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As wonderful as the shows, museums, and restaurants are in our mountain village, there are some people who visit without any intention of seeing any of them! We know it may be hard to believe, but many travelers come to Branson to explore the great outdoors—to enjoy hikes through the woods, ziplining through the trees, or, our personal favorite, fishing in one of the three lakes that make up our natural landscape. If you are one to choose rod and reel over stage shows and arts and culture, this guide to the top Branson fishing spots will ensure your Missouri getaway will be filled with all the trout, bass, and walleye that you can handle!


Table Rock Lake

With three lakes in the area you can pretty much guarantee you’ll never find it difficult to find a spot to cast your line, and Table Rock Lake offers plenty of spots perfect for catching your allotted share of bass, crappie, and at the dam, more trout than you’ve ever seen in one place in your life! Fishing at night provides a fruitful and happy change from the same old, same old, and early morning fishing along the banks will provide moments of peaceful contemplation as well as a tasty and constant supply of smallmouth bass!


Bull Shoals Lake

Offering a fishing season that lasts year-round (it gets a little cold in the winter months, so dress warmly!), the highly popular brown trout fishery is known and loved throughout the world! Offering a huge variety of warm water fish that include the aforementioned brown trout as well as bass, stripers, catfish and so much more, your Branson fishing expedition will be an adventure that just keeps getting better! Night fishing is also popular at Bull Shoals Lake with fishermen reeling in large quantities of stripers, walleyes, and trout.


Lake Taneycomo

When you’re looking for the spots where the trout are, Lake Taneycomo is the place to be. Brown and rainbow trout make their home in this cold-water lake. Fly fishing, artificial only, and bait fishing can all be done in the various areas of the lake. Grab your gear, a cooler, and prepare to leave society behind as you spend a few hours or more enjoying the peace and tranquility of the Branson landscape!


From the Dock Behind Your Sunset Nightly Rentals Fishing Escape

Hardcore fishermen and women know the real secret to the perfect fishing getaway starts with their accommodations, and when you pick one of our lakeside cabins for your Branson journey, you’ll have to agree! Comfortable, warm, and offering many hours of fishing excitement, our homes will be the highlight of your vacation—reserve yours today!

If you close your eyes tight and concentrate really hard, you can almost taste the pumpkin spice latte warming your hands as your new wine-colored sweater warms the rest of your body. Fall isn’t that far away, but before you start to unpack your fall and winter clothing from storage, there’s still one last bit of summer fun in which to partake. Labor Day, a day designated to honor the hard work of Americans over the ages, is also the day we set aside to bid farewell to the hottest season of the year, and when you plan a vacation to Branson during this long weekend, following this guide will ensure your Branson Labor Day Weekend is one you’ll never forget!


The Southern Gospel Picnic, Silver Dollar City

In our eyes there’s no better way to soak up that last bit of summer than with a good old-fashioned picnic, and apparently Silver Dollar City agrees with us! Starting August 22nd and ending on Labor Day, September 2nd, guests can expect to listen to the sounds of more than 70 of America’s finest gospel bands while enjoying an all-you-can-eat buffet sponsored by the House of Chicken & Fixins’. And because the only fee attached is the one to get into Silver Dollar City, this activity will fit into most vacation budgets!


Summer Sales to Make You Smile

The tears of happiness sliding down your face are to be expected when you check out the sales offered at Tanger Outlets in Branson; they could also be from the taste of the foods you try during the food truck festival taking place the same weekend. In any case, spending a few hours (and a few dollars!) at the Tanger Outlets End of Summer Block Party & Food Truck Festival is guaranteed to be a memorable experience!


Barbecue at the Homestead

Unlike a standard hotel room, guests want to spend as much time as possible exploring the comforts of their Sunset Nightly Rentals Labor Day escapes; holding a family barbecue is the perfect way to do so! Grill your favorite meats, take a dip in the lake, and spend the entire day doing the OPPOSITE of what you would do if you were still at home! Reserve your vacation rental today and discover the Sunset Nightly Rentals difference. Our attention to detail makes your stay one filled with comfort and luxury!

There’s not a day we don’t wake up thinking how lucky we are to live in Branson. We love everything about our mountain town, and we aren’t afraid to tell the world! When it’s time for you to come see what we are bragging about, it may be tempting to spend as much time as you can outside, soaking in the views that take your breath away. And although we understand the appeal, we must urge you to check out some of the indoor attractions of Branson that make it the well-rounded town it is. To make it easy for you, we’ve provided this guide that hits the high points!


World’s Largest Toy Museum, 3609 W 76 Country Boulevard

For those of us who refuse to grow up, it’s easy to feel at home in the World’s Largest Toy Museum! Featuring centuries of toys that were loved by children from all over the world, you might want to set aside an entire day to play here. This museum offers three large buildings stocked with all the toys you remember from your own childhood and many, many more you probably never knew existed.


Splash Country Indoor & Outdoor Waterpark, 1945 W 76 Country Boulevard

There will be some days you just don’t want to go outside. On those days, a trip to Splash Country Indoor & Outdoor Waterpark allows you to enjoy all the fun of summer without having to worry about sunburn or lightning strikes!


Branson Landing, 100 Branson Landing Boulevard

Although we will still have to visit the outdoors as we go from store to store, shopping at Branson Landing is one of our absolute favorite pastimes! Offering stores that sell everything from apple scented candles to zebra print shoes, if you miss out on picking up something pretty during your Branson getaway, you will never forgive yourself.


Pick a Show, Any Show!

Isn’t that the main reason you chose Branson for your annual vacation? We aren’t called the Live Entertainment Capital of the World for nothing, and the opportunity to see many of your favorite performers doing what they do best will be better than you dreamed it could be! From Dolly Parton’s Stampede to the much-loved Legends in Concert, you could go to a show every afternoon and evening and never see the same one twice!


The Highlight of Your Day

Coming home to your Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation home away from home will still be the highlight of your Branson journey. Offering comfort, style, and the best night’s sleep you’ve enjoyed in a very long time, our properties are missing just one thing: your family! Reserve your stay today!

Longer days, shorter nights, and warmer weather has started, signaling the arrival of everyone’s favorite time of the year. Summer, with all the fun that accompanies it, has arrived! This is the time of year we never want to end, and when you plan a summer getaway to Branson, it brings all the greatness of the season to the next level. And although summer temps can get a little warm, you won’t mind, because these cool treats will help you beat the heat as you explore all the wonders our Ozarks mountain town has to offer!


Water Park Fun 

When we think back to our youth, some of our best summer adventures took place in the water parks of the towns we grew up in. Some were big and filled with slides and rides of different sizes, and some were so small there was only room for one slide, but all of them offered ways to cool off that was far more exciting than the city pool! Today, you can relive those cool days of your youth with a visit to White Water Branson, located at 3505 West MO-76. Featuring some of the fastest, highest, and most thrilling slides and rides in the nation, a day spent here promises to be one you’ll never forget!


Ice Cream Cones and Creamy Delicious Shakes 

Try, if you can, to imagine a summer day without the thrill of a sweet and sticky ice cream cone. Your hands would stay clean and brain freeze would not be an issue, but the day would lose its sparkle, and no one wants that! Fortunately, the presence of Mr. B’s Ice Cream Parlor, located at 2750 102, US-65 BUS, means you never have to imagine that frightening scenario ever again! Offering a full menu as well as ice cream, milkshakes and malts, Mr. B’s ensures that every day of summer is the best one!


Cold Drinks and Hot Music

Nothing’s cooler than an evening spent with people of like minds, enjoying cold drinks as we shake our money makers to the beat of the songs we know all the words to, and when you visit Crazy Craig’s Cheeky Monkey Bar during your Branson stay, you’ll understand exactly what we are talking about! Life is chill when the best local bands come to play and gets even chiller with the first sip of your favorite brew!


Turn Down the AC 

In our humble opinion, the coolest treats can be found in the smallest moments: that first sip of chardonnay enjoyed at sunset on the deck of your Sunset Nightly Rentals summer escape, a slice of watermelon that has been chilling on ice in preparation for a barbecue, or just turning the air condition down low and falling into a deep and relaxed sleep. Reserve your home with Sunset Nightly Rentals today and start preparing for a summer getaway to Branson!