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There’s a reason so many upper-crust socialites in TV and film brag about their “summer home by the lake.” Staying by a lake offers so much that staying anywhere else can’t get you—all without leaving behind the comforts of plumbing, shopping, and Wi-Fi that you’re so accustomed to. If you’re staying with us, we highly recommend you check out any of our properties near Bull Shoals Lake, Table Rock Lake, or Lake Taneycomo—and here’s why:


1. Scenery

Lakes—especially lakes that are well taken care of, as those in southern Missouri are—are beautiful. Miles of water are laid out at your feet, teeming with life. As you venture just past the shallows, you can see the fish darting in and out of the hiding spots provided by the lakebed vegetation below you. Above you, the sky seems so much larger and boundless than it did back in the city. And in front of you and all around you, the lake shimmers and sparkles with the reflection of the brilliant sun. And each day, you get to enjoy the sunset twice, as the sun in the sky and the sun on the like converge on the horizon. All of this is surrounded by the natural beauty of miles and miles of trees, helping you feel like you’ve really gotten away from it all!


2. Hiking

Great scenery means spectacular hiking! The trails here are varied in difficulty, so anyone who enjoys putting one foot in front of the other will find the path that suits them. The simplest paths are usually just along the lakeside—the frequent travelling has smoothed the shores so that even strollers can come along. If you’re up for something more adventurous, seek out the paths that surround the lake and weave through the trees. 


3. Aquatic Fun

While each lake is different, they each offer most of these activities: boating, fishing, kayaking, and even parasailing! Boating and parasailing offer fantastic thrills, fishing is one of the best forms of relaxation, and kayaking is a really fun workout—and none of these are available at land-locked properties. 


4. Like-Minded Neighbors

When you’re staying in a city, you have no idea what your neighbors are in to. But at a lakefront property, there’s a greater sense of community, since you’re all likely to have been drawn here for one of the three above reasons. So strike up some conversation about the hiking trails here or back home, or about the best seasons for fishing—it’s not hard to make new friends by the lake!


5. All the Comforts of Home

Perhaps the best part of lakefront properties is that you don’t have to sacrifice anything to get these benefits. You’ve got everything you need, from in-home climate control to nearby gas stations and (especially on Lake Taneycomo) some really great food. So what’s there to argue about? Book a lakefront property, and enjoy all this without losing anything!

A visit to Branson, MO means all kinds of opportunities for good food, local museums, amazing amusement parks, plenty of shopping, and lots of outdoor beauty, but the trip wouldn’t be complete without a peaceful fishing trip. If you’re planning a trip to Branson and wondering about what the local fishing scene is like, look no further. Check our Branson’s fishing guide containing top 5 fishing spots in and around Lake Taneycomo to enjoy!


Fall Creek
The whole Fall Creek area covers about 3 ½ miles just before the dam and the entrance into the lake. A nearby marina is located near the mouth of the creek and this is a great spot to fish for trout due to shallow waters. Lure fishing is particularly good in these waters, but be wary about boating in this area due to rockiness and shallowness.


Lilleys’ Landing Stretch
One of Branson’s best fishing spots includes Lilleys’ Landing’s Stretch, which is home to lots of large brown trout. You’ll also find the occasional black bass as they swim through during the summer months, though they can be tricky to catch; for a fisherman up to a challenge, it’s the perfect spot.


Lookout Hole
Marked by an island, this fishing area is easy to spot. Also known for especially large trout, these fish are particularly aggressive, so bait quickly with lots of jerking and stopping as needed. The surrounding area is quite pretty as well, making it a nice place to spend several hours.


The Upper Lake
For fans of fly fishing, the first mile below the dam is ideal in this Upper Lake area. The best fishing can be found within the first six miles below the dam, and fisherman are encouraged to use skipping woolies and drifting nymphs in the large pools.


Short Creek Area
Just a mile below Fall Creek lays Short Creek which enters on the other side of Lake Taneycomo. This is a very popular fishing spot because the waters are quite shallow when the dam isn’t running. Lots of fish gather and hang out in the Short Creek area, making for an easy catch during any time of the year.

Other popular fishing spots can be found near Table Rock Lake, located near Branson’s Ozark Mountains. With tree-lined shores and beautiful clear waters, a variety of fish including catfish, crappie, white bass, bass, and bluegill can be found.

Looking for a place to stay while you enjoy your fishing adventure? Check out our cozy cabins that will make your stay unforgettable!

Overlooking the shores of Table Rock Lake, Emerald Pointe is immersed in natural beauty and serenity. The wooded forests of the Ozarks ensure that visitors and residents alike can experience the calming sense of peace that the area brings, while the close proximity to downtown Branson—just five miles away—means that they can still be close to the Live Music Capital of the World when they want to experience the vivid atmosphere of the city.


Emerald Pointe—The Best of Branson at Your Beck and Call

Whether you stay in quiet, cozy lodge or a large luxury villa, Emerald Pointe is the perfect place for vacationers of all types. Ideally situated just minutes away from top professional golf courses, family-friendly amusement parks, invigorating outdoor tours of the Ozarks, luxury shopping plazas, and top-tier musical entertainment, Emerald Pointe has recreation to cater to the entire family.

Ledgestone Championship Golf Course will challenge professional and amateur golf enthusiasts alike, while Thousand Hills Fairways gives golfers a chance for peaceful reflection as they look upon the landscape. Lovers of the great outdoors will find that Branson’s guided horseback tours of Dogwood Canyon and kayaking on Lake Taneycomo to be most enjoyable as well.

Shoppers can score designer deals at the plaza at Lake Taneycomo, which features a water fountain show synchronized with lights, sounds, music, and fire. Afterward, go see a show on The Strip, such as the “Legends in Concert” tribute show with high-quality covers of iconic movie and radio singles.

Families can transport themselves back to a simpler time at Silver Dollar City, where 1800s Ozark life remains on display for the enjoyment of all. Wooden rollercoasters and authentic Appalachian details make this amusement park a must-see for all ages!


Curious to Learn More?

Sunset Nightly Rentals has you covered! Our reservation specialists can tell you all about Emerald Pointe’s best accommodations and most exciting attractions when you call today!

Kimberling City, an idyllic mountain village located just over 20 miles from Branson, is the type of town most people forget still exists in this harried world full of hustle and bustle. Rush hour is non-existent, neighbors still smile and wave as they pass you on the street, and the Ozark Mountains create a scenic backdrop to nights that are quiet and serene. Close enough to all the glitz and glamour that is Branson while still remaining far enough away to give you that feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere, Kimberling City is the perfect vacation destination for those who want it all. Don’t believe us? Keep reading for list of all the fun things you can do while staying in this quaint village.


Table Rock Lake

Kimberling City is located on the banks of Table Rock Lake, an artificial lake created by the formation of Table Rock Dam. Famous for its bass fishing, the lake covers 43,000 acres of Ozark land and has a maximum depth of 220 feet. Life on the lake is fun. Waterskiing, jet skiing, swimming, and of course, fishing, are just some of the activities available to visitors. In the fall, the trees surrounding the lake turn crimson, gold and orange creating a vision of beauty that until now you’ve only witnessed on your computer’s screen saver. In the winter, ice and snow create a chilly picture of tranquility that compares to nothing you’ve ever seen before.


Nearby Attractions 

The joy of Kimberling City is the ability to spend your nights in rustic luxury while your days can be spent exploring all that is special about this region of the Ozarks! Take in a show in Branson or spend the day having a blast at our favorite theme park, Silver Dollar City. It’s all within driving distance! Keep reading for a list of activities and attractions that will help make your Missouri vacation an unforgettable one!


Sunset Nightly Rentals

Whether it’s Kimberling City or Branson proper, Sunset Nightly Rentals holds the key to your dream Missouri vacation. Book your luxury condo or rustic cabin today!

The Ferris wheel that adorned Chicago’s Navy Pier for the last two decades has been removed from its post and placed in a new home at one of Branson, MO’s Track Family Fun Parks locations this summer. Once one of the most recognizable attractions in The Windy City, the wheel will now become a mainstay in the Ozark Mountains town, providing enjoyment for both tourists and locals.

The 150-foot Ferris wheel was rebuilt and renovated before being placed in its current location, getting a new main axle and bearings, fresh paint job, and enough LED lights to illuminate the sky for miles. The structure holds 40 gondolas that can accommodate six passengers each, and rides cost $12 for adults and $8 for children aged 4-11.


Bringing the Ferris Wheel to Branson

Craig Wescott, President and CEO of the four Track Parks in Branson, noted his excitement at bringing the wheel to another Midwestern town where its history and charm would still be appreciated the way it was in Chicago. “We love the thought of a Ferris wheel in Branson,” he said. “When we got word of this one, we really loved what it was. It was an icon in Chicago. We just loved that it came with a story.”

The opportunity to upgrade Branson’s famous strip and offer something new of this caliber just couldn’t be passed up.  The city was able to get the wheel installed just in time for peak tourist season and to help celebrate the Track Family Fun Parks’ 35th anniversary. Towering high above the main strip on Highway 76, the rotating structure now know as the Branson Ferris Wheel is surrounded by a number of other activities, including laser tag, go karts, miniature golf, batting cages, and arcade games. At 15 stories high, it also provides one of the best views of the alpine landscape.

Fortunately, Chicago visitors and locals won’t lose out by passing on its iconic wheel to Branson. The bigger Centennial Wheel has already been erected in the same site with the ability to hold more people per ride.

For Branson, this acquisition may be a sign of greater things to come for the little mountain community in southwest Missouri. Increasing growth and tourism has ignited a desire to revitalize the city’s look and feel over time.