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The cooler temperatures, longer nights, and the sight of Halloween candy placed in juxtaposition with Christmas lights can only tell us one thing: The last major holiday season of the year has arrived, and it’s time to start making plans for your holiday getaway to the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World!” Branson one of the top great holiday destinations for whatever holiday you’re choosing to travel, and our Sunset Nightly Rentals holiday escapes complete the picture of vacation perfection! Designed to spoil, our properties are the perfect holiday accessory!


Inviting and Welcoming

The best part of our holiday rentals isn’t the comfortable furnishings that are perfect for napping, reading, or gaming, the fully equipped kitchens that allow you to easily and cheerfully create a family feast you may never forget, or even the stylish décor that tempts you to try to copy it at home! No, the best part of our holiday rentals is the inviting and welcoming atmosphere that greets each guest from their first step inside the doors. Many homes offer stone fireplaces that just beg for you to place the family stockings upon at Christmas, while others offer hot tubs that will make you want to enjoy a glass of bubbly as you welcome the new year!

Cheerful bedrooms furnished with comfortable beds will lull your children into deep sleep, no matter how much they long to stay awake and catch a peek of Santa Claus placing presents under the tree! Newlyweds and honeymooners in the early stages of young love or couples that have been married for many years will appreciate the coziness and romance of some of our smaller, more intimate cabins. Sharing whispered secrets in front of a romantic fire, sipping wine on the deck at sunset, and enjoying the sight of fireworks over the water from the lakefront property your beloved so wisely rented will make for a magical way to spend your New Year’s holiday together!


Holiday Adventures You Will Never Forget

Your holiday adventures will be enhanced by the variety of holiday activities available to all—from costume parties for Halloween (Boonanza at the Branson Rec Place) to Thanksgiving Feasts at Level 2 Steakhouse or meeting Santa at the Christmas at the North Pole Adventure held at Shepherd of the Hills. No matter when you choose to visit, there’s an activity that will reinforce the fact that your decision to spend the holidays in Branson was the right one! Reserve your rental today!

When it’s time to start planning your next vacation, the first decision, of course, is choosing where to go; hopefully you chose Branson! The second thing to do is choose where you will stay. The best vacations can be made even better with the right accommodations, and this guide to all the special extras that set our Branson rentals apart from others in the area will hopefully make your decision easy!


Beautiful Homes That Make You Feel at Home

At Sunset Nightly Rentals, we offer a variety of properties that come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, ranging from cozy condos to stunning lakeview cabins and luxury homes that fulfill their promise to pamper and spoil. We believe in offering our guests choices, and although the properties we manage may be different in many ways, it’s their sense of home that makes guests feel welcomed and treasured. Bright and cheerful, each room offers something special to ooh and ahh over! Spacious kitchens that are fully equipped take the chore out of kitchen duty, while dining areas with large tables make the perfect spot for enjoying a family dinner or playing a boardgame. The living areas feature comfortable seating which invites you to get cozy.


Location Matters

Although Branson is about as close to perfect as we could imagine, you can count on the fact that our homes are located right where you want to be—close to the center of town for the urban dwellers, on the outskirts of town where the stars at night seem to be within reach for those who finds the country touches their soul, and everywhere in between! Rent a home in the spot that speaks to you.


Other Ways We Take Care of You

Our amenities, both simple and luxurious, create a vacation experience to fall in love with. We won’t blame you for never wanting to leave the property during your stay, but we hope you will at least try. Many of our Branson rentals come with resort access to swimming pools, golf courses, onsite restaurants, and sports courts, while the homes offer state of the art electronics, high thread count linens, and the occasional hot tub, as well as multiple master suites, making our homes the perfect place to choose for a multi-generational vacation! Guest services include housekeeping and emergency maintenance; we keep the properties in pristine condition, but it’s nice to know that we are here when you need us, don’t you think?


Make Your Branson Getaway the Experience of a Lifetime

We strive to make every stay in our homes one you’ll remember forever. Reserve your Sunset Nightly Rentals home away from home today!

This could be a really short article, as the easiest way to find a scenic spot in beautiful Branson is to simply look around! The mountains, trees, flora, and fauna all combine together to make the entire region serene and incredibly scenic. But we at Sunset Nightly Rentals don’t believe in taking the easy way out when it comes to our guests’ happiness and satisfaction, so this guide to the best spots for Branson sightseeing is just one small way of ensuring your Ozarks getaway will be unforgettable!


Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower, 5586 MO-76

The most scenic spots, in our opinion, are the ones that allow you to view as much of our mountain town as possible, and the Inspiration Tower at Shepherd of the Hills is the perfect example. Located at the top of a hill and stretching an additional 230 feet into the sky, the panoramic views available from the top will stun you into an appreciative silence as you look down onto a sea of trees, a collection of charming buildings, and off into the distance, the lakes that are a huge part of the draw of Branson. There are a variety of ways to get to this bucolic landmark from downtown Branson. Head north on Branson Landing Boulevard and turn left on E. Main Street. From there you will turn right on Roark Valley Road, left on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, and finally, another right onto MO-76. The parking lot for the Inspiration Tower will be on your right.


Table Rock Lake

The only thing better than seeing Table Rock Lake from above is having a shore-side seat to all its glory! Stretching out for miles, the cold waters offer the tranquility you often only find at the ocean. But with the trees that surround it and the mountains standing guard in the background, not only is the lake one of the most scenic spots in the valley, it also offers a beautiful spot to enjoy Mother Nature’s greatest show, the sunset! If you rented one of our lakeside vacation escapes, you already know how to get there, but for everyone else, take Branson Landing Boulevard to US-65 BUS S, then follow MO-165 N, being sure to stop before your tires touch the lake!


Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, 2038 West, MO-86 in Lampe

Offering a multitude of scenic spots, we had to include Dogwood Canyon Nature Park as a part of this scenic tour. Offering waterfalls, rugged landscape, and miles to hike, bike, or simply enjoy a picnic in the park, finding the park is the easy thing—simply drive from Pointe Lookout to US-65 S and MO-86 W to Lampe until you arrive at your destination. The hardest part will be leaving at the end of the day when the park closes!


Outside Your Sunset Nightly Rentals Vacation Escape

Sometimes in Branson, all you need to do is step outside your house to view the most scenic spots; staying with us will be one of those times! Reserve your stay in one of our homes with a beautiful view today!

There are many reasons to visit Branson in the fall. From the colorful landscape to the fascinating museums to the delicious restaurants that feed your soul as they fill your stomachs, there’s always something exciting going on in our hometown. But for many visitors, the main reason they plan a getaway is for the chance to experience a taste of glitz and glamour in many of the shows that have made Branson the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World.” If catching your favorite star in action is the reason you made your way to our Ozark town, this guide to the top shows to see this season will ensure you see the best we have to offer!


Raiding the Country Vault at Branson in the Fall

Country music is close to the heart of most Americans, and this ode to 40 years of spectacular stars may be one you want to see more than once. Held at the Americana Theater at 2905 West Highway 76, this exciting show tells the history of country music and brings to life the stories of its greatest stars.


Billy Yates Hit Songwriters in the Round

Although it’s mostly the performers we cheer on in concert halls and theaters, it’s the songwriters who are the secret stars of the show. Without their words, the singers would be silenced, and this unique show celebrates the songwriters of the world. Presenting just a couple of songwriters each season, guests begin to feel a kinship with these unsung heroes as they perform acoustic versions of their masterpieces at Billy Yates Choices Concert Hall at 440 Highway 248.


The Haygoods

Not all the top shows are new ones; some have been around for years, and The Haygoods are a perfect example, having performed together in one way or another for over 27 years! Performing the hits we know all the words to, the six Haygood siblings have won many awards over the years, including Entertainers of the Year in 2018. The Clay Cooper Theater at 3216 W Highway 76 is where they perform.


Icons of England: The Music of Joe Cocker and Adele

We love a good tribute show in Branson in the fall, and this is one of our favorites! Featuring the music of Joe Cocker and Adele performing together in a way they never did in real life, this new show is one you should not miss! Held at 3310 W 76 Country Boulevard, we can promise this is another show you’ll be singing along with throughout the performance and humming the tunes long after the curtain closes.


Reserve Your Sunset Nightly Rentals Family Escape Today

The only thing better than an amazing show is being able to go home to our country escapes when the music finally ends. Contact us today to learn more about our properties for rent and book your stay!

We don’t want to scare you, but have you taken a look at the calendar lately? Somewhere between that last sip of New Year’s champagne and your next blink, the days flew by, the calendar pages were ripped off, and before we knew it, it became time to start making Thanksgiving plans! As thoughts of chores, shopping, and memories of previous holiday celebrations with loud extended family members come to mind, we’d like to take this time and offer up an invitation to spend your 2019 Thanksgiving in one of our Branson rental properties that we manage and avoid all the hassle! This guide to your getaway to Branson for Thanksgiving should help convince you of the merits of accepting our invite!


Offering Peace and Serenity

Upon waking on Thanksgiving morning, the first thing that will strike you is the absolute peace that envelopes your bedroom. As the sun peeks in the windows, the sights, sounds, and aromas of fall will bring a smile to your face. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and throw on a jacket to enjoy it on the deck looking out over the lake; renting one of our lakefront cabins ensures this spot will be the one you are most thankful for during your getaway! As each of your family members slowly comes awake and meanders out onto the deck, gasping at the beauty of a not so ordinary Branson morning, you’ll know that no matter what the next few hours bring, these special moments will be the ones you remember most fondly!


Feasting with the Family

The turkey feast is one of our favorite parts of this holiday of thankfulness, and when you stay in one of our Thanksgiving escapes, your feast options are plentiful. Choose to create the meal from scratch in our fully equipped kitchens, pausing every so often to enjoy the views from the generously sized windows, or pick up a ready cooked meal from one of our local grocery stores. If you’re really not in the mood to cook or clean up afterward, head out to the streets of Branson for a special Thanksgiving meal offered by many of the restaurants in town. The Thanksgiving Brunch offered by the Keeter Center is one of our favorites, but Branson’s Center Stage and Buckingham’s Restaurant are close behind.


Thankful for Black Friday Bargains

Of course, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Black Friday bargains, and there are more than a couple of ways to enjoy the tradition while in Branson! Starting at midnight, Tanger Outlets offers additional deals with their Moonlight Madness & After Thanksgiving Sales, but if you’re willing to wait till the next morning, Branson’s Landing Black Friday Blowout begins at 7:00 AM on Friday! Your Sunset Nightly Rentals turkey day escape comes with a washer and dryer, so go ahead and pack light; you’re going to need the room for all the great deals and bargains you obtain during your Black Friday expeditions!


It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than Branson for Thanksgiving

Quiet moments with family, a delicious feast that someone else prepared, all the shopping you can handle—the only thing missing from this vacation is you! The cherry on the top of this perfect experience will be a stay in one of our Sunset Nightly Rentals lakefront cabins; reserve yours today!

When it comes to family fun, Branson is the place to be. This vibrant vacation destination in the heart of Missouri makes spending quality time together a priority with each and every visit. From scenic lakeside views to endless options for entertainment, Branson is a city that beckons travelers to come and kick back, relax and make the most of a fun and inviting atmosphere. There’s no reason to stress about the itinerary if you’re not sure where to begin. Booking a Branson tour is the best way to get a glimpse of all the city has to offer. Here are a few Branson tours that are sure to be inspiring for guests of all ages.


Main Street Lake Cruise

Branson is a city that has built its reputation around its lakefront location. Make the most of the scenery and waves while you’re here by booking a spot on a Main Street Lake cruise. Guests can customize their experience by booking a day or evening cruise which explores the best of Lake Taneycomo over the course of 2 hours. Riverboats and luxury yachts leave from Branson Landing daily providing amazing water views and opportunities to enjoy a light show as well. Lunch and dinner are included in the cruise and a cash bar is available for those who are looking to take in the scenery with a preferred beverage in hand. Tickets for this tour begin at $38 per person.


Adventure Ziplines of Branson

Head over to Adventure Ziplines of Branson when you’re looking for a 7-line thrill quite unlike any other. This heart-pounding stop takes you into the trees and far above the ground as you zip along courses that maximize the fun and the view. All the gear you’ll need can be found on-site and helpful and friendly guides are on-hand to get your ready for your grand adventure in the sky. Spend an hour or two or make it a day excursion. Views of the Ozark Mountains make this a place that’s well worth a visit as well and those traveling with little ones will love that this zipline tour can accommodate children 3 years of age and up. Tickets for this experience begin at $54 per person.


Discover Branson History Tour

Sit back, relax and step back in time when you participate in a Discover Branson History Tour while you’re in town. Tours begin at $52 per person and this excursion includes an array of historical sightseeing opportunities onboard a luxury, air-conditioned travel bus alongside 13 other guests. A knowledgeable and notoriously funny tour guide is waiting to point out incredible landmarks and fill in the ride with stories, legends, and humor that have long defined the history of Branson. Table Rock Dam and College of the Ozarks are just the beginning when you book your place on this educational and inspiring sightseeing tour!


Book a Branson Getaway

Enjoy every moment of your fantastic Branson getaway by booking a stay with Sunset Nightly Rentals. Our team is here to take care of all your vacation accommodation details whether you’re looking for a cabin, villa, private home or lakeside residence. Contact us today for more information on our portfolio of amazing Branson properties.