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Mount Pleasant Winery Tours

All About the Mount Pleasant Winery

Branson is mainly known for its weather and the exposure to the Ozarks, but what many don’t know is that Branson is home to a very popular and amazing winery. The Mount Pleasant Winery calls Branson its home and features amazing craft wines that guests are encouraged to try. Mount Pleasant Offers Branson winery tours of their facilities and amazing wine tastings that will allow all of their guests to sample some delectable wine choices during their visit.


The Tasting

Mount Pleasant Winery takes their wine seriously and they want guests to see their finished product. The Branson wine tasting experience that they offer lasts about one hour, during which guests will be able to taste different types of wines and learn how each one is artfully made. During the Branson wine tasting, guests will learn about the wines that are made using the 85 acres of grapevines that are located at the heart of the Augusta Appellation Wine District. They staff of Mount Pleasant will teach you how to properly taste wine by swirling it, sip and savor the wine to fully experience the intricacies of the flavor profile. Along with the wine options, each wine will be paired with a cheese, sausage and bread to get the most out of the hole experience. During the wine tasting in Branson, MO, you will be able to try a variety of wines that include red, white, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay.



Along with trying these amazing wine and food pairings, you will also receive a souvenir glass, a chance to bottle your own wine, browse the winery’s art gallery and much more. The wines that will be available for tasting will also be available to purchase to take home with you and experience a bit of Mount Pleasant Winery with your friends and family.


Other Classes

Mount Pleasant also offers different classes than just a simple Branson wine tasting. One such class, the Wine 101 class, will give guests a basic education in wine. This sixty-minute class will teach you the five S’s of wine tasting, treat you to a cheese and chocolate pairing, and show you how the wining process works. This class also gives you the opportunity to bottle your own dessert wine. This class is perfect for those whole love wine and dessert pairings. If you would like to visit the Mount Pleasant Winery and take a Branson winery tour, Sunset Nightly Rentals would love to help plan your trip. Check out the Stone Hill Winery also before making any official plans and contact us today to book your very own vacation home and to learn about our specials on Branson cabins for rent.

Address: 3125 Green Mountain Dr, Branson, MO 65616
Phone #: (417) 336-9463

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