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Billy Gail’s Cafe

The Branson area offers a wide selection of family and vacation dining options. Branson restaurants include fine dining, steakhouse, seafood and family restaurants, as well as eclectic eateries, breakfast restaurants, chains, fast food, buffets, and banquet facilities capable of seating hundreds for conferences, weddings, and other special events. One of the best choices of where to eat in Branson, MO is the amazing country restaurant Billy Gail’s Cafe.

About Billy Gail’s Cafe

Billy Gail’s Cafe in Branson was originally a gas station that was transformed into an amazing little country restaurant. The restaurant is decorated in the Homey Americana style, but doesn’t just contain a kitchen and dining tables. The log cabin structure has evolved over the decades and contains dining tables and country antiques for sale through a series of smaller rooms. Not just great place when looking where to eat in Branson, but also this restaurant is a great place for shopping and is part antique shop and part country café. One of the most interesting parts of the décor is the interesting signage on the outside of the building. One sign displays an older gentleman in overalls enjoying a hefty stack of pancakes!

The Menu

Billy Gail’s Cafe has an amazing selection of different country favorites. The signature dish at Billy Gail’s is the hubcap pancakes. This overflow sized pancake not only fills the plate, but flows over the plate’s edge. These amazing pancakes are very thin and very light in texture. Another house specialty is the French cakes. These pancakes are dipped in egg batter and cooked like French toast. These amazing pancake/French toast combos are perfect and served stuffed with lots of bacon. If you are looking for something more on the spicy side, make sure that you check out the South of the Border Burrito. This burrito is stuffed with eggs, red and green bell peppers, onions, and your choice of breakfast meats. We suggest that you try this amazing burrito with lots of bacon. These are only three of their amazing breakfast favorites. Try anything from their pancakes to their French toast to get a real taste of Branson.

Billy Gail’s Cafe is a charming country restaurant with lots of flair and flavor. It is no wonder that this amazing little restaurant is one of the most perfect locations for vacationers and locals alike. Make sure that you try this amazing little spot on your vacation. Whether you are only in town for a day, or you are moving here for life, Billy Gail’s Cafe is a must visits.

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