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W.E. Nunan’s Specialty Foods

Since I work just up the hill from Downtown Branson and deal with the traffic going to and from the office during the summer months, I very rarely venture across Business 76 during this hectic time of year. Yesterday, right before the busiest weekend in Branson, my husband and I decided to do just that and enter the Forbidden Zone for locals in our search of a Blu-Ray player compatible with our out-dated surround sound system. I’m sure others will identify with this syndrome which I call Nonsensical Thiftitus. Our 5+ year old Blu-Ray player bit the dust and instead of buying a new one, my husband feels the necessity to scour the pawn shops and thrift stores for another one that will work with the speakers that are older than the player, and possibly time, itself. We will continue this fruitless quest until I finally break down and buy a new system. Inevitably, two weeks after this purchase, while searching for another technological antique that has gone haywire, we will come across exactly what we had been looking for.

But I digress. While strolling from Lightning Pawn toward Branson Pawn, we passed W.E. Nunan’s Specialty Foods, whose opening I remembered from a recent Chamber of Commerce announcement and decided to stop and take a look. What we found inside was delightful! There were unique gifts sprinkled throughout the shop but the meat counter drew my attention immediately. All the meats are made and smoked in-house, including boudin, brats, summer sausage and chocolate-covered bacon. We sampled the boudin which packed a little kick but was not too spicy to cover up the great taste. Since we had just planned on picking up a burger or something to take home for dinner, we decide to get a couple apple brats instead. At $1.99 each, you can’t beat the price at any fast food factory. We took home a jar of Apple Salsa too which complimented the brats superbly. Oh, in addition to traditional salsa, they also have pineapple salsa and bacon salsa. Wait, let me say that again with all the respect and emphasis it deserves – BACON SALSA!!!! There are a variety of barbeque sauces, jellies and jams, including a concoction called Frog Jam, which I forgot to ask the owner about but will certainly remember to ask next time I go.

If you’re looking for something a little different to try or to take home to friends, stop in and check out this new Branson business. The prices are definitely affordable, the owners are friendly, the food is good and you can’t go wrong with bacon!