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This could be a really short article, as the easiest way to find a scenic spot in beautiful Branson is to simply look around! The mountains, trees, flora, and fauna all combine together to make the entire region serene and incredibly scenic. But we at Sunset Nightly Rentals don’t believe in taking the easy way out when it comes to our guests’ happiness and satisfaction, so this guide to the best spots for Branson sightseeing is just one small way of ensuring your Ozarks getaway will be unforgettable!


Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower, 5586 MO-76

The most scenic spots, in our opinion, are the ones that allow you to view as much of our mountain town as possible, and the Inspiration Tower at Shepherd of the Hills is the perfect example. Located at the top of a hill and stretching an additional 230 feet into the sky, the panoramic views available from the top will stun you into an appreciative silence as you look down onto a sea of trees, a collection of charming buildings, and off into the distance, the lakes that are a huge part of the draw of Branson. There are a variety of ways to get to this bucolic landmark from downtown Branson. Head north on Branson Landing Boulevard and turn left on E. Main Street. From there you will turn right on Roark Valley Road, left on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, and finally, another right onto MO-76. The parking lot for the Inspiration Tower will be on your right.


Table Rock Lake

The only thing better than seeing Table Rock Lake from above is having a shore-side seat to all its glory! Stretching out for miles, the cold waters offer the tranquility you often only find at the ocean. But with the trees that surround it and the mountains standing guard in the background, not only is the lake one of the most scenic spots in the valley, it also offers a beautiful spot to enjoy Mother Nature’s greatest show, the sunset! If you rented one of our lakeside vacation escapes, you already know how to get there, but for everyone else, take Branson Landing Boulevard to US-65 BUS S, then follow MO-165 N, being sure to stop before your tires touch the lake!


Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, 2038 West, MO-86 in Lampe

Offering a multitude of scenic spots, we had to include Dogwood Canyon Nature Park as a part of this scenic tour. Offering waterfalls, rugged landscape, and miles to hike, bike, or simply enjoy a picnic in the park, finding the park is the easy thing—simply drive from Pointe Lookout to US-65 S and MO-86 W to Lampe until you arrive at your destination. The hardest part will be leaving at the end of the day when the park closes!


Outside Your Sunset Nightly Rentals Vacation Escape

Sometimes in Branson, all you need to do is step outside your house to view the most scenic spots; staying with us will be one of those times! Reserve your stay in one of our homes with a beautiful view today!

As the honking of the horn of a yellow school bus symbolizes the beginning of yet another school year, the pressure that accompanies the new year rises even higher. The lazy days of summer end abruptly and give way to early wakeups, before school meetings, after school activities, and homework, homework, and more homework! Fall is a season jam-packed with must-dos and the annual fall break can not come about soon enough—especially when you plan a Branson vacation!


Grand Country Fun Spot, 1945 W 76 Country Boulevard

The best way to forget any leftover stress? Play hard at the Grand Country Fun Spot right here in Branson! Offering indoor go-karts, laser tag, miniature golf, as well as a full size arcade, bumper cars, and mini bowling; it’s impossible to feel anything but happiness when you and your family spend a few hours playing and laughing!


The Harbinger of Fall, Pumpkin Pie

Surprisingly, the best harbinger of fall is the taste of pumpkin. When the calendar turns to September, pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice everything scents the air, and enjoying a sweet treat with the family will give you the fall adventure you will never forget, especially when you taste the pumpkin pies offered at Cakes & Cream Diner, found at 2805 W 76 Country Boulevard. Trust us when we say this family bonding experience may just tempt you to enjoy every meal of your stay here—just so you can enjoy the pie!


Branson Scenic Railway

The beauty of Branson in the fall can be appreciated by everyone in your family, and there’s no better way to do so than by taking the 40-mile scenic tour offered by the railway! Featuring breathtaking views of the Branson countryside, even the youngest members of your family will enjoy the ride; infants and toddlers are often lulled into a peaceful slumber by the rocking motion of the train, allowing mothers to fully appreciate the scenery rushing by!


Branson Ferris Wheel

Another fun way to enjoy the beauty of the Branson landscape is with a ride on the Branson Ferris Wheel! Transported from Navy Pier in Chicago a few years back, children of all ages love the views from 150 feet up and the low costs ($12 for adults, $8 for children) make it a perfect fit for tight vacation budgets! Lasting 15 minutes from start to finish, it’s also the perfect activity to fit in between shows or before dinner when the sun begins to set over the horizon!


Branson Nightly Rentals for the Family

Our fall escapes are designed for the way today’s families live, and a vacation in one of our spacious, beautiful rental homes will be one your family remembers for years; reserve your stay today!

There are 168 hours in a week, 168 hours that you may wonder how you are going to fill during your unforgettable Branson getaway. You’ve probably heard that this is THE place to watch shows performed by some of your favorite artists, but will that be enough to keep you occupied? You may have seen pictures of the beautiful landscape that includes three incredible lakes, but you won’t want to spend every hour exploring their beauty. But what you may never have heard of is our favorite amusement park, Silver Dollar City, and the variety of rides, activities, and events that are held there daily, including the Festival of Wonder at Silver Dollar City.


Festival of Wonder at Silver Dollar City is April 10 Through April 28

Silver Dollar City is often the star of the Branson shows, but during these three weeks in April, our 18th century themed amusement park outdoes itself, offering a selection of events, activities, and even foods that quite possibly will change your life! Featuring talented jugglers, skilled acrobats and artists, musicians, and pogo stunt teams that awe and amaze, you’ll wish you could spend every minute of your trip in the park soaking in the sights! Enjoy comedians that will make you laugh so hard you won’t need to do sit-ups ever again, plus the unique and amazing PaintJam featuring Dan Dunn; this popular artist creates masterpieces in a matter of minutes, right before your eyes! You’ll also find harpists that will give you a new appreciation for heavenly music and acrobats that reach new heights of amazing.

All of this and so much more makes the Festival of Wonder at Silver Dollar City an event you truly won’t want to miss. And as if that isn’t enough, they offer foods that comfort, foods that fill, and foods that will appeal to the inner daredevil you never knew existed, such as a shark or gator kabob!


As the Sun Sets on Another Perfect Day

Your time spent in Branson and at Silver Dollar City is even more special when you choose to stay in one of our Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation escapes. Comfortable, stylish, and designed to envelope you in peace and tranquility, our homes may be the highlight of your already extraordinary Branson getaway!

Branson, Missouri is one of the most visited destinations in this country’s Midwest. People come for the largest lakes in the state, an amazing theme park in Silver Dollar City, and incredible natural beauty. But these do not go nearly far enough in explaining the fun and beauty that awaits you here. The following are three Branson attractions that lie off the beaten path that have been local favorites for years!


Find the Charm of Highway 76

Highway 76 is home to countless attractions that do not draw the visitor crowds like the lakes and Branson theaters. But this is because most travelers do not know about it. Find incredible shopping from incredibly talented local vendors at the Branson Mill. Find a one-of-a-kind experience for the whole family at the World’s Largest Toy Museum with almost 2 million toys dating back to the 1800s. Or find an awe-inspiring experience at the Veterans Memorial Museum, which delves deep into all of our nation’s conflicts of the 20th Century. With all of this, there is still so much to discover on Highway 76.


Fishing at Fall Creek

You will hear a lot of talk about Table Rock Lake, and for good reason, as it is the largest lake in all of Missouri. there is a hidden gem in Fall Creek, especially for the anglers out there. This is the stretch of Lake Taneycomo just before Table Rock Dam that leads to the greater lake. Lake Taneycomo is one of the best lakes in the country for catching trout, and this is one of the best spots on the lake.


Lindwedel Winery

For one of the local favorites, go to Lindwedel Winery in the Mountains at 3158 MO-265. Most of the attention in Missouri goes to the distilleries, but this is as good a winery as you will find anywhere. You are sure to enjoy some of the best wines and views that this area has to offer. Best of all, the wine tasting and the views are completely free!


Wonderful Vacation Homes

Exploring the Branson area like this requires some well-earned rest, and there is no better place to rest than your very own vacation home. And no one provides more of the most quality Branson homes than Sunset Nightly Rentals. Throughout our listings you will find the perfect place to rest as a result of luxurious furniture, high-end beds, and charming décor. But you will also find a great place to spend quality time in spacious living rooms, kitchens, dining, rooms, and patios. You will find the spacious comfort consistent with Midwest living, along with the luxury of the swankiest resorts in these wonderful homes. Contact us today to learn more about Branson attractions and to book your next vacation rental!

With elite cuisine and world class live entertainment, it’s easy to see why thousands of people every year flock to Branson over the Thanksgiving holiday to relax and unwind! If you’re planning on spending Thanksgiving in Branson, here are a few different ways to help keep the family entertained:


Take Part in the Branson Turkey Trot

Now let’s be honest here – one of the big fears that each and every one of us have when the holiday season rapidly approaches is those extra pounds we may put on eating so much delicious food, right? Well then why not squeeze in one last workout before the holiday season officially begins with the Branson Turkey Trot! This year will be the 5th Annual Turkey Trot hosted by the Ozarks Running Club, and this scenic run takes place at Branson Landing. Soak in the beautiful weather and colors of fall in this family friendly race and get one last run in before turkey time!


Enjoy a Traditional Thanksgiving in Branson at Grand Country Buffet

Slow roasted turkey covered in smooth gravy, fresh pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce… these staples of Thanksgiving cuisine immediately conjure memories of family and amazing memories, and no Thanksgiving would be complete without them. If you need your turkey fix on Thanksgiving while in Branson, you’ll definitely want to check out Grand Country Buffet, which will have an amazing mixture of classic dishes as well as local favorites and much more!


Take in a World Class Show

Branson hasn’t earned the reputation as the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World” for nothing, and so if you’re looking to keep your family entertained over the Thanksgiving holiday, what better way is there than to take in one of our world-class shows! Branson features a wide variety of acts ranging from classical musical hits such as the Grand Jubilee to breathtaking spectacles with the Acrobats of China, and many more! Many of these shows continue to run all throughout the Thanksgiving holiday, so don’t hesitate to get your tickets today!

No matter how you ultimately decide to spend your holiday in Branson, make sure the vacation planning gets off on the right foot by reserving a rental home or condo with Sunset Nightly Rentals. We have a number of amazing properties of different sizes and specialties all throughout the Branson area, and our team of professionals is ready to help you find the one that fits the unique needs of your family. So don’t wait – contact us today!


Live entertainment? Check. Delicious grub? You betcha. You name it, Branson has it! There are so many incredible shows to see and places to visit here in Branson, it really can feel overwhelming when trying to plan what to do on your next trip. Well, never fear; that’s why we’re here to help! Here are a few Branson attractions to add to your itinerary list :


Take in a World-Renowned Show

Branson didn’t earn the title “Live Entertainment Capital of the World” for nothing! If you’re planning on staying in Branson, there’s no question – you need to make sure to take in a show. From live country music jubilees to incredible tribute shows and everything in between, there’s truly something for everyone here in Branson. If you’re looking for the quintessential Branson show, however, we highly recommend Dolly Parton’s Stampede, which combines dinner with music, dancing, special effects, and so much more! This show will remind you of the pride and spirit of America and will leave you with lasting memories for a lifetime.


Visit Silver Dollar City – The 1880’s Theme Park

Feel free to take a step back through time to the 19th century and visit Silver Dollar City, Branson’s most exciting and unique thrill park! What truly separates Silver Dollar City from any other theme park you’ll find in the United States is their commitment to the 19th century theme, and this is exemplified by the unique craftsman you can visit. See world renowned artisans and master craftsman create life-like wood sculptures, breathtaking pieces of glass art, and more. Combine this with thrilling rides and roller coasters and you’ve got one amazing afternoon full of Branson attractions your family won’t soon forget!


Enjoy Some Local Eats That Can’t Be Beat and Enjoy Other Branson Attractions

Branson is home to a number of amazing local eateries for you to check out, regardless of what you may be in the mood for. Looking for some of the best BBQ west of the Mississippi for a delicious lunch? Then swing on by Danna’s BBQ and Burger Shop, who smoke their meats for 12+ hours over locally-smoked hickory wood to give you a melt in your mouth taste that is out of this world. Want to get the day off right with a hearty breakfast? Head on over to Grandma Ruth’s and snag one of her world-famous cinnamon rolls. If you’re craving it, Branson is sure to have it.

No matter how you choose to spend your time here in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, we promise nothing but good eats and good times. And while you’re looking to stay in Branson, why not check out all of the amazing rental properties we have available here at Sunset Nightly Rentals? Our world class customer service team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect home to stay in on your next vacation, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

If you need a little help planning your upcoming Branson, Missouri getaway, look no further! This vacation destination hosts a variety of events that will keep the whole family engaged during your travels. Here are some upcoming Branson events that you must attend during your stay:


Branson’s Farmers Market

If your stay in Branson is during the week, make sure you stop by the weekly Branson Farmers’ Market. This free event is held each week at the North Branson Landing parking lot and will let you experience local farmers and traders. Pick up some unique souvenirs or try out freshly foraged produce and fruit. Other goods for sale include homemade jams, baked goods, soaps, candles, and so much more. The Branson Farmers’ Market is open every Tuesday from 3:00pm to 7:00pm.


Our Lady of the Lake Annual Arts & Crafts Festival

You will find the perfect souvenir for your Branson vacation at this year’s Our Lady of the Lake Annual Arts & Crafts Festival. This unique event features over 40 booths that offer an incredible selection of handcrafted items, one-of-a-kind gifts, home grown vegetables, and even early Christmas shopping. 50/50 drawing and lunch fund raiser will also be present where you can win exciting gifts and help out local charities. Visit this year’s Our Lady of the Lake Annual Arts & Crafts Festival from October 12 to October 14 and don’t miss any other of these Branson events!


Planning Your Trip with Sunset Nightly Rentals and Enjoy Even More Branson Events!

Start planning your next trip to Branson, Missouri with the professionals at Sunset Nightly Rentals and check what other amusing things are here to do in our town! You will not find a bigger and better selection of vacation rentals anywhere else than our list of exclusive properties. Let our friendly staff help you find the perfect rental for your next trip to Branson!

Branson, Missouri is a paradise for those that love outdoor recreation and natural beauty. This is especially true during the months of fall when the hills change from a vibrant green color to a smattering of those autumn colors that we all love. While the summers are fun, the fall provides a unique beauty that just cannot be beat. Here are some of the reasons that you will love Branson in the Fall.


The Weather

Weather just does not get much better than what you will find Branson throughout the fall. While it can get a little hot and muggy during the summer, you will find consistently beautiful weather in the fall, with average highs in the mid-70s and average lows in the mid-50s. This provides the perfect climate to get out and enjoy all the beauty and recreation that awaits.


The Branson Scenic Railway

This is one of the most charming ways to explore the incredible autumn beauty that surrounds Branson. This 40-mile railway takes you through the heart of the city and beyond to the foothills of the Ozarks and through massive tunnels. This journey gives you a unique look at the city and the surrounding area painted in the one of a kind beauty of fall.


Hiking During Branson in the Fall

This is the best way to experience the unique beauty of the season at your own pace. With over 200 miles of trails surrounding the city, there is something for everyone to find out here. If you want to enjoy a mountainside setting, then the Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area could be the place for you, with over 1,500 acres of amazing wilderness. The Table Rock Lakeshore Trail is an easy hike along the shores of this famous lake, offering some of the most beautiful views you can find, especially during Branson in the fall.



The wonderful thing about golfing in Branson is many of these award-winning courses are renowned for accentuating the beauty of the area. These famous courses flow with the natural landscape that offers an experience that goes beyond the sport alone. This makes playing 18 holes one of the best ways to experience and appreciate the beauty of a Branson fall.


Check Out Silver Dollar City

There is never a bad time to visit Branson’s famous theme park in Silver Dollar City, but the amazing beauty of fall offers a whole new dimension to a visit here. Not only can you enjoy countless rides and attractions, but festivals, live performances, restaurants, over 60 shops, and so much more. A day at Silver Dollar City is perfect for the whole family, regardless of age or preferences.

You will always find a seemingly limitless list of options for activities in Branson regardless of the season. But fall offers a certain intangible beauty and ambiance, in which to enjoy the amazing things the city and surrounding area have to offer. Contact us today to book one of our beautiful vacation rentals!

Our community is best known for things to do in Branson MO and our live performances, but it’s also famous for its lakeside living. Three of the most beautiful lakes in our country are based here, and the opportunities for water fun is multiplied. Each lake is special and each lake has its own personality and appeal. You’ll come to Branson for the shows, but Table Rock Lake, Bull Shoals Lake, and Lake Taneycomo may be the three main reasons you return again and again!


Table Rock Lake

With plenty shoreline and some of the deepest clearest waters in the state, Table Rock Lake is known for being a major fishing spot with bass, crappie, blue gill, and catfish being its main fish. Indian Point Floating Café is based on the lake and serves all American breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that are hearty, tasty, and filling. The Showboat Branson Belle features dinner and a show as it serenely chugs around this mighty lake, offering you a view of the Branson landscape you can’t find anywhere else.


Bull Shoals Lake

Created by the construction of the Bull Shoals Dam in 1952, Bull Shoals Lake is a water sports mecca. Here is where you can swim, fish, boat, scuba dive, water ski, and so much more. Bring your family and picnic on its shores as your children “accidentally fall in and get wet,” laughing in delight when the fish nibble at their bare toes. Bass fishing is the big draw at Bull Shoals and many types of bass can be found in its cool waters.


Lake Taneycomo

While both Bull Shoals and Table Rock Lakes are essential to the economy of Branson, it’s Lake Taneycomo that is the heart of the town. Branson Landing sits on its shores, and every hour on the hour from 9AM in the morning till 10PM at night (9PM on Sunday’s), the Branson Landing Fountain Musical extravaganza plays in time to the fountain’s geysers and cannons. Our nation’s birthday is celebrated here with a magical firework show every 4th of July, and the all-American sport of fishing is practiced here daily.


Things to Do in Branson MO on the Lake

Each Branson Lake has something special to offer, and if you miss any of them, your vacation will come up short! Reserve your Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation cabin today and start planning for the most relaxing vacation of your lifetime. Life is better at the lake!

Branson, Missouri is one of the best vacation destinations in the country and provides numerous things to do both directly in Branson and in the surrounding areas. Branson has grown tremendously over the last few years and has blossomed into a premiere tourist destination. Due to this expansion, it can be daunting to choose what to do on your vacation. To help, here are the top Branson attractions for those who love an active nightlife.


Dixie Stampede Has Great Branson Nightlife

Dixie Stampede provides a great night of dining and entertainment, but why should you visit this amazing attraction? Well guests of the attraction agree that Dixie Stampede is a fun filled, action packed extravaganza that everyone should experience. It’s perfect for families, friends and groups of any size that are looking to enjoy a great meal with an even better entertainment destination. Further in addition to the main Dixie Stampede show, your ticket even grants you access to the pre-show entertainment. Before you head into the main show, guests are able to visit the Dixie Belle Saloon. This beautiful little saloon is the perfect place to grab a pre-show drink and experience the Dixie spirit.


Showboat Branson Belle

Step aboard the Showboat Branson Belle, the majestic riverboat on Table Rock Lake. On this 2-hour cruise, guests will receive a full 3-course meal prepared fresh in the galley, and an unforgettable experience of “Celebrate,” the brand new show for 2015, featuring mind-boggling magic, side-splitting comedy, and music to entertain the whole family. Experience the beautiful Table Rock Lake in that “grand old showboatin’ fashion” aboard the Showboat Branson Belle.


Shepherd of The Hills Homestead

Visit the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead and get a taste of what life in the Ozarks was like back in the good ol’ days of Old Matt and Little Pete. See the live production of Shepherd of the Hills in the outdoor theater, tour the historic homestead, visit the top of Inspiration Tower and see Branson from a bird’s eye view. Guests can also ride the Vigilante Zip Rider from the top of Inspiration Tower all the way back down to the ground. At the homestead, visitors can also take horseback rides, explore trails and much more. Visit the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead and experience some good, old-fashioned Ozark Mountain heritage.

These three Branson attractions are great for families, couples, singles, and groups of people who love to experience the area. Try one of these on your next Branson vacation.