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Marvel Cave

Marvel Cave is a natural wonder located on the grounds of our favorite 19th century themed amusement park, Silver Dollar City, and admission is included in your SDC ticket price, giving you the kind of two for one opportunity you don’t often experience in a tourist destination spot! Spend a day with your family riding rides, eating carny foods, and exploring the underbelly of the Earth for one price: $61 for adults, $50 for children 4-11, and $59 for Seniors 62 and older. Vacations are for creating family memories; what better place to do it than at Silver Dollar City and Marvel Cave?

History of Marvel Cave

Originally named Devil’s Cave by the Osage Indians in 16th century, today the entrance of Silver Dollar City was built around this ancient “hole in the ground” with thousands of visitors exploring its cavernous depths each year. Missouri’s deepest cave offers breathtaking views of stalactites, stalagmites, and crystal clear ponds that allow you to see the cave floor that lies 55 feet below the water’s surface.

Early explorers were sure that this monument held treasures of marble and gold, which sadly never came to be. The dazzling beauty of Marvel’s interior, however, more than makes up for its lack of treasures, and if you are planning on being in Branson over the summer break, the coolness beneath the Earth’s surface will have you shivering in delight—bringing a sweater or jacket is highly recommended! Tours last about an hour, so that will leave you plenty of time to explore the offerings of Silver Dollar City for the rest of the day. If you’re not in the best shape physically, however, you might want to pass on this marvel; the nearly 600 stairs in the cave means a lot of climbing!

Sunset Nightly Rentals

Book your Sunset Nightly Rentals vacation today and get ready to do a little spelunking, exploring, and enjoying. A trip to Marvel cave is in your future!

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