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Every vacation is a different experience than the one before, except when it comes to packing for the getaway! This is when our insecurities come to light, resulting in overstuffed luggage that weighs too much and leaves us sitting on the floor of the airport, our most intimate belongings in hand as we stuff our purses and carry-ons with the extras! We throw away the expensive bottle of hair conditioner, decide the three scarves we brought can work as a hair tie, belt, and bracelet, and try to fight away tears of frustration! We at Sunset Nightly Rentals can feel your pain, and to save you a little traveling grief, we have compiled these three tips for a light Branson travel!


eBooks Are Our Friends

Many of us love to read on the plane or during a lazy afternoon on vacation but carrying a stack of books and magazines adds to the bulk and weight of the luggage. An eBook, however, holds as many books as you want, includes all your magazine subscriptions, and plays all the games on your favorite social network sites, while only taking the same amount of space as your old high school diary!


Leave the Video Game Console Behind

We can hear your teen groaning as they read these words over your shoulder, but they don’t have to worry; some of our homes have game rooms that include full-size pool tables, ping pong tables, and even gaming consoles! There won’t be enough minutes in your vacation schedule to do everything we have to offer, but if they are really concerned, see the above tip and get them an eBook to help keep them entertained! In addition, each of our amazing properties comes equipped with at least one TV, most of which are flat screened! However, why would you want to stay indoors with all the excitement of Branson just outside? Get out and explore!


Shop Local

Your favorite snacks, your special hair conditioner, even your signature scent from the bath and body store can be found in many of our local stores, saving you the need to lug them from state to state and risk being overburdened with excess poundage! Our fully equipped kitchens will contain most of what you need to prepare an evening meal or a midnight snack, so there is no need to pack your favorite waffle iron; just pick up a pack of frozen waffles from Walmart and save the room for the treasures you found at that cute boutique in downtown Branson!


Traveling Light Can Be So Freeing

And it’s easier to do when you know you’ll be spending your nights in the comfortable luxury of our Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation escapes. Reserve yours today!