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Branson, Missouri is thrilled to see the Grand County marathon kicked off this year, with registration almost full! The race is family-friendly—people of all ages are encouraged to attend and participate!


A Noble Cause

Not just a fun community event, the Grand County Half Marathon will be benefiting the Branson Education Foundation. This organization devotes itself to the cause of local education, providing grant money for both teachers and students. If you think scholarships are too few, if you think students should have their notebooks paid for, and if you think teachers shouldn’t need to pay for new educational materials out of their own pocket, then this is the race to run!


What’s in It for Me?

Of course, it’s rare for someone to push themselves to such limits out of the goodness of their heart! That’s why all runners will receive a shirt, bag, and custom water bottle just for participating! Those who finish will earn themselves a finisher’s medal as well as a snazzy cowboy hat, and special awards will recognize not only the overall winners, but also those in each age group. There will also be food and drink after the face to help you recuperate from your feat of stamina!



October is right around the corner, and October 2nd is the day of the race! On Saturday, October 1st, runners will pick up their packets at the information expo, open from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. The half-marathon begins the next day at 7 a.m., with the 5K starting fifteen minutes later.


What Is the Race Itself?

It’s a lovely run along the calm waters downstream of Rockaway Beach, heading along Promenade Way and circling around Boardwalk and a loop around Parnell Park. There’s a 535 ft. total gain in elevation along the way.

It’s a perfect time for it, too—with October in the air, runners should avoid overheating but also don’t need to worry about numb extremities. Plus, the touch of foliage changing colors adds a great backdrop—a peaceful contrast with the intensity of the competition.


Sign Me Up!

All registration is done online—head to to sign up. Just click the “Register Now” button at the bottom of the page!


Book with Us!

While Grand Country Resort, as host of the event, naturally encourages participants to stay with them, maybe a hotel isn’t your thing? Is a continental breakfast really enough to prepare you for a 5K, or would you prefer to make a hearty breakfast in your own kitchen? If you’ll be in town, whether for a weekend or a week, then consider staying in your own home-away-from-home. No matter what else you have planned for your trip, we’ve got a place nearby. Check out our listings and see all the benefits of staying with us!