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The Branson Wax Museum

Branson is known as the live entertainment capital of the Midwest, so it's only fitting that the Hollywood Wax Museum chose Branson, MO for it's home , don't you think? This unique landmark located at 3030 W 76 Country Boulevard comes with its own version of Mount Rushmore. "Mt. Hollywood's" stone face has Hollywood royalty carved onto its rocky surface, including John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Charlie Chaplin, making this monument the most photographed landmark in all of Branson! And if the outside is this wacky and ingenious, the inside promises to be just as charmingly humorous and engaging. Let's take a tour, shall we?

Celebrity Meet and Greet with a Twist

Does the idea of sharing a photograph with Johnny Depp have you squealing like a little girl? Would you like to do the moonwalk with Michael Jackson or go boldly where no man has gone before with the Captain himself? It's all possible, in a way, at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson, MO. Yes, the aforementioned people are made of wax, but are so realistic that only you need to know. Fool your friends with pictures of you kissing your favorite celebrity and become a legend in your home town! The seven step process that goes into the making of these life size celebrity "dolls" is a complicated one that results in such lifelike renditions of Hollywood royalty you will find yourself tempted to pinch them in an attempt to figure out whether they are real or wax!

The Process

It takes a team of artists from Hollywood, seven "simple" steps, and over three months to create the figures you see before you. The process may surprise you!

  1. An artist carves the face of the celebrity out of clay, using photographs and real measurements.
  2. A mold is created and layer after layer of wax is poured inside. After hardening, the mold is opened and the first "rough draft" is revealed.
  3. Using surgical tools, the wax artist now carves away excess wax and etches the details onto the face. Wrinkles, moles and facial expressions are revealed at this stage, as the eyes, nose, and lips are detailed.
  4. The skin color is created with a mix of wax and oil paint, eyebrows, facial hair, and head hair is attached to the figure strand by strand, real glass eyes used in the medical world are placed in the eye sockets, and teeth made of porcelain are inserted in the mouth. The head is now finished.
  5. Now comes the really tough part. The body, hands, and feet are created in much the same way, but now the posture of the celebrity must be mimicked, the skin tone matched and painted on, and body hairs on the arms and legs are inserted with the use of tiny needles.
  6. Dressing the figures is just as time consuming. Handmade with quality materials and an eye to detail, Velcro is used to ensure clothing the figure is a simple process.
  7. Now it's time for the props. The artists will even borrow props (swords, sunglasses, etc.) from the studio and recreate the item from scratch—and voila! Captain Jack Sparrow/Captain Kirk or any other movie Captain who has captured our fancy is complete. We dare you to find a difference between our version and the movie version!

Address: 3030 W 76 Country Blvd a, Branson, MO 65616
Phone #: (417) 337-8700

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