The old image of Branson, MO as a town of little more than country music and country bumpkins isn’t quite accurate any longer. As recently depicted in a 2013 documentary entitled “We Always Lie to Strangers,” this Midwest town has blossomed over the years as a place that attracts some of the most hardworking, talented performers and entertainers to a thriving city full of family fun and lots of natural beauty.

As it is, tourism brings in over 7 million visitors annually, though the city is home to only 11,000 residents of their own. This growing tourist hotspot has become increasingly popular as Branson continues to diversify all that it has to offer those who come, while keeping all age groups and personal tastes in mind.


Spirit of 76

The city has recently undergone a multimillion-dollar revitalization project known as Spirit of 76, which covers a 5-mile stretch of Highway 76. This revamping project has added brand new theaters, attractions, hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. It’s also the home to new modern lighting, landscaping, and roads, making traffic flow more smoothly and strolling around that much more enjoyable. The overhaul project brings a lot more beauty, modern convenience, and entertainment to the area with final completion expected for 2024.


Unique Attractions in Branson

Starting in summer of 2016, visitors can begin enjoying the changes that have already taken place, including riding the 15-story Ferris wheel that used to reside in Chicago’s Navy Pier. This iconic structure can hold a total of 240 passengers in its 40 gondolas and is installed at the Track Family Fun Park on Highway 76 as part of the company’s 35th anniversary celebration. Other exciting attractions to enjoy this summer will include:

  • Bigfoot on the Strip – This 200-foot tower offers three different thrilling experiences, including a saddle-swing ride, a freefall ride, and a rotating ride that delivers a 360 degree view of the whole city.
  • Fritz’s Adventure – Located at the site of the old Silver Fountain Inn, this attraction will feature three stories of fun which will include: slides, swings, tunnels, zip lines, a ropes course, climbing walls, and lots of other challenging obstacles.

Aside from these attractions, there is so much more to experience in Branson, including lots of live shows, a wax museum, live theater, rows and rows of restaurants, several roller coasters, and so much more! Consider Branson, MO this year when you think of a great vacation spot to take the family!