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If this is your first time visiting Branson in the summer, it may not be the temperatures that get you, but the humidity that accompanies those 80 to 90 degree temps. Heavy humidity, thick air, and temperatures that can rise pretty high are all reasons you can’t afford to pass up reading this article about the best Branson attractions for keeping it cool during your once in a lifetime summer vacation!


Start and End your Day with a Swim

Many of our Branson Nightly Rentals homes come with a pool, and if you’ve never experienced the joy of an early morning swim under the dawn’s sky, or a night swim with the stars sparkling brightly above, THIS is the time to try!


Visit Marvel Cave

You can’t go wrong with a visit to Marvel Cave, located at Silver Dollar City, where the temperatures stay a chilly 50 to 60 degrees year-round! If you’re in good physical shape and don’t have any lung or heart conditions, your time spent underground exploring the marvels of Marvel Cave will most likely end up being the highlight of your trip!


Go to a Show

It’s what we’re known for here, and because the shows are held inside in air-conditioned coolness, you know you’re going to have a great time! Take in a magic show, a country music performance, or even a Murder Mystery Dinner Show—and don’t forget to bring a sweater! The air-conditioning can get a little chilly!


Visit the Titanic Museum

It’s impossible to feel hot when you’re standing in the iceberg room! Offering artifacts, exhibits, and a unique surprise at the end of your visit, the Titanic Museum is popular any time of the year, but in the summer, you can’t help but be grateful for that great big hunk of ice!


Stay Inside and Play

Our Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation homes are designed to make you feel at home. Why not take some time and enjoy them? Turn the air conditioner down low, the fans up high, and spend some quality time with your family binge watching Netflix and snacking on the popcorn you popped fresh in the fully equipped kitchen. As the sun begins to set over the horizon, you may want to pour yourself a frosty beverage and head out to the deck for the best show in town: a Missouri sunset on a warm summer night!

Be sure to check all the awesome things Branson has to offer for you and your family for your vacation experience!

Some of us have what we call “itchy feet syndrome,” and no, we’re not talking about a rash; we’re talking about that constant need to travel more, explore longer, and drive further. A vacation isn’t about relaxing and chilling, but instead determining what is out there and seeing it all. Sometimes, this includes taking a mini-vacation within a vacation. Never satisfied with just staying in one place, a road trip is always a possibility, and if you’re this kind of traveler, this list of Branson Day Trips will be just what the doctor ordered!


Let’s Go to Springfield

Located about an hour north of Branson, this moderately sized city has a ton of fun things to see and experience, including the Fantastic Caverns that you can explore from the comfort of a tram, the Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium, and the Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden. The Missouri Sports Hall of Fame is world renowned for honoring the athletes who have made our state proud, and if there is a sports buff in your family, be sure to include this place on your list of things to see.


Mansfield is Made for Readers

Anyone who loves to read has read or heard about the famous Laura Ingalls Wilder, but did you know that she lived out her days right here in Mansfield, Missouri? Located about an hour east of Branson, this bucolic town is famous for everything Laura, including the Rocky Ridge Farm, the home where her daughter Rose first became a writer herself, and the grave where she and Almanzo were laid to rest. Today, her former home is a museum, so visitors can actually view many of the things she talked about in her writings.



Feel like heading west? Gas up your rental vehicle and head to Carthage, home to The Fountain of Angels and its unbelievably wonderful water show! Colorful lights add to the dancing display of water and music, giving a magical performance you won’t soon forget. The performance only takes place from March to December, so plan your Branson trip accordingly. After the show, head on over to the Carthage Family Restaurant for a hearty meal; road trips can make you very hungry!


Leave the Lights On!

After a long day of exploring the surreal beauty of the Missouri countryside, the sight of the lights you left on in your Sunset Nightly Rentals home will be a beautiful one. Symbolizing comfort, safety, and most importantly home, your Missouri vacation only gets better from here—reserve yours today!

Sometimes it’s the things you don’t know that make the biggest difference in your vacation plans, and if you’re like most of us, you plan out every detail of your upcoming vacation to make sure you experience the best of what that area has to offer. But what happens when you miss out on a little-known detail? You lose out on what could potentially be the trip of the lifetime! Here’s a list of five Branson facts you didn’t know about to help you start planning accordingly!


Remember the Kewpie Doll?

Kewpie dolls made from plastic, with their big eyes, appealing smiles, and that little curl in the center of their forehead were extremely popular starting around the 1950s, and those versions were born not far from Branson! Rose O’Neill was the famous illustrator of these darling babies, and the Bonniebrook mansion where she once lived is open as museum for your touring pleasures!


Visiting Off Season Can Save You a Bundle

Branson shows tend to have a run that lasts March through December, but if you visit during our coldest months, the same shows may be offered at vastly reduced prices! Also, you may be able to find some really good deals on vacation rental properties. Empty beds are common during January and February, and owners are always delighted about an unexpected rental!


The World’s Largest Toy Museum is Located Right Here

Remembering the beloved toys of our youth always brings a nostalgic smile to our faces, but actually being able to see them all under the same roof? That’s a priceless experience, and one that you can partake in during your unforgettable Branson vacation! Home to over a million toys, including the original Barbie, cast iron toys, and popular Disney ones as well, if you remember it, it most likely will be found here!


The Branson Café Has Been in Existence Since 1910

It’s not often a restaurant stays in business for longer than five years, and it’s practically unheard of for one to stay open for over 100 years! The Branson Café has been serving guests since the first cars started making their way over the dirt roads of downtown Branson, and you have to figure their food is amazing!


You Can Fly in Branson WITHOUT a Plane

Starting this summer, Aerodium Outdoor Flying Adventure offers the opportunity to fly without having to ascend thousands of feet into the clouds! Skydiving has never been so fun or so safe, and the 40 minute adventures will change your world!


Our Sunset Nightly Rentals Homes Offer a Soft Place to Land

When you’re looking for a cozy and homey place to rest during your Branson vacation, Sunset Nightly Rentals is where you should start! Designed for family and located near everything that is wonderful about our Ozark village, your vacation will improve just from walking in the front door! Contact us to reserve yours today!


We’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited about summer arriving. There’s always so much to do, and so many more hours to do it in. We still get as giddy as we did as kids on the first day of summer vacation! Staying up late, sleeping in even later, and knowing that we have the entire summer stretching out before us with nothing to do but play; it may not be exactly the same for us today, but a vacation in Branson offers the same kind of excitement. So, if you’re planning to visit us during the summer solstice, to make planning your trip even easier, we’ve created this list of the top Summer Festivals in Branson Missouri you would be crazy to miss during your stay!


Law Enforcement Recognition Week, June 12th through June 16th

Everyone is invited to participate in Law Enforcement Recognition Week, not just law enforcement officers! Honoring the sacrifices and dedication of the men and women who put their lives on the line for us every week, each day brings a new activity. From 5Ks to ice cream socials to shooting competitions to motorcycle training, the fun serves a purpose during this special week!


Choose Branson’s Lip Sync Clash & Concert, June 29th

One of our favorite Branson events in the Branson’s Lip Sync Clash and Concert! The singers may have truly horrible voices, but in a lip sync competition, all that matters is their style! Held at Branson Landing, your vote matters in this zany competition, and the concert that follows features all the songs you loved from the 80s, 90s, and even some of today’s top hits!


Greatest Tribute Bands on Earth: The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience, July 8th

The world lost a great entertainer the day that Michael Jackson died, but watching Who’s Bad perform his greatest hits eases the pain a little! Starting at 8PM, you will lose yourself in the music, dancing and singing along to the songs you can never forget the words to, and for a brief moment in time, it will be as if the King of Pop is still around!


Moonlight Madness at Silver Dollar City, July 21st through August 5th

It seems strange to be talking about summer’s end when it has barely even begun, but we all know how quickly time passes when you’re having fun! The summer festivities begin to draw to a close as our favorite theme park stays open until 10 PM; ride the rides by moonlight or join the crowd in at the Street Dance that takes place every night at 8:30 and pretend that you never have to go home again!


2018 Ozark Empire Fair, July 26th through August 4th in Springfield, Missouri

Nothing screams summer louder than a day at the fair. Riding rides, eating cotton candy, and watching the rodeo from the uncomfortable bleachers at the Ozark Empire Fair exemplifies all that is wonderful about a good old-fashioned fair! Located just a short drive from your Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation escape, your summer vacation adventures will be amped up a degree or two when you spend time here!


Our Homes are Designed for Your Family to Enjoy Our Branson Events

Contact us to reserve yours today and take a vacation that everyone will be talking about for years to come. From movie nights to moonlit walks and mornings spent sleeping late, your Branson vacation will be a dream come true! Check out all our amusing rentals and choose the one you like the most!

When we think back to the summers of our youth, the one thing that always stands out the most in our minds is the big events shared with our families: our grandparent’s birthdays, family reunions, and milestone anniversaries. The cousins would run mild, playing tag and hide and go seek, the younger adults would turn up the music loud and do the hustle or whatever dance was popular at the time, and the older adults would sit in their chairs, drinking coffee or beer, and talk about how things were so much different when they were kids. Summer was all about the big group get together, and life was made all the better for it!

Today, it doesn’t happen as much, but we think it should and it can—especially when you rent one of our Sunset Nightly Rentals homes in Branson. Our 6 bedroom homes can sleep up to 22 people, allowing you and your family to have the destination family reunion of your dreams. Here are some ideas for things to do in Branson when you are all together!


The Track Family Fun Parks, 3388 Green Mountain Drive, Branson

Offering specials for groups of 20 or more, this fun park helps you and your family get in touch with your fast side. Featuring go karts that bring out the competitor in everyone, bumper boats for some cool summer fun, and even a 150-foot-tall Ferris wheel that gives you a birds-eye view of the beauty of Branson and the Ozarks, Track Family Fun Parks provides something for each member of your family!


Take a Hike

A variety of trails can be found throughout nearby Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, including simple strolls that give your group the opportunity to get out into the fresh air and challenging hikes that burn off all that excess energy the younger generation never seems to run out of. And because many of our cabins are pet friendly, this is one activity you can bring your precious pooch along as you try it; just remember to keep him on the leash!


Escape Code, 4560 Gretna Road, Branson

Escape Rooms are a big trend these days, and because Escape Code offers a deal for groups of 20 or more, this fun activity can test your ability to work together as a family while saving you money! Escape a storm, survive a murderous stint in a guest house, or seek your revenge against those who have wronged you; these are just a few of the escape rooms you can explore. Kids 10 and older can participate in some of the rooms, so it’s a kid friendly romp as well!


Who Said You Have to Go Out to Enjoy Things to Do in Branson?

Our larger homes are designed for making those summer memories you don’t ever want to forget! Play board games or foosball, watch your favorite sporting event on the big screen, or simply sit out on the screened-in porches drinking sweet tea and enjoying your surroundings with the same cousins you terrorized the town with as children. Contact us to reserve your stay today in one the spacious properties we manage and prepare for a summer of bliss with our favorite things to do in Branson!