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Top 5 Museums in Branson

Today’s museums are far different from the ones you may remember visiting on field trips in school. Entertaining, fun, and thought provoking, even the younger members of your family may enjoy visiting them—especially the ones that Branson brings to the table! Offering a unique way to spend a few vacation hours, we have compiled a list of the top five Branson Missouri museums for you to enjoy! Keep reading for our favorite Branson museums attractions.


The Dinosaur Museum, 3619 West 76 Country Boulevard

Because vacation activities aren’t always geared to the younger set, we thought we would start with this exciting museum that has proved to be interesting to kids of all ages! Seeing life-size replicas of your favorite scary prehistoric “monsters” is impressive; how did the T-Rex manage with such short arms?


Hollywood Wax Museum, 3030 West 76 Country Boulevard

The talent of the artists who construct these amazing wax figures never ceases to amaze us, and a trip to the Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson is always guaranteed to be fun! Get up close and personal with the superstars you may never have a chance to meet, and be sure to take plenty of pictures; it’s your choice whether or not to tell your friends back home that J-Lo is only a wax replica!


Titanic Museum, 3235 West 76 Country Boulevard

That April night in 1912 has had many movies made about it, and even more books, but having the opportunity to come face to face with pictures, artifacts, the individual stories makes it feel real. This museum always makes us a little sad, and the “surprise ending” will touch your soul. This is one of those can’t miss Branson Missouri museums.


World’s Largest Toy Museum, 3609 West 76 Country Boulevard

You would think that a museum dedicated to the almighty toy would only appeal to the children, but then you wouldn’t be factoring in the nostalgia part of the equation! Remember spending hours with a slinky on the stairs, or having tea parties with your stuffed animals using a genuine china tea set, miniaturized to enable tiny hands ease of use? These objects can be found in the Toy Museum, and you know you want to see them all!


Branson Celebrity Car Museum, 1600 MO-76

Last on our list of Branson museums attractions is the Branson Celebrity Car Museum. You’ve seen them in the movies, you’ve watched them on television, and now it’s time to experience them in real life: The Branson Celebrity Car Museum offers a giant selection of cars from your favorite movies! Fast & Furious, Scooby Doo, even the Delorean from Back to the Future makes an appearance here!


Kick Back After a Day at These Branson Missouri Museums!

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