For most of us, we wait all year for that one vacation, the one where we imagine we will rest, relax, and recharge our internal batteries that have been worn down from 51 weeks of stress, challenges, and overwork. We also imagine that we can do all of the above while visiting a new city, state, or even country, and while touring all the most popular attractions of the area. The reality is, however, in most instances it is impossible to do both, and we return to our real lives even more worn down than we left them. It’s a vicious circle that is repeated annually, and we at Sunset Nightly Rentals want to help you slide some relaxation into your fun-filled and action-packed Branson vacation by sharing with you some of our favorite relaxing activities.


Take a Lake Cruise

Branson and its surroundings have a natural beauty that can be best enjoyed from the deck of a sightseeing cruise on Lake Taneycomo. Main Street Lake Cruises in Branson Landing offers a variety of cruises that will relax you (no exercise needed!) as they take your breath away and give you front row seats to the enchantment that is Branson.


Tour a Winery

With three different wineries in the area, you could fill an entire day with wine tastings—just be sure to hire a driver if you do! Nothing is more relaxing than sharing a glass (or two or three!) with the one you love more, and Mount Pleasant Winery (3125 Green Mountain Drive), Lindwedel Winery (3158 MO-265), and Curling Vine Winery (601 MO-165) offer plenty of relaxation therapy!


Take a Walk Through the Woods

Stroll along marked trails, breathing in fresh mountain air as you take in the seriously beautiful woods that surround you. In the spring and summer, a sea of lush and verdant green will amaze you; in the winter, the stark brown trees highlight the fairy like beauty of the snow-covered grounds; in the fall, color, color, color everywhere you turn will take your breath away!


Take a Spa Day

Nothing relaxes us more than being pampered with a full body massage, and the wonderful employees of City Spatique, located at 3044 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway #212, have one mission: to ensure that their clients leave feeling better than they have in months!


Stay Home

There is no law stating that every minute of your Branson vacation needs to be filled with activities and adventures. Take a day and sleep as late as you want, eat donuts for breakfast (We have Krispy Kreme!) and just relax. Book your Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation cabin today and discover the joys of doing nothing—if only for a day!