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There are many reasons to visit Branson in the fall. From the colorful landscape to the fascinating museums to the delicious restaurants that feed your soul as they fill your stomachs, there’s always something exciting going on in our hometown. But for many visitors, the main reason they plan a getaway is for the chance to experience a taste of glitz and glamour in many of the shows that have made Branson the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World.” If catching your favorite star in action is the reason you made your way to our Ozark town, this guide to the top shows to see this season will ensure you see the best we have to offer!


Raiding the Country Vault at Branson in the Fall

Country music is close to the heart of most Americans, and this ode to 40 years of spectacular stars may be one you want to see more than once. Held at the Americana Theater at 2905 West Highway 76, this exciting show tells the history of country music and brings to life the stories of its greatest stars.


Billy Yates Hit Songwriters in the Round

Although it’s mostly the performers we cheer on in concert halls and theaters, it’s the songwriters who are the secret stars of the show. Without their words, the singers would be silenced, and this unique show celebrates the songwriters of the world. Presenting just a couple of songwriters each season, guests begin to feel a kinship with these unsung heroes as they perform acoustic versions of their masterpieces at Billy Yates Choices Concert Hall at 440 Highway 248.


The Haygoods

Not all the top shows are new ones; some have been around for years, and The Haygoods are a perfect example, having performed together in one way or another for over 27 years! Performing the hits we know all the words to, the six Haygood siblings have won many awards over the years, including Entertainers of the Year in 2018. The Clay Cooper Theater at 3216 W Highway 76 is where they perform.


Icons of England: The Music of Joe Cocker and Adele

We love a good tribute show in Branson in the fall, and this is one of our favorites! Featuring the music of Joe Cocker and Adele performing together in a way they never did in real life, this new show is one you should not miss! Held at 3310 W 76 Country Boulevard, we can promise this is another show you’ll be singing along with throughout the performance and humming the tunes long after the curtain closes.


Reserve Your Sunset Nightly Rentals Family Escape Today

The only thing better than an amazing show is being able to go home to our country escapes when the music finally ends. Contact us today to learn more about our properties for rent and book your stay!

Branson, Missouri is a paradise for those that love outdoor recreation and natural beauty. This is especially true during the months of fall when the hills change from a vibrant green color to a smattering of those autumn colors that we all love. While the summers are fun, the fall provides a unique beauty that just cannot be beat. Here are some of the reasons that you will love Branson in the Fall.


The Weather

Weather just does not get much better than what you will find Branson throughout the fall. While it can get a little hot and muggy during the summer, you will find consistently beautiful weather in the fall, with average highs in the mid-70s and average lows in the mid-50s. This provides the perfect climate to get out and enjoy all the beauty and recreation that awaits.


The Branson Scenic Railway

This is one of the most charming ways to explore the incredible autumn beauty that surrounds Branson. This 40-mile railway takes you through the heart of the city and beyond to the foothills of the Ozarks and through massive tunnels. This journey gives you a unique look at the city and the surrounding area painted in the one of a kind beauty of fall.


Hiking During Branson in the Fall

This is the best way to experience the unique beauty of the season at your own pace. With over 200 miles of trails surrounding the city, there is something for everyone to find out here. If you want to enjoy a mountainside setting, then the Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area could be the place for you, with over 1,500 acres of amazing wilderness. The Table Rock Lakeshore Trail is an easy hike along the shores of this famous lake, offering some of the most beautiful views you can find, especially during Branson in the fall.



The wonderful thing about golfing in Branson is many of these award-winning courses are renowned for accentuating the beauty of the area. These famous courses flow with the natural landscape that offers an experience that goes beyond the sport alone. This makes playing 18 holes one of the best ways to experience and appreciate the beauty of a Branson fall.


Check Out Silver Dollar City

There is never a bad time to visit Branson’s famous theme park in Silver Dollar City, but the amazing beauty of fall offers a whole new dimension to a visit here. Not only can you enjoy countless rides and attractions, but festivals, live performances, restaurants, over 60 shops, and so much more. A day at Silver Dollar City is perfect for the whole family, regardless of age or preferences.

You will always find a seemingly limitless list of options for activities in Branson regardless of the season. But fall offers a certain intangible beauty and ambiance, in which to enjoy the amazing things the city and surrounding area have to offer. Contact us today to book one of our beautiful vacation rentals!