeavors are trending upwards as VisionCon returns in February of 2017.


Considering a Convention in Branson? Stay in Luxury and Comfort with Sunset Nightly Rentals

Convention attendees will find Branson to be a safe, beautiful, and economical city for their stay, while encountering delectable restaurants, classy bars, and elite shopping within walking distance. Contact the dedicated reservation specialists at Sunset Nightly Rentals to learn more about how we can help you make the most of your time and your budget when you book your stay with us today!