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It’s the simple things in life that brings us the most pleasure: our dogs sitting at our feet as we read our favorite books, sleeping in late on a Saturday without the kids waking us up, and learning that Valentine’s Day in 2020 falls on a Friday! Letting the romance carry on into the weekend is our plan, and if you’re thinking along the same lines, a romantic escape to Branson and participation in these romantic Branson activities may be the best way to show the love of your life how important to you he or she is! This guide will help ensure that your long weekend for Valentine’s 2020 in Branson is as magical as the early days of your relationship!


Breakfast in Bed Then on to Branson Activities

Your queen works hard every day and our soft beds make it easy to catch a few extra winks on a lazy Valentine’s Day—even easier if you bring her the morning meal to be enjoyed right where she sleeps! If scrambling eggs, popping bread in the toaster, and brewing a pot of coffee is above your skill level, sneak out to the nearest donut shop to pick up some sweet treats; Hurts Donut is one of our favorites. Located in the Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater, it may be a little further from your Valentine’s Day escape, so feel free to try Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme if they are closer!


Hike Through the Woods

As you walk through the woods with the chilly winter air kissing your cheeks, the peaceful beauty of the season will fill your soul as your soulmate’s love fills your heart. Hear the crunch of snow beneath your feet as you take a stick and draw your initials with a heart around them in the blanket of white and feel the serenity and peace that accompanies a hike in the woods with the one you love more than life itself. Cards, flowers, and gifts are temporary; Valentine’s memories last forever!


Still the Fastest Way to His Heart

You may already have him snagged, but it doesn’t hurt to treat your Valentine to a hearty meal on this romantic day, and for carnivores there are plenty of options in Branson. Offering everything from elegant meals at Level 2 Steakhouse to casual dining at Danna’s BBQ and Burger Shop, your Valentine’s dinner in Branson promises to be one that will be remembered forever.


The Romance Continues

Knowing that however you spend your days enjoying Branson activities you’ll be coming home to the romantic charm of our Sunset Nightly Rentals holiday escapes will ensure the romance continues long after the sun has set. Reserve yours today!

As if Branson isn’t already nearly perfect, there’s another little-known aspect to it that brings joy to travelers from all over the world: a community of local shops in Branson that are unique to the area! Offering charming tchotchkes, sweet nothings, and a variety of merchandise items you never knew you needed until you saw them on the shelf, these stores will be your new happy places on your dream vacation in Branson!


Dick’s Old Time 5 & 10, 103 Main Street

Yes, much of the merchandise found at Dick’s could probably be found somewhere else, but how often in this day and age do you actually get to visit a five and dime store? Extinct in most places, back in the day these discount stores were the hub of community, offering everything from penny candy to household goods to the latest gossip, and at Dick’s Old Time 5 & 10, not much has changed! Open for over 50 years, the green and black plaid floor tiles lead the way to bargains, treats, and pretty much everything you may have forgotten when packing for your Branson adventure!


Prehistoric Fossils, 101 Veterans Boulevard

Shopping with children can be a bit trying, as they get bored, tired, and even when recently fed, suddenly NEED every piece of candy within sight! A visit to Prehistoric Fossil, however, is guaranteed to be a shopping game changer! Family run—so they understand the special challenges of shopping with children—and offering a stunning selection of gems, minerals, rocks, and of course, fossils, the sight of the painted dinosaurs adorning the building will have your dinosaur loving youngsters crying out with glee. And when you let them purchase a handful of pretty rocks, or even better, a real live fossil, you’ll be shocked at the difference in tone this particular shopping spree will have!


Amish Country Store, 3100 N Gretna Road

Offering another step back into the past, the Amish Country Store may end up being your favorite of all the stores in the area! Working as a small natural grocer, selling foodstuffs and spices that are handmade and all natural, but also selling furnishings and handmade quilts, the horse and buggy statue standing outside let’s you know you have arrived at your destination! Everything in this store is handcrafted with love and enormous amount of skill.


Plenty of Room

If you forget your limits and purchase a tad more than you planned, it’s ok; our Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation escapes have plenty of room to store your treasures until it’s time to head back home! Reserve your beautiful vacation home in Branson with us today!

There are many reasons to visit Branson in the fall. From the colorful landscape to the fascinating museums to the delicious restaurants that feed your soul as they fill your stomachs, there’s always something exciting going on in our hometown. But for many visitors, the main reason they plan a getaway is for the chance to experience a taste of glitz and glamour in many of the shows that have made Branson the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World.” If catching your favorite star in action is the reason you made your way to our Ozark town, this guide to the top shows to see this season will ensure you see the best we have to offer!


Raiding the Country Vault at Branson in the Fall

Country music is close to the heart of most Americans, and this ode to 40 years of spectacular stars may be one you want to see more than once. Held at the Americana Theater at 2905 West Highway 76, this exciting show tells the history of country music and brings to life the stories of its greatest stars.


Billy Yates Hit Songwriters in the Round

Although it’s mostly the performers we cheer on in concert halls and theaters, it’s the songwriters who are the secret stars of the show. Without their words, the singers would be silenced, and this unique show celebrates the songwriters of the world. Presenting just a couple of songwriters each season, guests begin to feel a kinship with these unsung heroes as they perform acoustic versions of their masterpieces at Billy Yates Choices Concert Hall at 440 Highway 248.


The Haygoods

Not all the top shows are new ones; some have been around for years, and The Haygoods are a perfect example, having performed together in one way or another for over 27 years! Performing the hits we know all the words to, the six Haygood siblings have won many awards over the years, including Entertainers of the Year in 2018. The Clay Cooper Theater at 3216 W Highway 76 is where they perform.


Icons of England: The Music of Joe Cocker and Adele

We love a good tribute show in Branson in the fall, and this is one of our favorites! Featuring the music of Joe Cocker and Adele performing together in a way they never did in real life, this new show is one you should not miss! Held at 3310 W 76 Country Boulevard, we can promise this is another show you’ll be singing along with throughout the performance and humming the tunes long after the curtain closes.


Reserve Your Sunset Nightly Rentals Family Escape Today

The only thing better than an amazing show is being able to go home to our country escapes when the music finally ends. Contact us today to learn more about our properties for rent and book your stay!

When it comes to family fun, Branson is the place to be. This vibrant vacation destination in the heart of Missouri makes spending quality time together a priority with each and every visit. From scenic lakeside views to endless options for entertainment, Branson is a city that beckons travelers to come and kick back, relax and make the most of a fun and inviting atmosphere. There’s no reason to stress about the itinerary if you’re not sure where to begin. Booking a Branson tour is the best way to get a glimpse of all the city has to offer. Here are a few Branson tours that are sure to be inspiring for guests of all ages.


Main Street Lake Cruise

Branson is a city that has built its reputation around its lakefront location. Make the most of the scenery and waves while you’re here by booking a spot on a Main Street Lake cruise. Guests can customize their experience by booking a day or evening cruise which explores the best of Lake Taneycomo over the course of 2 hours. Riverboats and luxury yachts leave from Branson Landing daily providing amazing water views and opportunities to enjoy a light show as well. Lunch and dinner are included in the cruise and a cash bar is available for those who are looking to take in the scenery with a preferred beverage in hand. Tickets for this tour begin at $38 per person.


Adventure Ziplines of Branson

Head over to Adventure Ziplines of Branson when you’re looking for a 7-line thrill quite unlike any other. This heart-pounding stop takes you into the trees and far above the ground as you zip along courses that maximize the fun and the view. All the gear you’ll need can be found on-site and helpful and friendly guides are on-hand to get your ready for your grand adventure in the sky. Spend an hour or two or make it a day excursion. Views of the Ozark Mountains make this a place that’s well worth a visit as well and those traveling with little ones will love that this zipline tour can accommodate children 3 years of age and up. Tickets for this experience begin at $54 per person.


Discover Branson History Tour

Sit back, relax and step back in time when you participate in a Discover Branson History Tour while you’re in town. Tours begin at $52 per person and this excursion includes an array of historical sightseeing opportunities onboard a luxury, air-conditioned travel bus alongside 13 other guests. A knowledgeable and notoriously funny tour guide is waiting to point out incredible landmarks and fill in the ride with stories, legends, and humor that have long defined the history of Branson. Table Rock Dam and College of the Ozarks are just the beginning when you book your place on this educational and inspiring sightseeing tour!


Book a Branson Getaway

Enjoy every moment of your fantastic Branson getaway by booking a stay with Sunset Nightly Rentals. Our team is here to take care of all your vacation accommodation details whether you’re looking for a cabin, villa, private home or lakeside residence. Contact us today for more information on our portfolio of amazing Branson properties.

The beauty of the great outdoors in Branson is something you never get bored with. We wake up every morning of every season and the first thing we do is look out our windows to discover what treats Mother Nature has left for us today! The sun rising over the horizon, turning the skies into a kaleidoscope of color, the stark beauty of snowcapped mountains in the window, the flamboyant display of trees dressed in their autumn finest; the scene is constantly changing but the breathtaking beauty remains the same. During your Branson getaway, you’ll find yourself wanting to spend as much time as possible outside, and this guide to our favorite Branson outdoor activities will help you do so!


Don’t Be Frightened by Murder Rock Trail

The best way to enjoy the splendor of the Branson landscape is by strapping on a backpack filled with snacks and water, putting on your best walking shoes, and taking a hike along the many trails, and Murder Rock Trail is one of the best. Following along the trail that early pioneers once used, its name came about from the robbers who used to hide behind the rocks that border the trail and ambush, rob, and occasionally murder the travelers who were simply trying to find a better life. Today, the Murder Rock Trail is just a trail that offers breathtaking views and a good way to stretch your muscles. The trailhead can be found at Branson Creek Boulevard, just a few hundred yards away from the parking lot at Buffalo Ridge Golf Course.


Bike Riding with the Family

There are many beautiful places in the area for bike riding, and Table Rock State Park is our favorite example. Offering wide trails that are stable enough for younger riders to feel comfortable, it’s not a mountain biker’s rugged paradise, but it is an area that families will fall in love with! Views of the lake, the mountains, and of course the tree-lined paths that are both peaceful and exhilarating will be remembered long after you’ve returned home to real life and the bonds between family members that have loosened will be tightened up once more!


Vigilante Extreme Zip Rider, 6020 West, MO-76

This is one outdoor adventure that is sure to appeal to the daredevils in your traveling party. Billed as the highest zipline in Missouri, participants will launch off Inspiration Tower, 170 feet up in the air, and fly above the landscape while reaching speeds of up to 50 miles per hour! This experience is not for the faint of heart, nor is it one to be considered for the really young, really old, or those with physical limitations, but at $29.95 per person, it’s a fantastic adventure that will fit easily into tight vacation budgets.


From the Extreme to the Sublime

Sometimes your favorite and most memorable outdoor adventures will be the ones you have on the porch of your Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation escape as you grill up the catch of the day, sipping an ice-cold beer or a smooth chardonnay and chatting with the family as the sun sets in the background. These are the moments you won’t want to ever forget. Reserve your vacation rental today!

As the honking of the horn of a yellow school bus symbolizes the beginning of yet another school year, the pressure that accompanies the new year rises even higher. The lazy days of summer end abruptly and give way to early wakeups, before school meetings, after school activities, and homework, homework, and more homework! Fall is a season jam-packed with must-dos and the annual fall break can not come about soon enough—especially when you plan a Branson vacation!


Grand Country Fun Spot, 1945 W 76 Country Boulevard

The best way to forget any leftover stress? Play hard at the Grand Country Fun Spot right here in Branson! Offering indoor go-karts, laser tag, miniature golf, as well as a full size arcade, bumper cars, and mini bowling; it’s impossible to feel anything but happiness when you and your family spend a few hours playing and laughing!


The Harbinger of Fall, Pumpkin Pie

Surprisingly, the best harbinger of fall is the taste of pumpkin. When the calendar turns to September, pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice everything scents the air, and enjoying a sweet treat with the family will give you the fall adventure you will never forget, especially when you taste the pumpkin pies offered at Cakes & Cream Diner, found at 2805 W 76 Country Boulevard. Trust us when we say this family bonding experience may just tempt you to enjoy every meal of your stay here—just so you can enjoy the pie!


Branson Scenic Railway

The beauty of Branson in the fall can be appreciated by everyone in your family, and there’s no better way to do so than by taking the 40-mile scenic tour offered by the railway! Featuring breathtaking views of the Branson countryside, even the youngest members of your family will enjoy the ride; infants and toddlers are often lulled into a peaceful slumber by the rocking motion of the train, allowing mothers to fully appreciate the scenery rushing by!


Branson Ferris Wheel

Another fun way to enjoy the beauty of the Branson landscape is with a ride on the Branson Ferris Wheel! Transported from Navy Pier in Chicago a few years back, children of all ages love the views from 150 feet up and the low costs ($12 for adults, $8 for children) make it a perfect fit for tight vacation budgets! Lasting 15 minutes from start to finish, it’s also the perfect activity to fit in between shows or before dinner when the sun begins to set over the horizon!


Branson Nightly Rentals for the Family

Our fall escapes are designed for the way today’s families live, and a vacation in one of our spacious, beautiful rental homes will be one your family remembers for years; reserve your stay today!

You will not find a more beautiful place for a fall getaway than with a journey to Branson, Missouri. Our beautiful town offers refreshingly cool temperatures and plenty of fun-filled attractions. Here are some of our favorite Branson fall activities you can enjoy:


Sycamore Creek Family Ranch Fall Roundup

There is no better place to find all of your favorite fall activities in one place than at Sycamore Creek Family Ranch. Each year the ranch puts on their Fall Roundup featuring several weekends of events. Your family will love the family friendly activities they have in store including disc golf, hayrides, corn maze, sack slide, hay bale fort, and much more. The Sycamore Creek Family Ranch Fall Roundup goes on until the first weekend of November.


Go on a Bike Ride

Get out and enjoy the incredible weather of fall with a bike ride through the wilderness. Dogwood Canyon Nature Park features a 6.5-mile-long path that is perfect for hiking and biking. You will find some of the most beautiful scenery as you explore the Ozark Mountains, including waterfalls and gushing streams. You can even cross the state line into Arkansas and back all on one trip. Local bike rental shops are available where you can find bikes of all sizes to check out for the day.


Experience a Zipline Adventure

Speed through the treetops with Branson Zipline Adventure to truly experience Branson in a whole new light. The Ozark Mountains will be sprawled out before you in a myriad of colors as the leaves start changing over the season. Zip lining is a family friendly activity, so even the younger members of your family can enjoy this exhilarating activity!


Take a Ride at the Branson Mountain Adventure Park

There is no better place to enjoy thrilling rides and delicious food than the Branson Mountain Adventure Park. This attraction features the ever-popular alpine coaster that will take you around twists and turns on a high-speed ride. The fall season is the best time to enjoy the park with Fright Rides After Dark on October 30th and 31st.


Branson is Ready for You

These are just a few of our favorite activities that you can enjoy with a fall trip to Branson this year. Let our vacation rentals host you and your family’s fall vacation of a lifetime. Our rental experts are ready to find you the perfect rental home for your next trip to Branson!

As wonderful as the shows, museums, and restaurants are in our mountain village, there are some people who visit without any intention of seeing any of them! We know it may be hard to believe, but many travelers come to Branson to explore the great outdoors—to enjoy hikes through the woods, ziplining through the trees, or, our personal favorite, fishing in one of the three lakes that make up our natural landscape. If you are one to choose rod and reel over stage shows and arts and culture, this guide to the top Branson fishing spots will ensure your Missouri getaway will be filled with all the trout, bass, and walleye that you can handle!


Table Rock Lake

With three lakes in the area you can pretty much guarantee you’ll never find it difficult to find a spot to cast your line, and Table Rock Lake offers plenty of spots perfect for catching your allotted share of bass, crappie, and at the dam, more trout than you’ve ever seen in one place in your life! Fishing at night provides a fruitful and happy change from the same old, same old, and early morning fishing along the banks will provide moments of peaceful contemplation as well as a tasty and constant supply of smallmouth bass!


Bull Shoals Lake

Offering a fishing season that lasts year-round (it gets a little cold in the winter months, so dress warmly!), the highly popular brown trout fishery is known and loved throughout the world! Offering a huge variety of warm water fish that include the aforementioned brown trout as well as bass, stripers, catfish and so much more, your Branson fishing expedition will be an adventure that just keeps getting better! Night fishing is also popular at Bull Shoals Lake with fishermen reeling in large quantities of stripers, walleyes, and trout.


Lake Taneycomo

When you’re looking for the spots where the trout are, Lake Taneycomo is the place to be. Brown and rainbow trout make their home in this cold-water lake. Fly fishing, artificial only, and bait fishing can all be done in the various areas of the lake. Grab your gear, a cooler, and prepare to leave society behind as you spend a few hours or more enjoying the peace and tranquility of the Branson landscape!


From the Dock Behind Your Sunset Nightly Rentals Fishing Escape

Hardcore fishermen and women know the real secret to the perfect fishing getaway starts with their accommodations, and when you pick one of our lakeside cabins for your Branson journey, you’ll have to agree! Comfortable, warm, and offering many hours of fishing excitement, our homes will be the highlight of your vacation—reserve yours today!

If you close your eyes tight and concentrate really hard, you can almost taste the pumpkin spice latte warming your hands as your new wine-colored sweater warms the rest of your body. Fall isn’t that far away, but before you start to unpack your fall and winter clothing from storage, there’s still one last bit of summer fun in which to partake. Labor Day, a day designated to honor the hard work of Americans over the ages, is also the day we set aside to bid farewell to the hottest season of the year, and when you plan a vacation to Branson during this long weekend, following this guide will ensure your Branson Labor Day Weekend is one you’ll never forget!


The Southern Gospel Picnic, Silver Dollar City

In our eyes there’s no better way to soak up that last bit of summer than with a good old-fashioned picnic, and apparently Silver Dollar City agrees with us! Starting August 22nd and ending on Labor Day, September 2nd, guests can expect to listen to the sounds of more than 70 of America’s finest gospel bands while enjoying an all-you-can-eat buffet sponsored by the House of Chicken & Fixins’. And because the only fee attached is the one to get into Silver Dollar City, this activity will fit into most vacation budgets!


Summer Sales to Make You Smile

The tears of happiness sliding down your face are to be expected when you check out the sales offered at Tanger Outlets in Branson; they could also be from the taste of the foods you try during the food truck festival taking place the same weekend. In any case, spending a few hours (and a few dollars!) at the Tanger Outlets End of Summer Block Party & Food Truck Festival is guaranteed to be a memorable experience!


Barbecue at the Homestead

Unlike a standard hotel room, guests want to spend as much time as possible exploring the comforts of their Sunset Nightly Rentals Labor Day escapes; holding a family barbecue is the perfect way to do so! Grill your favorite meats, take a dip in the lake, and spend the entire day doing the OPPOSITE of what you would do if you were still at home! Reserve your vacation rental today and discover the Sunset Nightly Rentals difference. Our attention to detail makes your stay one filled with comfort and luxury!

Don’t look now, but summer—and your annual family vacation—is only a few short weeks away! Every year the time passes quicker and quicker, catching families all over the world by surprise, but this year you were ready and booked your Branson vacation while the deals were hot! As your getaway grows closer, it’s time to start planning your daily itinerary. This guide to summer Branson activities will ensure that every member of your family has a vacation to remember!


Bring a Smile to the Daredevil’s Face

There are a variety of different types of vacationers, butthe daredevil is often the most difficult to please. Not in Branson, however!Branson Zipline at Wolfe Mountain in nearby Walnut Shade is a big reason why! Offering adventures for all levels of daredevilry, your hours spent flying through the trees of Branson will be some of the best spent hours of 2019.


Seek Tranquility

Many of us are drawn to the water for different reasons.From water sports to peaceful contemplations, it’s a place that every member of your family can enjoy.We suggest renting a boat and spending the day on Table Rock Lake! Table Rock Pontoon offers a wide selection of vessels, featuring everything from the simple kayak for hours of solitary fun to the giant pontoon boats capable of holding all the members of your extended family.Pick your boat and head to the seas for a day of Branson fun in the sun!


Eat Healthy and Visit a Branson Farmers Market

The Branson Farmers Market comes to Branson Landing every Tuesday evening from 3pm until 7 pm in the summer.The fresh produce, delicious baked goods, and all the seafood you can eat looks and tastes awesome at the table of your Sunset Nightly Rentals summer escape! Let your kids run mild as you browse the aisles and pick up a few souvenirs for yourself and your friends and family back home. This getaway keeps getting better and better!


Spend a Day Playing at Home

Not every fun experience happens outside the doors of your Sunset Nightly Rentals home; sometimes the most fun can be had without leaving the house! Spend some quality family time putting together complicated puzzles, plan a movie night with popcorn and wine, or get out those old board games you brought along and enjoy a rousing game of checkers or Monopoly. Putting family first is the best thing you can do during your Branson escape! Reserve your Sunset Nightly Rentals family home today.