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Branson’s Bigfoot on the Strip

As of Summer 2016, Branson has a new attraction gracing its distinct skyline: Bigfoot on the Strip, an enormous tower stretching over two hundred feet tall, complete with an array of rides and scenic views of the Ozarks and Branson’s famous strip!


Three of the Best Branson Attractions

Bigfoot on the Strip features multiple rides, some more thrilling, and others more calming in nature. On the tower sits three of the all-time best Branson area attractions, a drop ride in which riders experience free falling sensations through the use of gravity-based magnets and minimal restraints, a saddle swing which takes riders two at a time and flips them end over end as they propel up the length of the tower, and a slow-turning scenic observation deck with three hundred and sixty degrees of stunning panoramic views. This twenty-five foot by twenty-five foot tower provides riders with gorgeous, scenic views of the Branson Strip and the surrounding Ozark Mountains landscape, from striking mountains and lush forests to serene, placid lakes and the lights of the big city. However, the most tranquil ride provides visitors who might not be inclined to ride thrill rides with the opportunity to not only take in the sights from up high, but to watch their loved ones as they experience the high-flying exhilaration of Bigfoot on the Strip’s other two rides. Outside of the tower’s rides, there is a food court in which the city’s best food trucks can park and serve their gourmet delicacies to the visitors of Bigfoot on the Strip while they wait to embark on their high-flying adventure. Nearby, there are also a number of Branson area attractions.

Address: 3608 MO-76, Branson, MO 65616


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