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Longer days, shorter nights, and warmer weather has started, signaling the arrival of everyone’s favorite time of the year. Summer, with all the fun that accompanies it, has arrived! This is the time of year we never want to end, and when you plan a summer getaway to Branson, it brings all the greatness of the season to the next level. And although summer temps can get a little warm, you won’t mind, because these cool treats will help you beat the heat as you explore all the wonders our Ozarks mountain town has to offer!


Water Park Fun 

When we think back to our youth, some of our best summer adventures took place in the water parks of the towns we grew up in. Some were big and filled with slides and rides of different sizes, and some were so small there was only room for one slide, but all of them offered ways to cool off that was far more exciting than the city pool! Today, you can relive those cool days of your youth with a visit to White Water Branson, located at 3505 West MO-76. Featuring some of the fastest, highest, and most thrilling slides and rides in the nation, a day spent here promises to be one you’ll never forget!


Ice Cream Cones and Creamy Delicious Shakes 

Try, if you can, to imagine a summer day without the thrill of a sweet and sticky ice cream cone. Your hands would stay clean and brain freeze would not be an issue, but the day would lose its sparkle, and no one wants that! Fortunately, the presence of Mr. B’s Ice Cream Parlor, located at 2750 102, US-65 BUS, means you never have to imagine that frightening scenario ever again! Offering a full menu as well as ice cream, milkshakes and malts, Mr. B’s ensures that every day of summer is the best one!


Cold Drinks and Hot Music

Nothing’s cooler than an evening spent with people of like minds, enjoying cold drinks as we shake our money makers to the beat of the songs we know all the words to, and when you visit Crazy Craig’s Cheeky Monkey Bar during your Branson stay, you’ll understand exactly what we are talking about! Life is chill when the best local bands come to play and gets even chiller with the first sip of your favorite brew!


Turn Down the AC 

In our humble opinion, the coolest treats can be found in the smallest moments: that first sip of chardonnay enjoyed at sunset on the deck of your Sunset Nightly Rentals summer escape, a slice of watermelon that has been chilling on ice in preparation for a barbecue, or just turning the air condition down low and falling into a deep and relaxed sleep. Reserve your home with Sunset Nightly Rentals today and start preparing for a summer getaway to Branson!