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Guest Blogger - Jennifer Olsen

Personalized Presents: Unique Gifts For Unique People

The holiday season is here. The National Retail Federations says that the average American will spend roughly 700 dollars on gifts this winter holiday. Whether you’re above or below that estimate, pretty much everyone participates in gift-giving. Let’s face it: it can get a bit stressful. Choosing a gift for someone takes some time, effort, and thought. Sure, there are fail-safe options, like a nice meal at a restaurant or a gift card to their favorite store. If you really want to show someone you care, however, it’s a good idea to put a little more consideration and vigor into their gift. Personalized presents are sentimental, and they appeal to the unique identity of the special recipient.

Capture Memories

Perhaps the best gift you can give is an experience that entails making happy memories. There’s plenty of time to do exactly that: Branson celebrates the season all the way up to to the end of the year. Local Christmas Eve shows and attractions include Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai, the Branson Limousine Christmas Light Tour, and Amazing Pets. There are even local events on Christmas day itself. If experiences are the best gift, the next best gift, many would agree, is giving a present that captures and reminds your loved ones of the memories you’ve shared. Personalized photo gifts do exactly that, plus there are a range of items to choose from, so there’s something for people of all ages. Capture and encapsulate a precious moment with a framed, one-of-a-kind custom photo collage or have a favorite photo printed on an everyday item, like a coffee mug (or something else the recipient uses frequently). This personal touch will remind them of a happy time and communicate to them that they are cared for and important to you.

Appeal To Their Interests

The great thing about custom, personalized photo gifts is that you really can’t go wrong: the sentiment is always present and obvious. But what if you need a little something more? Personalized presents don’t have to have their face or name emblazoned on them to be tailored to the individual. Think of their interests, likes, and dislikes. Favorite colors, fragrances, and style are all important components to consider. For a truly personalized gift, avoid big-box stores, and opt for specialty and gift shops nearby. Places like The Crystal Fish and The Copper Coin are not only local, but specialize in rare and distinctive gifts.

Every year, there are hundreds of new products put onto the market. With the massive number of goods and products available, it’s pretty easy to pick up a gift. Sure, the gesture alone is meaningful, but what does the gift itself say about you and your relationship to the recipient? Use the gesture of gift-giving to give more than just an object. Make the present personal, and you’ll also be giving sincerity, validation, and a special connection to someone you care for.

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