When the need to save a little money hits during your unforgettable journey to Branson, it’s nice to know that you already have a head start; choosing Sunset Nightly Rentals for your vacation accommodations ensured you spent less for this Branson vacation than you otherwise would have! But if it’s not enough and your bargain hunting soul requires more, preparing a meal or two in your Branson escape is as easy to do as it is fun. Our fully equipped kitchens make meal prep fun, and these three recipes take away much of the work that is generally involved in cooking for your family! A grocery list and a stop at Rhode’s Family Price Chopper will help you save even more!


 Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes and Scallions

This versatile dish can be used as the main event or a side dish, and the simplicity and taste will make it one you may create at home as well! Add 4 large plum tomatoes, 14 large scallions (green onions), olive oil, salt, pepper, and a 10-ounce box of campanelle or farfalle pasta to your shopping list and the most difficult part of making this dish will be over! For those who like a little protein with their pasta, chicken or shrimp and some grated parmesan cheese can be added as well. Blend the plum tomatoes, ¾ of the scallions, and a ¼ cup of olive oil together in a food processor (if available) or a blender (an appliance that is more likely to be available in our homes). In the meantime, make the pasta according to the directions, grill the remaining scallions and meat, and then pour all the ingredients over the pasta.


3-Ingredient Chicken Salad

For as far back as we can remember, sandwiches were an integral part of any vacation we took! Simple to make, pack, and eat while traveling, the memory of our moms bending over the back seats to pull out sandwiches for us to munch on in the car is one we remember fondly. With that being said, you don’t have to stick with bologna and cheese during your Branson getaway; this 3-ingredient chicken salad tastes so great, it’s hard to believe how easy it is to make! Rotisserie chicken, mayonnaise, and craisins (plus bread for sandwich making) are all you need to add to your shopping list. Shred a cup of the chicken and mix it together with 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and 1/3 cup of craisins, then spread on your favorite sandwich bread.


3-Ingredient Cookie Butter Cake

Dessert is the only reason many of us eat our veggies, and if you feel the same, this simple recipe will make your entire trip! 2 jars of cookie butter, sugar, and eggs should be added to your grocery list. Preheat oven to 350 degrees, microwave one jar of cookie butter (poured into a microwave safe bowl) for 50 seconds, stirring halfway through the process; set this aside. Beat ½ cup of sugar and 5 eggs with an electric mixer until tripled in size. Fold some of the eggs into the slightly cooled cookie butter and then fold this mixture back into the egg until all is blended together—a gentle hand is required! Pour batter into greased 12 cup muffin tin and bake for 15 minutes. Using a knife to loosen, remove cakes and drizzle the remaining cookie butter that you have already melted over the slightly warm cakes.


Feel at Home in Our Homes on Your Branson Vacation

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