Branson Redefined: Beyond Leisure Vacations

Over the past several years, Branson has been striving to give the city a new dimension to its image as a traditional vacation destination—and their efforts are finally paying off.

In a campaign designed by the Branson Convention & Visitors Bureau to target meeting planners who might otherwise overlook the city’s incredible attractions and thoroughly upgraded, modern Branson Convention Center (first opened in 2007), Branson’s social media presence has been dominated by the use of the hashtag #notyourgrandmasbranson, working to dispel the popular belief that Branson is only fit for vacations and encourage businesses and organizations to see the immense opportunities that the center presents for making a lasting impression.

Convention attendance has sky-rocketed in the past two years, with nearly eighty thousand people (including local residents) attending at least one event at the Branson Convention Center in 2014. 2015 brought in one hundred thousand attendees to the center, with projections for one hundred and twenty-five thousand convention-goers by the conclusion of 2016. However, these figures are incomplete, as they do not include bookings in private hotels, commonly associated with convention attendance, which are not generally released for inclusion in such statistics; this bodes well for the success of the convention center, as the success rates likely surpass the recorded numbers.

High-profile conventions, like that of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 40th Mid-America Emmy Awards (which took place on October 1, 2016), promise to entrench Branson further in the public eye and draw in even more visitors. The recently-hosted convention came about as a three-year long effort, resulting in a contract for Branson and the famous local amusement park of Silver Dollar City.


Low Prices, Rising Popularity

The Branson Convention & Visitors Bureau is looking to expand their sources for conventioneers in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Denver, and Houston. Meanwhile, higher-ups at the Branson Convention Center are attempting to recruit organizations and businesses from Springfield to make use of the convention center’s enormous ballroom alone, which spans nearly twenty-three thousand square feet.

In its entirety, the Branson Convention Center has two hundred and twenty thousand square feet of space, with an exhibit hall that is over forty-seven thousand square feet, in addition to the ballroom mentioned above. Rates have remained steady as a result of the green initiatives that the convention center has undergone, such as composting and recycling forty-five to fifty percent of their waste, planting a garden, installing light sensors in the bathrooms, and shutting off escalators when conventions are not in session.

Typically, Branson’s convention scene is at its slowest during the first and fourth quarters of the year, allowing the center to offer discounted rates. The center’s facilities are ideal for conventions year-round, with future endeavors are trending upwards as VisionCon returns in February of 2017.


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